0.02 Gaddrael-God, Zeus-Jesus, Europa-Wife of Zeus & Mother of thE eUROPIAN rOYAL fAMILIES of kiNG jAMES , bLUE lODGE mASONIC nAZI pSCHOPATHS tEMPLE sYSTEMS oWNERS.

European Christians are all predominantly slaves of the Malahim, Gods and Angels who created them this is taught everyday by the Holy Angelic Crown of King James in the Masons Temples that also are asked to keep this Great Secret and to Build Church’s with a Sword across the Entire World and to create Wars that collide opposing factions into Wars with one another and to code through the Blue Lodge Temple Systems all Christians outside the Order in Sublime Ways to move them out of Harms way if they are a Christian Selected for salvation from the Malahims War and to never tell the truth about points of Origin of war and how systems fail so exactly in one moments for those Christians who are not Selected for Salvation but instead doom and Nazism which is the Crown of King James Signature Order Seal in which they blatantly advocate through their Grand Master Education Programs Regalia in the Forms of Swastikas. This father explains the violence and mentally ill nature of explosive and deceptive Christianity.

I was educated by this Order and many of my family members who were either Royal Masonic Nazi regime or American Blue Lodger Christians with British-German Christian Nazi Family members both parties eventually discussing who really was behind these conflicts that they were drafted into and the Answer was always the Royal Families in Europe and America together in unison with the full support of every Christians Corporate Leader who desired this kind of Salvation death Camp plan for those who didn’t love Jesus, The War Machines and the Mass Eradication of all living things that denied Jesus the God of Love and Gas Chambers for Kids and Mothers clearly the non compliant threats.

This system still exist today and many whom You least suspect are monitoring and reporting from Non Government Offices to family Members in Offices bringing about this Annu-Anew World Order for the Annuki and Babylonian Kings List of ZGods in which Jesus must be the 666th in this line of Procession. G-Zeus and Europa this King and Queen of Pergamum Church, The Seat of Satan, The Lawless Accuser.

Just like every Christian You see in Judicial terrorizing those they refuse to teach the Law to ensuring a Death Sentence for everyone they can steer out of line by refusing to teach the Law, Ensuring its Illegal to teach the Law, Agreeing its a lucrative business to practice this form of Law, accusing the victims of these Legally Intentionally Blind Citizens after forbidding them legal Education they need.

So Many Christians are shown inaccurate Light and this is said to be due to a curse upon the Christians who follow this most violent and evil, Plundering and Judicially Obstructive, Destructive and Murderous as the various 9-11 date events so many Christian Masons were advised before the very construction of the World Trade Center the very destruction of that Tower full of Babel. Just as the Masonic Temple Systems has altered the Yahuwshuan Disclosure they have altered everything they ever touched ensuring certain death for those who they, the most profane in this earths every true crime syndicate intelligence operatives report from across the globe have defined the Order of Freemasons as being.

I learned this the hard way. One day I was asked if I would agree with McCoy Masonic Leadership by Meredith McCoy who had approached me from out of nowhere with no invitation and this is the way they have proven to me if I oppose Royal Masonic Nazism and Child killing I will be murdered, and no prayer to the God, The Jesus will save me those prayers will only energize the most evil powers in this known earth to indwell and to murder me and anyone whose not a Fan of Nazism and Booze.

Today I found Meredith to be Married to a Man who would gladly Monitor The AshkaNazi Jew Davidic Crown of 12 Stars Royal Masonic Nazi Crown Death Camp Hotel Systems, The New Auschwitz Cocaine and Heroin filled Gas Chamber Hotels with Biological Weapons Operatives stationed at every point surrounding this systems to execute any and every investigator or inquisitor into this matter of Nazism.

The most common method of an execution by one of Zeus Jesus Christ is an invitation to know their Church members and then to later go out on a dinner or lunch with them and to be advocated wine or alcholic beverages that later cause You to collapse and to become suddenly the sinner who was clearly guilty of the Laws You were never taught by their Church and to be jailed, stripped of everything and then Ordered into a Psych ward for more “Medicine by Pergamum’s Doctors instead of detox and removal from the Christian Enviorment.

To be continued…..