Lucifer Scottish Rite Orders Bush to be read, “My Pet Goat” 9-11 Day

It is amazingly fearful to see the Holy Masonic Order of God and the Angels play such a cruel trick as the Trick on Bush who had read to him the Pet Goat by a Cushitte. Based on Masonic Teaching in the Christian Blue Lodge Duncan Lodge 234 Areas this was the exact event s needed to unfold to prove God was not Happy about the plan Higher level Blue Lodgers had issued….that was causing oppression in common lodge circles.
So the Angel who rides in the Masonic Storm the world wind of Chaos told several versions of future events and even found amusing the lies being told in every point of light to faithful social engineers who were said to be in the pass it on links…..
If George Bush is looking for the Pet Goat it is Baphomet who works at the Church of Satan-Scottish Rite=vampire Temple groups….who also works under the name George Mazzinni.
Bushs answere on why did the Lord not tell him is because the Lord is also The Perfect Elu …..El Ucypher…..that is a 33 Degree Inter portico Secret as GOd is Gaddrell and Son is Satel-Saan-Satan and Micheal is Mecca…..and Heil who makes Elu Ya ING

The Angelic Brotherhood, Gods, Vampire-Nephilim Secrets from Masonic Degree Lessons, Politicians Genocide Engineers, Nephilim Narcotics, Angelic Agendas and the Hidden Language of the Angels Key