The Media is clearly controlled by the Evil ones and to such an extent Movies are created with Vampires Sleeping in Coffins through the day but in reality Sunday morning in a Local Church these vampire Avdi Vidi Tace Vampires can be found siting with the congregation in the finest white garments internally impaling through spiritual force the members of the Church’s.
I have seen the fair and beautiful Nephilim Vampires Walk into Churches and use Tetrodotoxin on several Church members who were opposing their evil acts upon the innocent. They will terrorize the earth day and night and they never sleep, they never lie in a coffin, they are working day and night vamapirizing humanity, addicting humanity to Masonic Narcotics, causing people working on cases to be killed or discredited on matters of moral standards. They cause the truth to be a lie and falsehood to abound.

Many Christian Church members come from these Nephilim bloodlines and are have families who are in control of the Masonic Publications networks that hides their Orders victims under sudden attacks and lies poured upon a target of their family. They are like the Luciferian Scottish Rite McCoys who call through the families of Scotty McCoy citizens out in the name of the Christian Church and into the nights social events in which they have all the alchemic tools of Sorcery and Regeneration ready to pour their families next human meal…….that Alchemic tool of the Ancient Necromancer is Alcohol.

This I have had done to me my the Family of Scotty McCoy through his Malakish Demon Spawn Meredith McCoy Hoffman who is clearly a demon by every standard who again works to build human meals for her family of Fallen Angels, Vampires and demons. That is how Vampires really work also the True Vampire Temple is the Masonic Order as You can Quickly learn when inquiring through searches into their Order Angelic Artwork Sections. THe Vampire Prodginey would be that fake Christian in your Church….who causes the booze to flow, the sudden slander and then your blood to flow. Standing before the Church and Community full of Booze and Accusing You…..that is a demon by law not the victim of Your Booze.