0….President CLINTON’S Answers on the York rite 13 Degree Systems that Agreed to Allow 32nd Degree Scottish Rite to BUild the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks and Islamization of AMerica and Europe

According to the Trump Team U.S. Intelligence Community, Military Sectors among all the Nations of the Earth in which I am in constant communication with Former President Bill CLinton lied to the Public about The E.I.R. Controlled American York Rite 7, 7 who would question him contacting Islamic Radicals to discuss the 32nd Degree Efect Plans of the AntiChrist Scottish Rite. CLinton stated to us in the Order the 7 were York Rite members who were advocates and the 5 mentioned were not advocates of the 32nd Degree Effect agendas being built to befall America on exactly Sept. 11th 2001 at 10 a.m. Holy Angelic Masonic Time broadcasted through the Holy Morning Star to all Masonic Code Receivers excluding all Holy Christians who were not Masonic Light Receivers. This is why neither Clinton nor Jeb Bush won the Election nor will any leader from that Sect again……

Bill Clinton stated in his latest book , I Bill Clinton am Guilty of Not Informing the Public of the 13 Last 7 Degree this Masonic Ordered Terrorism and solely blaming A Human named Bin Laden who is Yet another Angelic Ordered Toy being collided as just another undesirable.
As a Child I was asked to study this Masonic Leader of mine and to never repeat a word of any of this to those unlike myself and when I tried even jokingly to code others in harm’s way I was assailed by Holy Servants who were certain I had committed every sin in the earth’sl legal cannons. This is the kind of response You better be prepared for when discussing the Holy Angels Masonic Agendas.

Bill CLinton as I are both Royal Select Master Code Carriers and especially Ordered to remain SIlent on the #2nd Degree Effects which is the Holy Angels Pawning Islam, Killing Holy Non Masonic Select Citizens, S before their Human Students Eyes to Behld their Pale Horse Holiness, , we both have had nice dates with Caroline ?
Masonic bis a York Rite Masonic Production, He has asked that another decypher his to his latest accusation of Guilt Answer on Y He was built from his Youth into the reals of the Masonic Heights as was I and He as I have been given Masonic Codes to keep or to be Killed for repeating which ensure citizens would be killed by intentional Masonic Ordered 32nd Degree Effect Islamization not just citizens in America but in the 32nd Degree Pawn Islams Sectors.
This Age of Islamization and Terrorism is Holy Angelic Ordered and is Created by the Arch Angels who Own and Operate the Masonic Systems, these Angels pick and choose whom they wish to use to fulfill their Population and Depopulation agendas through Intelligence and Select Education of a Very Few Citizens. I am very fortunate to have been born into the Worlds Most Powerful Families and so many of You were obviously not. So to honor the obligation to my forefather John Hancock this nation Primary Intellectual whose name you can find on the Declaration of Independence Funding a

such a Powerful luckly War this is what fired up the “Oil Wars under t hDuring my time working with U.S. Department Of Defence Intelligence Divisions on COunter Terrorism Agendas I discovered so many HIgh Level Intelligence Community Members and Citizens who were appointed leaders in positions to define more intelligent citizens as Paranoid delusional mentally Ill idiots who were unfit for society…..and whose comments should be valued as insane outburst not reality…who are insane themselves and who are the greatest threat to citizens who are falling victims to these type intentionally misinformed Mislead Leaders.