George W. & Laura Bush Eating Nazi Pesticide McCoy Nazi Pesticide

Article written by Dr. Jeckell and Mr. Fuched

During my Blue Costume Education in the Variables of the Many Blue Rays of Light and Quarrels between these Factions even being told to withhold data critical for even our Human Survival as a Spieces I noted various agendas to Sabatoge even the Worlds most Brilliant who should be more Intelligent that they are but are clear not.

This data was Delayed due to the Blue Rings Criminal Acts so often mentioned in this websites data.

The Crown of the Blue Lodge clearly has developed nothing of any true good to this earth even an attempt to argue these points with them will get anyone a Murder attempt or clearly put into the Blue Systems to be Defamed, Murdered through various evil Sorcers acts of Necromancers.

These Blue Varying and Conflicting Idiots who have built this Forced Way of thought are so skillfully, blatantly killing even those whom they are trusted by the most. Again, anyone who tries to correct these types are given violent beatings, drugging’s, wrongful imprisonments and Psychopath Doctors of the same Spiritual Guide that’s leading all Parties into a Finial Soultion they are to blind to see. George and Laura need to study The Family of Scotty McCoy Grain 10 Day Gassing to master this simple Process of Grain Weaponization and His Herman Goering was denied Hot Dog Buns and Gassed Chips Laura and George as Being Exterminated with i this Photo.

So many toxic Forever Chemicals exist today that time clearly will end due to blatant refusal to FOCUS upon the Matters that Money can never Save us from. As this Data is given freely in hopes of The Finial Solution being Order all things Back to the Garden Builders clean Standards.