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We have had so many People from so many Intelligence agencies around the World ask us so many questions and even call us on private lines exited to invest in this truthful undertaking of a real News Outlet which is not a safe way to approach anyone associated with this Media Group.

As every Intelligence agency reading this knows we are devoted Humanist who seek diligently to understand and to properly define the problems of all humanity looking deeper into the Malahim-Angelic Creators of all of the Human Tribes in which should never be collided in Wars and denied the Mystery’s hidden by our Former Angelic-Malahim Educators from the World, our Human Garden these Malahim invaded taking our mothers and Sisters from to rape and mis-create with so our objective it to outwit these rebellious Malahim-Angels and to create logical answers to trace how the evil ones are infiltrating our Human Garden of Peaceful aspirations.

I have had Great Luck with Paleo-Hebrew and Aramaic Yahuwshuans, Muslims, Egyptians, Christian, Hebrew, and African Humans who clearly see the same issues arising in every various religious Group in earth which we call hidden linguistics that are words slipped into a language system that are secretly evil when combined with other words and that this is the true cause of sin and evil behavior’s that no human would like to become infected with. The evil linguistics are taught by many who study Magick in the Malahim Occult schools and many times students are seriously injured and become insane until they unravel the demons hidden within the language forced upon them as a Good Language that our smarter forefathers condemned long before the Bible, The Quran , The Torah and before the Great Flood that Destroyed almost everyone in the Earth.

So if You want to invest time and money in this project please email us and simply tell us what You would like to help get to the suffering citizens of the World who are being clearly smashed by the most evil empire that ever evolved into the Human Garden and that is the Malahim Masonic Angelic Educational System who teach only murder, love of money and how to become a Vampire Homosexual who eat Good Arabian, Hebrew, Christian and any other Good Human they can Vampirise.

Remember the Malahim have Gods and Prophets tied to their White Horses and have basically abducted them sending them back occasionally to tell us 1 sided stories,creating War and Loss after War and Loss. So clearly the message in the Quran, The Bible and The Yahuwshuan Disclosure is , ” Humanity still has not received the Eternal King of Heaven and Humanity must take the Pieces of this Heavenly Disaster and piece it together by combining all of our views that are opposing at times and similar in so many ways, to master this Heaven that has no complete answer from not one Prophet. I say this because Mohhamed, Jesus, Yahuwshua, all Agreed and ended their Holy Books with this war upon moral evil and ideological evil must be ended by the return of the Enmadhia, The Ancient of Days and Through Yahu.

UR is clearly our Human Point of Origin and upon those Sumerian Text we find the Name Yahu as the Father of UR who have an Island in which the Lions lie with the Lambs and War, Hate and Famine and pain is never allowed so clearly all human fathers agreed to leave this eternal marker for humanity always to reflect back to as a point of our oldest father long before Jesus, Mohhamed, and God himself. In the Oldest Language Yahu is the Father of God and to Yahu every Human was Ordered from their forefather point of Origin to remember Yahu and the Lion who lies with the Lamb. This is Why We in America need to Promote Peace in the Birth Place of All Humanity which is the Middle easy and especially War Torn Iraq which is again UR created by Yahu.

Again any of these topics we gladly will research privately and will broadcast any ” Dajjalist 32nd Degree Big Oil Wars Created by Importing and Pawning Islamics who attack the peace loving citizens not realizing they are being set up to cause an Invasion Right for Dajjalist Big Oil Ideologiest who do not care about humanity nor our forefather from UR and the Yahu.

So Fuch Hussien its time to find the Yahu our fathers in Ur spoke of…its on an Island…. Fell Free to Email me Your Ideas on our return to the Island of Yahu…..Father of and Children from UR

Out of Many, One

William Hancock Fuch