Detective Greg See is Investigating Lucifer’s Scottish Rite-Church of Satan

Baldwin County Georgia is the home of a proud group of investigators who are actively investigating Lucifer’s Scottish Rite and Church of Satan attacks on citizens in the Nation. The dangerous reality of this matter is shown in the outcomes of previous Detective who attempted to take down this evil order before the current lead Investigator who is Greg See.

Previous Sheriffs, Detectives and Government Officials are feeling the blunt of the Investigations State Wide especially those who are in the 3 Degree Common Lodge of Freemasons low Degree ranks.

Below is a list of Officials who have been blown away with the Masonic Revolvers Higher Degree Lesson Bullet.

1. Former Washington County Georgia Sheriff Darrell Ussery was voted out of office and put a bullet through his own brain after being advised of Masonic Degree Secrets he was to never possess.

1a. Former Washington County Sheriff Deputy Ford was sitting on a tractor when it suddenly exploded burning him alive.

2. Former Berrien County Georgia Sheriff Anthony Heath, Masonic Body Duncan Lodge 234 Nashville, Georgia was advised of the 33rd Degree Council Secrets and was Masonically Troweled “Cable Towed into a Felony Charge and sent to Prison losing his job and great life as he knew it.

3. Former Baldwin County Georgia Detective and Head of the Milledgeville, Georgia State Patrol post Blake Swiccord is yet another Investigator who took a swing at the 33rd Degree Council with the help of William Fuch together they successfully destroyed one sect of 33rd Degree Council narcotics trafficking network. This resulted in murder attempts for Fuch but after a slow recovery Fuch gave Swicord the Great Secrets of Lucifer and Baphomets Scottish Rite area operatives Davis Daniels and Gene Goff who control 666 Nephilion Narcotics Ring Operations locally, for they are those who Govern the Shriners Narcotics Rings. Upon this revelation of information Swiccord was again impaled through sublime Linguistic cognitive controls, hidden within the English Language that was designed by the Royal Masonic Crown of the Saxe Saxe Saxe 666 Families. These linguistic controls are spoken of in the writings of Extremely High Degree Luciferian Scottish Rite Shriners materials.

This is a link you can follow on his state of Masonic Destruction.

4. Milledgeville, Georgia Chief of Police Dray Swicord, the Brother of Blake Swicord, who is a Masonic Noose Victim living with a ritually inserted “Head of Masonic Wires”, was then given the 33rd Degree Secrets and was as every other investigator, delivered like his brother unto destruction for opposing Higher Degree Secrets his friend William Fuch gave him unlawfully according to Masonic Systems Laws.

The list goes on and on and on and on…..

So in this latest episode of Investigators trying to take Gods Satanic Masonic Brotherhood, we will be watching a Detective Greg See at Baldwin County Sheriffs Office to see how he is going to take down or be taken out by the AntiChrist Baphomet, Lucifer and Satan for threatening the Masonic Orders Many Archangels, as Holy as they are.

If you have any Masonic Secrets you wish to to test on this Investigator please visit the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, e-mail, or call 478-445-4891 and ask for Detective Greg See and be sure to say hello to his friend Shay Albrecht whose selling Peep Shows at the link below: .

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