Macoy Masonic Publication Genocidal Psychotic Family Members to Avoid

These People on this list worked to destroy the founder of this website and members of the Intelligence Community to ensure Macoy Masonic Publications and Masonic Secrets such as 32nd Degree Islamic Effect Genocide and countless other forms of execution could be carried out upon the citizens without warning so beware these families and give to them all they have worked to give you……..upon the level.

Meredith McCoy Hoffman ¬†and her family is from Sandersville, Georgia U.S.A. and they did ask me to agree to keep their Masonic Genocide Secrets and even to Marry her but Hancock’s do not agree with McCoy’s because McCoys are advocates of tyranny and are guilty of human trafficking in the nation supplying their families farms with slaves who were eventually liberated by my Hancock Family and now it is McCoy Masonic 32nd Degree Effect Genocide plots that we will see them crushed in based off our conversations with Islamic Pawns the McCoys have stationed in every location imaginable.

The Angelic Brotherhood, Gods, Vampire-Nephilim Secrets from Masonic Degree Lessons, Politicians Genocide Engineers, Nephilim Narcotics, Angelic Agendas and the Hidden Language of the Angels Key