Lucifer-Apollion Scottish Rites Albert Pike 3 World Wars

The Crown that Wrote the Holy Bible and Built the Masons Lodge Systems, best defined as Angel School demands every student meet all the Angels whether Good or Bad and to listen to their countless Creation Stories, the Rebellion and the reasons why they Rebelled from their Maker.  Lucifer states like Apollyon they do not know exactly what they are or Why they exist and certainly blame the Maker.

Want to see what Albert Pikes really worked to achieve then take a look at the 32nd Degree Mecca Temple systems that filled Manhattan, New York with radical Islamic Anti Christians and ensured the slaughter of all non coded citizens and many Christian Scottish Rite members who did not believe the Order would kill Christian members who oppose this age of terror.  Citizens need to be taught the lessons I was taught by the Scottish Rite and they need to see this is the Order of the Anti Christ  and is the Order that built  Church of Satan,  Branch Temple of Set and Temple of the Vampire. For those who have never attended a Masonic Ritual and witnessed the death of another and then the resurrection and mutation of a human into an absolute demon with flight power that can command gods and demons and who can also be commanded and turned into a vampire like being through the powers given to Lucifer and Baphomet from above and for amusement of the Kings of Heaven this type citizen would be totally oblivious that these are the true Angelic works creating such Anti Christ troops and slayers of Christian.

We are living in Albert Pikes World War 3 right now and it seems no one in the Scottish Rite has the honesty within them to oppose Lucifer and Baphomet-Apollion and to show what we at Former Freemasons know Christians must see to understand the Antichrist and his Order. These ignorant preachers are not leading these sheep to safety and they are not even aware that Baphomet is the Antichrist and that Scottish Rite is his Order and The Church of Satan is where he can be found.  I had to teach the drug enforcement agency these groups control all the narcotics trafficking with gods and demons and lets certainly mention all the Holy Angels who hide their light from Law Enforcement until I myself wrote this in black in white as a former Scottish Rite member and Drug Trafficking student of Apollion and Lucifer and Micheal the Holy Angel brother of Satan.