Want to see a spawn of the United Grand Lodge of England’s ” AVDU VIDI TACE ” DEMON Angelic Order Breeding of Pergamum Lucifer’s Scottish Rite with a demon family crest and an operative who works to identify those her family wants to mass murder with 32nd Degree Pawn Islamic Jihadist, Booze and Narcotics their families control ? Look at this McCoy Spawn of demons.

Then look at Scotty, Pendry, Chris McCoy and Meredith McCoy Hoffman the Training and Coaching Pro who also teaches McCoy Masonic Ideologies and pours booze down Church members Throats causing the Church members to become Satan and Lucifer wishes them to become which is poisoned with booze, confessing their families Counter Terrorism Oath Anti-McCoy Masonic Political Agendas to destroy the Federal Government of the United States, to create invasion rights upon their Paid and Predictable Pawn Arabian and all the citizens who were liberated from Slavery.

Political views of their Blue Lodge Community members are exactly the same as theirs excluding a very few who are assigned a value and eradicated or terrorized into silence.

This faction of McCoys are evil twisted subhuman demon spawn every person should be made aware of after the countless criminally insane behaviors these deranged family members have propagated in the Earth that has her sick family members on the Counter Terror Watch List, The Drug Enforcement Watch list and listed as Drunken frauds and liars that have even been condemned for their evils by the very Church members they have victimized and still today continue to victimize through their love of lies and total lack of morality. Do not let Scotty, Pendry , Chris or Meredith McCoy Deceive You ……nor her family members who are the most evil the nations ever seen inhabiting Political Offices and on the Way out as Quick as they Dropped the World Trade Center with their 32nd Degree Mecca Temple 1 Positioning in Manhattan following their loss of the Civil War.

Click on link below to see this Self Professed Demon Spawn of McCoy Masonic and the 2nd link to see her families training and coaching in Depopulation Systems for Lucifer and Scottish Rite.


http://www.macoy.com/Fez-Sash-Fraternal-Hats-C26.aspx  This link takes you to the Macoys Masonic Order Training and at this place You can buy Yourself an Education that  Meredith McCoy’s families have sold for Years.  McCoy Masonic Families really taught me  who their families were in the Government, How to devalue human life, how to deceive others and to enjoy events they created like the 9-11 terrorist attacks, how to make money from designing days of terror, and why children should be killed and vaporized by their family members. 

Below are Photos of their  McCoy Masonic Secrets Publications families who work to stalk, interrogate, to drunken and murder those who oppose their evil request.  When asked of these matters in The Sandersville United Methodist Church located in Washington County Georgia in the United States of America this McCoy Family laughed at the Terror they had advised far to many their families were guilty of and dressed in Blue Lodge Symbolic Attire and When asked about their Love of Alcohol and the Alcohol Poisoning and deaths of their families victims they chose this Photo Below, a photo of them in Blue and with their Booze.   So very proud of the things God and Jesus or Europa give them and takes away from all others who oppose them and the Blue Lodge Temple of GZeus-Iesus-Jesus Christos, Husband of Europa, Father of the European Royal Imperials and Obviously the Pergamum Church warned of in Revelations-Disclosure and even the Quran. So one thing the Scribes all agreed on is that the Crown of Zeus and Europa in Britain clearly is the Seat of Satan in which the Crown of Satan and the Angels built their Systems and Evil Standards to kill anyone they could ensnare in everyway they could ensnare the most Innocent seekers of the Truth. 

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White rice grains in heart shape on wood


Real McCoy Enterprises is owned by Scotty McCoy and his children, Chris McCoy & Meredith Hoffmann. Over the past 25 years the McCoys have offered grain treatment options for farmers, feed mills and elevators all across the country. Their number 1 goal is to preserve your investment from the pests that seek to destroy it and the products offered represent the latest and most effective options on the market.

Please place your order online or contact Scotty or Chris by email at info@realmccoy.ag or by phone at 1-844-Real Grain (732-5472)

This is the McCoys Home Church in which this heated topic can be heard discussed among the Church members. These topics are stripping this Guilty Family of Power in the City Government, State and Federal Government. Be sure to Visit this Waste of a Family and to Tell them exactly What others do……which is they are liars, murders and thieves with International, Federal, State, County and City Warrants Pending for Planning Wars within the Boarders of the United States of America and Arabian Oil Rich Lands invaded by McCoy Masonic Blue Lodge Deceiver’s, namely Oil Rich Iraq.

The Next Round of McCoy Degree 32 Planned Jihad is in Areas like the Hotel Industry that they built called the Asian American Hotel Owners Degree A.A.H.O.A. and the Arabian Pawns in the International House of Pancakes and other retail outlets.

This is the very Family who gave Adolph Hitler the Swastika from their Scottish Rite Regalia Company and Evaded prosecution and even encouraged the Execution of all their Poor German and Baathist Muslim Brotherhood Pawns in Iraq that they later invaded to erase the rest of those in Iraq from the Hussein family who openly discussed this Evil McCoy Fez dealing 32nd Degree Intelligence Broker and Profiteer.

Notice how everyone around this families a target or hopefull Killer they can corrupt with booze and money.