Obama Admin points Iranian nuke at Wales, E.I.R. Royal Masonic Saxe-Satanic Crown Windsor

My work with U.S. Intelligence and Novus Ordo Intelligence and Other Intelligence agencies has proven again to have provided a great revelation that can not be denied and this fact is that the Pawn Obama who we were told was being reared for the white house to complete the 33 Degree Agenda of kill everyone uninformed with Degree 32 Islamic Pawn has agreed with Skull and Bones looser John Kerry to give Iran 1 Billion Dollars to ensure the nuke in Iran is fired at the Crown of Satan in Wales who flies openly the Dragons Banner. After Obama was enlightened on his Pawn status he was then shown and went and visited the Saxe Satanic Crown of Windsor a crown destined for destruction.

The help Iran Nuke the Royal Masonic Crown of the E.I.R. Windsors was again funded by Obama Admin……so No Peace in the near future but absolute desolation as scribes noted this age nearing the end will be seeing.

These leaders are crying Peace, Peace but making War……. so easy to see because of the leaders family histories and murderous ideologies. ┬áSo Holy Micheals Mecca Temple Pawn Obama is still hanging in Tace…..