Why Russia should be Spying on the U.S.

Under Construction due to Severe Head Injuries caused by the Angelic Masonic Order….

The reason Russia should be Spying on the United States and other Nations that protected and hid United Grand Lodge of England, Scottish Rite, York Rite, and Skull and Bones designed-funded Nazis is because these Secret Society Families hid their intentions to continue their Wars of Genocide and Famine Engineering that caused Innocent Russians to be killed during the 2nd World War. These Masonic Nazi Families have again risen to power and have again caused World War to erupt while successfully blaming the Pawn Islam or victim citizens who were mentally shattered by Masonic Nazi-designed Media. The Masonic Nazi Warmachine sent out such powerful mind shattering media-propaganda that only the Crown Masonic Coded Families and friends who were Selected to be Coded could survive exposure. In short Russian President Putin is witnessing the rise of the Masonic Nazi Regime in America and this rise equates to more Terror for Russia.

Russia’s President Putin needs to spend more time explaining to the citizens of this World these topics like Jesus on the Mount teaching the Children and target citizens. They are Children who have been denied education and are terribly tormented by these Masonic Nazi Psychopaths. This World needs Intelligent Leaders with secret society family knowledge to ensure citizens will influence elections. Leaders like Putin and Trump will call their evil asses out in condemnation.

This World War 3 is in full swing smashing the minds of the citizens with mentally destabilizing media programs that encourage substance abuse and moral decay. The result is permanent mental and physical death, which causes the victims of their Masonic Nazi Psychological Warfare Programs to be blamed and shoved into Prisons.
These Psychological Wars were fired into Russia through Media Outlets and filled the nation with alcoholics, drug addicts and children with parents too impaired to even care for their own children. I met many of these individuals after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

My request was for light to be sent to these Leaders through God and the Holy Angels who control all the light in this world. My request for them to receive this Masonic Nazi Intelligence was answered by a premonition of a KGB agent who would be Poisoned to prevent this Masonic Nazi Investigation from being completed. This premonition explains the Russian KGB agent, Alexander Litvinenko, who was found poisoned in England along with names of future victims and threats to the Masonic Order. My name was also labeled as one of these victims to be executed because of this Massacre in motion. I was then advised to pull into a Chinese Buffet for Dinner while in Atlanta, Georgia days later and an Asian Nephilim Waiter placed Tetrodotoxin in my drink causing my thought process to break down.

Masonic Leadership chose to unleash Luciferian Masonic Nazi Psycho ops Warfare to destabilize and destroy Russian citizens we worked to make the Russians aware of this type warfare format coded Head and Hands Operation that consisted of Media designed to turn hardworking citizens into Rocked and Rolled Alcoholic drug addicts we began hearing and seeing KGB agents being set up and executed by United Grand Lodge of England Nephilim Demon Operatives and then Russia be blamed for killing this KGB agent who was working to protect the Children of Russia and abroad in hopes of stopping the Dragon Crown of Satan in England that the Windsor sit upon today that Masterminds of all these Wars mentioned who are cousins of George Bush from the E.I.R. British Crown family a group that was to never be given any political office in Americas Borders because their loyalty is to the Windsor E.I.R. Crown and not to the American or Russian People both who are targets of Masonic Nazism just like the Arabians as well…..

It is my hope President Putin will turn off the Toxic Media used in the Warmachine and stop those who tore the moral fabric of Russia firing mental illness and disease into the heads of his dying citizens.
Putin should also keep Edward Snowden safe in Russia and connect the Masonic Dots……as the Obama Pawn stated before taking off to meet the Masterminds of this War in Wales …..the Windsors…who sit upon the Dragons Crown and the Royal Masonic Helm. Also, any Leader who chooses to speak as I do better read survival tips in the Free E-Book Novus Ordo 9-11 “The Ordered Fall of America because you are not fighting human powers but the entire Angelic Realm…….

William Cooper the Author of Behold a Pale Horse was very close to the truth and he was killed by 666 Christianity…because he did not understand whom he was really saying his prayers to…..when he opened his heart to the 6 Saxe 6 Saxe 6 Saxe King James Bible…..he lost his life due to his lack of knowledge of the language he was told to use.
I grew up being educated by these Angels as you can read and I know how to see which Angel is doing what in any language through simple translation key usage that I hope others will begin to Master.

So Russia is right by International Law to even invade England and America to remove these leaders from the Masonic Nazi Crown with the Assistance of The United Nations and other Nations under fire by the same rotten families who Historically have been behind every conflict that ever existed on this earth. Long Live Putin, Trump and Edward Snowden and Julian Assange …….The Hancock Family….Founders of America