George Bush’s Entrapping Advisors

Dear George B. Fuched enjoy the escape from the Lord of the Rings and His Pet Goat Programming.

When I say G. Bush’s Intelligence advisors are incompetent or sabotage artist who blatantly hand Him a Rigged Script Pre and Post 9-11 anyone should be able to see this common problem among our Leaders whom we all Should hope for the Truth to rescue. These events of 9-11 are not the design of The Bush Administration but more so the exact plans of Lucifers Scottish Rite and the McCoy Masonic Families who take information and broker it for Profit to Lucifers Legions in this Earth then back to low Degree Blue Lodges even to the Ignorant United Grand Lodge of England.

These Chaos Creators always blame shift to those whom they desire the Public to execute, and this is revealed when looking at the Religious Beliefs of those opposing parties and then objectives behind their Propaganda or Fake News.

Fake News is a clear Sin and not acceptable to a society that requires absolute truth and not pending truth that is to often requested to remain an active investigation. The request to prolong investigations when events such as 9-11 occur causes the society to suffer greatly, allows conspiracy theories to evolve and create question concerning the leadership whose also under extreme pressure and in a state of Shock.

If Youve never heard of the Luciferian Scottish Rite it’s a Luciferian War Machine loaded with operative worldwide creating as they advertise terrorism, narcotics terrorism, moral terrorism, morally terrorizing media and fake news. a trip to Lucifers favorite University Harvard whose Alumni built the 32nd Degree Effect 9-11 should be addressed as such. Harvard in which John Hancock my forefather attended had rules attached to the Founding Fathers words condemning all such Terror Plots. in fact Pre 9-11 Hancock family members were seen fighting with Lucifers Scottish Rite in Harvard Square in 1997 and a request to form a Facebook for future identification of toxic culprits from the Harvard Alumni who were working to break constitutional Laws, Import and Pawn Islam and then to point sole Blame at Yale Alumni Skull and Bones. There compliant media outlets such as Google and Youtube and have helped paint a lie to ensure those targets of Lucifers Scottish Rite more Christians , Jews and Muslims will be collided and tricked into killing one another. This clearly can’t be allowed to continue.

So understand when You read the Error Edit Novus Ordo 9-11 the authors were being stalked and terrorized while attempting to address this lie and many parts were misfiled, mislabeled and still are in need of a greater Power to format and edit.

So once this special someone appears with a Perfect Edit that reads exactly what is written above concerning G. Bush and the liars who targeted Him and I, the liars telling us fake news will help solve the problems these fools are the causes of all our communication breakdowns and this is clearly by their evil design.

This discussion of a conflict between God and Yahweh also must be addressed.

Simply understand this site does not seek to defame or blast others with harmful P.T.S.D. inducing Black Propaganda. God is Love and Love is slow to anger, Slow to speak and Quick to listen. It’s also sinful to allow Satan to cause quarrels and to keep a quarrel in motion and to seek to crucify the very people You Drunken as Church Clergy….Go Away fake Church members.