Angelic Bloodlines- Gadrael – RothChild -Gaths-Gates

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The Angels land in the Ritual Site to enlighten the Mortal Man raising this man into the Angelic Educational Systems teaching the human man to trace Angelic Family trees and to respect the desires of the Angels and their Bloodlines. When you see a family with extraordinary power your first though should be who is the Angelic Head of this family that is directing the light in the world to this family raising this certain family above all others and even having the family many times tied to a King from one of the various religious text in the earth, all religions remember are simply various versions of Angelic Prodigy.

One example of an Angelic Genealogy is the family of those who followed God whom we know is Gadrael a fallen one who was denied the tree of life and whom was caused to vampirise cows whom he had collected by his offsprings ha can find the To understand why a family is exalted through the psTO master this