01. Prince Philip & George Bush Blue Lodge Nazi Islamizationist standing in the U.S. White House on May 7th, Germany Surrender Date following there 32nd Degree Effect 9-11

To all Parties mentioned this article is concerning and reflective to the case relevance of the use and misuse of information and very seriously defaming American Leadership through rigging events on such critical dates in which Prince Phillip as Prince Harry and others have noted cause G. Bush to be paraded with those who are not equally yoked. These type events are script written and are designed to cause Political unrest in America not Peace. This is Why the Script writers need to be addressed and the Freemasons who then start preaching opposing and inflammatory definitions of these Rigged Stages. Please write Bush concerning being Fuched by deceiving Script writers. Admin Note and Warning to all citizens who view tricky media…remember some media bomb designers are behind every explosive media designed to cause viewers to lose sight of the Greater Deceit the insane script writers who work to collide others into conflict as sinful snare setters who need to fall into their own snares…

Immediate Release from the Freemasons multiheaded insanity and not the Office of the Press Secretary
May 7, 2007

This is another Shocking tale that was Produced after this Photograph was taken. Due to Prince Phillips Royal Lineage from Europa the Wife of Zeus- Jesus the G-Zeus and the Angelic Crown Grandmaster Masons Educational Systems that McCoy America aligned with then began selling Luciferian Scottish Rite 32nd Degree Islamization Fezzes. All these events Greatly Hurt George Bush of Texas, and others who support cleaning up the Jungle in a more German American way such as Educational Material replacing Rotten Music and Media under the Rule of Law. This issue is the critical reason for the existence of this website to better Historically review and find the hidden errors causing all this chaos not matter How classified it is and was Pre 9-11. The 9-11 would have been a World Fair instead of a World Terror event and all the fall out and continued political collisions could have been avoided. Now G. Bush and These Fools from The Crown that’s clearly a Death Cult even referred to as the Evolved Crown of Babylon’s Tubal Cain by Books Released by the Grand Lodge of England. This type association with Insane Angels has always been catastrophic for the ones allured in because of the level of deception and corruptive powers that suddenly leave Your Ass looking Like Wilhelm Fuchs ones the Great Mystery and its true work is revealed.

Having Wilhelm Fuchs as a Cousin who worked with Prince Phillip and Carin Fock Goering as a Great Aunt its hard to comprehend the logic in Bush not knowing the Critical Errors when saying Cheese with these Royals. German America Built the right creative Solution Laws and that is Education and Societal Grooming across the Board. That’s the Agenda and that’s the word of Yahweh-God to the Sheep Creators . This Photo sent the U.S. Intelligence and other World Leaders through the Roof.

I likewise have been Photo’d in these type situations and every time it was the Perfectly designed ensnarement. Lets Hope G. Bush will Open His History School with better German Children to create a Bigger Idea like Mass deportation instead of the current broken tactics that always failed even produced the McCoy’s 9-11 Fezzy Day that killed His supporters. Yes this is why the fraternities pull out the alcohol and Blackmail cards. I know G. Bush stated He was working on a Historical Study and visited the Teen Challenge when it fell under attack by the Church of Satan. So Clearly He is going to develop a History School for the Children who devoted their time to this Greater Mystery in Identifying the True Builders of 9-11….. I’d Love to know Why this Government Selects, Hazes Children to Create Order, to Infiltrate Systems and then cant Hear the damn warnings associated with these Tyrannist. I hope the School for the More capable will be erected and the Booze removed from the targeted victims before we all get our throats cut by the Transgender Master of War and Propaganda creating these terrible scripts and Photo opts..

President Bush Welcomes Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the White House
South Lawn

President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush welcome Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Monday, May 7, 2007, upon their arrival to the North Portico of the White House for a State Dinner in their honor. White House photo by Eric Draper
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Here’s another tale circulating in the  Ivy and Public School Intelligence and Law Enforcement communities. So don’t blame the  Messenger because this kind of Chat in the Streets is as real as the Idiots who sell Blue Rings, 32nd Degree Fezzes and even incomplete tales that Left George Bush sitting in all the wrong places after those setting a Stage and Writing a Script left Him looking….but Only Him so the Script Writers should really be considered the Greater Culprits in the Angelic Orders Comedy Tragedy. Its said these Leaders are being Put into frames to create the Finial War in the Valley of Megiddo in which all the Kings and Big Men of the Age will be Killed. Spooky tales especially after sitting in Harvard Square listening to the future 9-11 with the Blue Christians and the Red Luciferian Alumni of Albert Pike along with the Heads of Hamas and others who clearly are not from Green Pasture Upbringings. With Harrys Death Cult following all His Mothers Warnings and other Nazi Wives’ and Families who were not fans of Wars, Wars and Wars.

So below are the Comments made by Countless individuals Preceding and Following the Grandmaster Masons 32nd Degree Creation 9-11 Terrorism so well advocated McCoy Masonic Monitor Sold Fezzes to Ensure everyone who had any kind of connections could see the Intended Effect.  

Silence in these Matters is suicidal but a Direct Reply is always the Better Guard even when its hard to comprehend.

 Fact sheet Welcoming Queen Elizabeth II The Royal and Common Blue Lodge Nazi SS Commanders that brought forth 9-11 and invaded Iraq to Wax Rich through Genocide as usual, just as evasive as their Fathers who should have been Charged in the Holocaust for crimes of such violence against the Intellectual Challenged Victims their Information Control-Capping and state of ignorance this Islamization is exactly what Dianna and Dodi spoke of along with Prince Harry and William who after the murder of their Mother Freely Chose to Buy and Wear the Nazi Uniform to Ensure their Mothers Statements would be echoed across the lands. The, Ideologies forced upon us is mentally injurious and brings about what we have been asked to refer to only as a Mental Health Problem we are being caused by our mentally ill political fighure families who are Your Kings, Queens and Presidents.

It is my Hope that our ” Cousins who would never do these kinds of things to humanity will bond together and stop this active Masonic Nazi Holocaust. Fear is the only Wall between us and delays could only kill us all. God is Love and Woe to those who set snares and kill the Peace Makers. I am so Glad I could assist in move Harry and Megan back to America with me so they can see how 12 Star Crown Cousins who Married into John Hancock’s family live peacefully banishing hunger in our community, forbidding that mental illness to rule us and building Oprah and Megan a Way to a Greater Greener Pasture with the Cousins who care compact eternally in my Heart. P.S. I am taking a great amount of heat for this Move the Boys project and for directing the 32nd Degree Effect pawn Muslims towards solving the Malahim Mystery in the Masonic Grid……so please send some like minded secretary to me with a fire hose to extinguish these flames from the family members who are truly this mentally ill. Photos and Hand signs are not logical answers or action You must open Your mouths and Properly Secure Yourself ahead of time. this site has an email contact in which needs to accessed to ensure cooperation on our Cousins who would never and the You will answer for Dianna and Dodi and other cousins who would never if 1 fking thing happens to them….so contat the email through Yahoo or bing not Google they were caught rigging and denying access to information by Countless Counter Terrorism Operations Globally.


PRESIDENT BUSH: Good morning. Laura and I are honored to welcome back to the White House Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. (Applause.)

The United Kingdom has written many of the greatest chapters in the history of human freedom. Nearly 800 years ago, the Magna Carta placed the authority of the government under the rule of law. Eighty years later, the first representative assembly of the English people met to debate public policies. Over the centuries, parliaments in Britain established principles that guide all modern democracies. And thinkers from Britain, like Locke and Smith and Burke showed the world that freedom was the natural right of every man, woman and child on Earth.

As liberty expanded in the British Isles, British explorers helped spread liberty to many lands, including our own. In May of 1607, a group of pioneers arrived on the shores of the James River, and founded the first permanent English settlement in North America. The settlers at Jamestown planted the seeds of freedom and democracy on American soil. And from those seeds sprung a nation that will always be proud to trace its roots back to our friends across the Atlantic.

Our two nations hold fundamental values in common. We honor our traditions and our shared history. We recognize that the strongest societies respect the rights and dignity of the individual. We understand and accept the burdens of global leadership. And we have built our special relationship on the surest foundations — our deep and abiding love of liberty.

Today our two nations are defending liberty against tyranny and terror. We’re resisting those who murder the innocent to advance a hateful ideology, whether they kill in New York or London, or Kabul or Baghdad.

American and British forces are staying on the offense against the extremists and terrorists. We’re supporting young democracies. Our work has been hard. The fruits of our work have been difficult for many to see. Yet our work remains the surest path to peace, and it reflects the values cherished by Americans and by Britons, and by the vast majority of people across the broader Middle East.

Your Majesty, I appreciate your leadership during these times of danger and decision. You’ve spoken out against extremism and terror. You’ve encouraged religious tolerance and reconciliation. You’ve honored those returning from battle, and comforted the families of the fallen.

The American people are proud to welcome Your Majesty back to the United States, a nation you’ve come to know very well. After all, you’ve dined with ten U.S. Presidents. You helped our nation celebrate its bicentennial in 17 — in 1976. (Laughter.) She gave me a look that only a mother could give a child. (Laughter.)

You have helped commemorate both the 350th and 400th anniversaries of the Jamestown settlement.

Your Majesty, the United States receives with honor the sovereign of the United Kingdom. We welcome back to the White House a good person, a strong leader for a great ally. (Applause.)

HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II: Mr. President, thank you for your warm words. This is my fifth visit to the United States. And I believe it is important to remind ourselves of the purpose of these occasions, which gives meaning to the ceremonial symbolism and the circumstance.

A state visit provides us with a brief opportunity to step back from our current preoccupations to reflect on the very essence of our relationship. It gives us the chance to look back at how the stories of our two countries have been inextricably woven together. It is the moment to take stock of our present friendship, rightly taking pleasure from its strengths, while never taking these for granted. And it is the time to look forward, jointly renewing our commitment to a more prosperous, safer and freer world.

Last week, I had the pleasure of sharing with you an extraordinary anniversary in our common history. It was a privilege to join the commemoration of the Jamestown landing by that small group of British citizens all those years ago. My two days in Virginia gave me a new insight into those events, which helped to shape this country’s development and to lay the foundations of this great nation based on shared principles of equality, democracy and the rule of law.

And now in Washington, we have a further opportunity to acknowledge the present strengths of our relationship. I shall enjoy not only renewing old acquaintances and making new ones, but also recognizing the breadth and depth of the friendship we have shared for so long. We can celebrate the close and enduring associations which thrive between the United States and the United Kingdom at every level, be it government or corporate, institutional or personal.

This visit also gives us a window on the future, both the future of the United States and the future cooperation between our countries. I particularly look forward in the next two days to seeing at firsthand something of how the cutting edge of science and technology can take us to the next phases of discovery and exploration in human endeavor.

Mr. President, thank you for inviting Prince Philip and me to visit your country, to share in the commemoration of the Jamestown anniversary, and to have this opportunity to underline the extent of our friendship — past, present and future. It is indeed a pleasure for us to be here in Washington again, and to be welcomed back to the White House. (Applause.)

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