1-A Message to Islam

The Koran has a book called the Angels and in this book it is clear the Angels control humanity but what is not written in the Koran is how these Angels control humanity.   I do not speak negatively about the Islamic who seeks to master this world but to those in Islam who are not aware of the views we who are Anglian are given through the same Angels who rule every religious  sect and who wrote every Religious  just changing the spelling of their Angelic Names in Order clearly to cause the Human Populations to be blinded to their Angelic Desires to cause conflicts with humanity as they have done with Animals. Simply for amusement these Angel mislead us all.

In the Angelic Masonic-Novus Ordo Rituals we are introduced to these Angels who have their Headquarters the United Grand Lodge of England in East Anglia “Home of The Angels and the Angelic Brotherhood”  and we are shown how these Angels use various forms of their names to control all people and even Islam.

If the Islamic will look at Older Aramaic Documents that should have contained the book Chanowk-Enoch the Islamic would see the writings these Angels have worked to hide from the whole world one document removal at a time to ensure humanity would become their slaves and victims of their sins.

Examples of Angels Names that are hidden and not so well are as follows:

1. The Angel Michael also is called Mecca and Heil. This lying Angel Michael shows us in Rituals how he can command and manipulate Islam and even flies Mohamed in and has us shake hands with Mohamed and then speaks into Mohamed and then into all of Arabia telling them to kill a select group of people on certain day at exactly a certain time and then the Holy Michael sends this information to 33rd Degree Holy Masonic Order members and others who are selected to pass on who is going to be killed by Pawn Islam. This is why so many Americans Laugh when Terrorism comes because so many expect it due to our Masonic Government Officials sending out coding that all comes from Michael. One example of the Angel Michaels bloodline families is the McCoy Family who controls McCoy Masonic Publications for Lucifer and Satans Scottish Rite that is the same family who held me in these awareness rituals showing me these Angelic Secrets and when I did not agree with them they had me sent to a jail until I agreed to keep their Orders Secrets and then they tried to murder me. This is why I write these secrets. You can see the name Michael in this families name and you can see they sell 9-11 aware 32nd Degree Fezs on the McCoy Masonic Selling 9-11 Guilty fezs link on the Homepage of this website. That is the Angel and bloodline that is also looking at you in Arabia under the hidden value of the very simple word Mecca….you Islamics should buy your own 32nd Degree FEz from them and wear them……this would shatter their dreams to manipulate you into conflicts that would only benefit them and give them invasion rights into your Oil Rich lands .  Scotty, Pendry, Chris and Meredith McCoy of Sandersville, Georgia 31061 are fully aware of their families desires to manipulate Islam and terrorize those who discuss their families evil desires.   Send an Islamic News reporter to this family and ask them remembering always America is a land that advocates the Freedom of Any Press….they attend Sandersville Methodist Church of Sundays with Saturday Nights Alcohol on their drunken breaths.

These Angels were told to not build Wars between humans in this earth but they do and it is Angels lying to Islam and to Christians and to Jews and everyone who has been tricked into using their languages without a full understanding of the languages spiritual values.  It is my hope you in Islamics will read the early Arabian book Chanowk and Enoch that list these Angels names and then study the languages used by every human being until you decode these Angels Languages and Make yourselfs fully aware of these liars abilities and the effects of not knowing the hidden words that cause humans to be entered through Angelic Criminal Force and to be made wrong or sinful and blind. Fighting with Angels is like fighting with flying snakes.

If you find any old text that document these Angels names I am very interested and would greatly appreciate a copy being emailed to me and any Angelic Language Studies done in the Islamic-Arabian World.

If I had not been stood in Rituals with the Holy Angel Michael and been flown into Arabia on the White Horse that is used to raise us through the Holy Masonic Angelic Realm and had I not been given exact 9-11 dates and targets and desires of the evil leaders who advocate 33 Degree Manipulation of Arabians and countless others I would never have written this. Islam is called the 32nd Degree work of the Holy Angel Michael and it is Michael in every religious text who dictates to humanity light…..and intelligence. This Angel is in reality used to build wars and to erase-exterminate others he is not a friend of any human except his own evil creations-bloodlines.

It is the Angels the Koran is right on this topic along with the Bible and the Yahuwshua.org version.



The Angelic Brotherhood, Gods, Vampire-Nephilim Secrets from Masonic Degree Lessons, Politicians Genocide Engineers, Nephilim Narcotics, Angelic Agendas and the Hidden Language of the Angels Key