Windsor’s Blue Lodge Nazi Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals and Pedophiles

The Crown of Jesus and His Wife and various other Angelic Breeds certainly agree on 1 thing and that is total evil. Victims of these atrocious crimes are wildly accused and taken away into custody, fed mental health pills and Pesticide covered produce by the very savior they are asked to trust.

These crimes are across the board with Christianity whom call themselves the only Perfect Example of What should not be executed and that everyone will fall under the hands of these again False Prophets. IT is sad that innocent children and citizens are forced to trust this regime of lunatics who equally sit and stand as one possessed faction of demons agreeing continually to trust such evil Gods and Angelics they can not fully define due to transfiguring Necromantic Names and aliases used by these false Saviors. To many times I have had this regime of Filth assail me in so many immoral ways drunkening me, kidnapping me, legally entrapping me and terrorizing me, indoctrinating me into their murderous schemes such as Pesticides, Drug Industries Nazism, homosexual attacks and even witnessing Islamization and then the total blaming of only Islamic Pawns and Citizens targets, Catholics Priest Sodomizing and molesting Boys and even Little girls molested in my family by Church Deacons. Women . Then those whom sought to prosecute these Christian Lunatics Fraternal families assailed with wicked Lawyers. The Christian Church is clearly all the above as read in News Reports and Intelligence reports. Degusting to say the least.