Tips For Law Enforcement Investigating Freemasonry

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Freemasonry aliased Novus Ordo designed such a briliant criminal system and ensured Law Enforcement would never be educated in the Order and that those who were would not be fully educated but would believe they had been which makes the Masonic Cop or Gov. Official a beacon broadcasting out of the Law Enforcement Centers through their ritually designed bodies and into all Masonic Narcotics Trafficker and Demons who control the narcotics in the cities.

All masonic Light flows into the United Grand Lodge of Englands cheif builders who are mentioned in Chanowk and Enoch both banned from the Bible or Holy Bibeelzebub .

Words with hidden meanings also broadcast into the realms of Higher light like cell phone codes firing through the hearts of the  unknowing victims who pray to Gods the Malak-Masonic Order designed through their various relegions and instantly they are connected to the Malaksonic electrical grid that ensures a cop is fed darkness unless it is some crock of shit that Holy wants fired out into the community to move the minds of his victims to an innocent one which I have seen countless times.

Lawn enforcement must become educated in all matters Masonic-Novus Ordo by Former Freemasons and Shriners who can prove their devotion to the destruction of this criminal org.

Law Enforcement Officials are intentionally dumbed down and placed into countless situations in which citizens are being killed by Masonic Order attacks within themselves and attacks from Masonic Head and Hands Agendas that invole Media designed to addict and to kill with Masonic Order controled Narcotics and Radical Baathist masonic Order Terrorist or degree 32-322 coded leadership working to fill the F.E.M.A. coffins.

Drug Enforcement can not see into the Masonic Realms has been proven to me and GOD is not giving light to Officers and Officials who need this light to be able to serve and protect us and this is a curse from Yahweh for us the citizens of this accursed nation of GOD.  It is my hope this page will give the secret degree lessons to Dea DTF agents fighting Masonic Order Controlled Narcotics Trafficking Networks.

The first thing one needs to be shown is the simple fact that Masonic Order Troops are ritually designed Gods who are full of human energy spheres whom appear as human but are not and they are given names and countless identies and positions in the Novus Ordo Government to sabatoge and undermine you a non masonic but of a masonic faith like christianity which is worship of Yahwehs Malak and countless evil powers hidden sublimely in the english language that one can see the true meaning of when mastering the Pale Hebrew language that is the key to the hidden Masonic Language known to be subliemly interwoven into the english language.

Yahwehs Malak mentioned in the book Chanowk which can be found on the website  names the cheif controlers of the Masonic Order and then warns of the worship of Gods and the terrible effects upon humanity of god worship.