Blue Lodge Freemasons are the Klu Klux Klan

It amazes me the ignorance of the Non Masonic White and Black Christian citizens who can not understand the Blue Lodge Freemasons Lodge System designed the Klu Klux Klan and that they demand brotherly hate from every  Entered Apprentice and demand Death to the Brother who will not obey the Hate Creed that reveals in higher Degree lessons the Holy Angels Genocidal works that include the 32nd Degree Islamic Taliban Patel Crack Pipe whip and associated Media being broadcast through Holy Airwaves that will chemically addict and destroy…….this is called applying a linguistic whip to the niggers and associated social disease that rejected slavery……..

Not one writer today blames the Masonic Order for their various Hate group branches which are taught to us this Governments Novus Ordo Systems .

Families who bought and sold these labeled Nigger and White trash are those like the Family of Scottie McCoy of Sandersville, Georgia people who approached me with friends and requested I submit to  their Families Ideologies and lodge agendas that are a 32nd Degree Crack pipe whip…..and cocaine.

These families are called the watchers and demons who do approach others preaching blasphemy, murder and drunkenness .

So the Blue Lodge Christian and Freemason is the Real KKK.