1-b The Name of the Dajjal-AntiChrist”


The acting AntiChrist is Baphomet who is also the God Apollo, Apollos “Friend of the Christian Church”, Apollion “Destroyer of the Christian Church” and the alias names go on and on.

Preachers who preach about the AntiChrist but who can not identify the obvious name of the AntiChrist as Baphomet who is a Head of the Luciferian Scottish Rite and who is the Head at the Church of Satan should stop wasting people’s time. No Christian Preacher and No Head of Any Major Religion today has taught on this topic that is the greatest destructive force I have ever encountered because they have refused to go to the Temples of the Luciferian Scottish Rite and to the Church of Satan leaders and even to Satan himself as I have to better understand the exact reason in the mind of the Maker for the use of this Toy God, the AntiChrist slave of the Great Toy Maker in Heaven….who we all know plays with snakes.

You will never understand this topic until you go and meet with them and face the snake makers snakes in this earth that is the footstool of the pleasures of the King of Heaven as written in every religious text.

Remember reader Satan is called a Tare and Satan is used to test you and now you see we are all toys of the Maker being tested like rats in test tube and we are of no value to the King of Heaven as Eve herself learned in the Garden of Eden-Paradise.

I was born into the Angelic Masonic Systems and was held in 33 Degree Super Rite Luciferian-Baphometian-Holy awareness rites in which these toys of the maker were landed and even stood complaining about being forcefully held and shape shifted into various forms that are transgender and even transmutation of Angel, Human Male and Female, and Animal.

I watched the Heads of my Church who were Master Masons and Grand Master Masons along with The Holy Angel Michael, Lucifer and myself stand in a Ritual Site and discuss with the reason why this AntiChrist was created and was held like a toy in this ritual site and the answer became clear when Lucifer and Michael both agreed this Baphomet who is the Antichrist was in reality the God Apollo who stood before us all shaken and stating he did not wish to be held in the form of Baphomet and was force flown and asked that the torment of him and others be stopped by these Holy Angels who had the power to raise and lower him to the ritual place. All the Angels flew away after the interviews conducted in front of me a pure child who could help them all better understand what was transpiring because they none could understand what had transpired nor could they keep their own bodies from vanishing again upon Yahweh’s desires. This is exactly what was witnessed concerning the AntiChrist who is a slave God who can not keep these Angels from flying him into terror…..to terrorize.

We are made to shake hands with Holy Michael who Governs the Angels, Toy Gods, Toy Humans and the fools who are forced to follow these absolute deceivers of the Nations of the Earth and blame shifting to every slave creation beneath this light realm I was taught from and I today encourage others to view from. To see these things I have told you of can in a circle of others call upon the Holy Michael and the other Envoys-Angels listed in the books of Chanowk and Enoch found on the homepage. These Envoys-Angels were created to advise humanity not to withhold light as they have chosen clearly to do to eradicate those from previous Angelic Bloodlines causing humanity to be slaughtered and again taking the blame of the maker who has also been called “King Snuff”.

The Angelic Brotherhood, Gods, Vampire-Nephilim Secrets from Masonic Degree Lessons, Politicians Genocide Engineers, Nephilim Narcotics, Angelic Agendas and the Hidden Language of the Angels Key