001 Our Interview of Vladimir Putin

Many times during our Travels in the International Intelligence Community Networks we were able to inquire with Vladimir Putin concerning the European Imperial Royal Nazi Crown and the Operatives in America working Cause American to Be Killed for the Nazi Royals Operatives Evil Nazi organizations Operating in America.

We Advised Putin’s Intelligence Circles We were the Founding Fathers of America not the Crown Nazi Operatives causing these Problems and that they needed to see the Monarchies Propagation of these Conflicts and to be certain to Identify any of these Propagating any threat to the Peaceful Founders of the Pilgrim Ideologist who were also under fire as Russia.

So our Interview was a Request of Data concerning the British Monarchies Nazi Crown and their Operatives in Americas Historical Data Hidden from the Peaceful Founding Fathers of America concerning this Evil Monarchies Desire to Destroy both Russia and America. Putin located these files concerning the Crown Nazi Operation Paperclip Bioweapons Systems and American Nazi Involvement that Led to the Cuban Missile Crisis, these Idiot Liars non Pilgrim Minded Elitist’s who Caused the Invasion of Russia and also Imported Nazi Pawns to use on American Pilgrims and the Founding fathers on behalf of their New World Order Operations that clearly included Bioweapons Systems like Nazi Cocaine, Heroine, Pesticides, Pharmaceutical’s, Misguided Medical Educational Text, Mind Shattering Media, and Profilers inside every Church who would serve the Masonic Order Masters Ideologies of Operation that ensured Theses Bioweapons System’s, Products and Operations would exist and exterminate as many as their corrupt select few desired. Every true American and Russian following the falsified Nuremberg Trials that exempted all the Primary Financer’s and Antagonist such as Prince Phillip and Associates.

To Be Continued By Fuchs Gave Russia the Nuke, William Fuch