2. Does God’s – Son- Jesus translates to Gaddrael-God, Son-Saan-Satan, Jesus-Zeus ?

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Angels alias their names is a fact and this is taught in the Angelic Masonic Order DEgree Lessons. AS FReemasons we are told God is not the full name of God so we are then given this Mystery to solve. In this Quest to find the hidden name of God we are told to reference Yahweh Prophets and to remember the Angels use their names in various but similar forms throughout their various religious sects-experimental groups of humans they have created.

So when one gets to the list of Angels names in the required readings required to Master the Mystery of God they find Gaddrael and Satel-Saan and these are the 2 names that fit the spirit of the violent and wildly accusing constantly in error Christian Church. Gaddrael is the Malak-Arch Angel who taught humanity War & Bloodshed and who wrongfully took a wife breeding with human women creating his own version of path away from the path he was told to adhere to as a Watcher of humanity. Satel did the same thing and together they have formed the Angelic Masonic Order and the Masorite Holy Bible. These are the answers to the hidden name of God Question presented to FReemasons to solve. God is Gaddrael another fallen Angel……

After  40 years of Christianity, Christian Freemasonry-Shrine , Luciferian-Apollion-Satanist Scottish Rite, meetings with Church of Satan and the AntiChrist who is  “The Baphomet” Apollion.

When one raises the Question how is it that Christians cannot hear and see the events unfolding as we in the Masonic Order can and how is it that a lower degree Freemason cannot see the answer  is always God’s Son has found these people to not be his most beloved and worthy to possess the Great Secret and Mystery of God’s Son.

So to get this answer from the Masonic Order one must prove they are the most evil and totally Antichrist and only then will you be shown why Others can not see or hear in Masonic Realms and this is proven with the help of one of the Nephilim Gods during the drug trafficking degree lessons and we are told to say if we are cornered by one of the Christian Law Enforcement Officials and Drug Enforcement to stand there and say ‘I am one of Gods Sons and I know Gods Son will tell you I am not involved with any Illegal activities. This is when you see the power of Gods Son and hear the laughter of other Nephilim Novus Ordo Gods who teach those selected By Novus Ordo to be an Asset to the Order and to be entrusted with the Great Secret that the word Son in scribal languages unknown to the Christian is fully defined as Saan who in English is Satan.
Reportedly Yahwehs Gavrael fell from his station as a watcher then into the arms of a human Women then changed his name to Gaddrell alias God and joined in with the other fallen ones which included Satan under the alias names Saan alias Son alias Suvon-Novus to create the various religious sects and races today.