0. U.S. Marine Intelligence Brief Being Hidden from the Public

Chapter 2
U.S. Marine Intelligence Brief Being Withheld
By Homeland Security

I am a U. S. Marine Intelligence Analyst, educated at the Marine Corps School of Infantry, in the field of Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence at the Marine Corps Formal Intelligence Schools. I’ve been indoctrinated to identify and disable Muslim/Islamic war machines comprised of the Taliban/A.A.H.O.A families, Masonic Orders and Aryan participants. In my opinion, as a member of the intelligence community and as someone who has been trained by the military in the process of analyzing the enemy interpreting the level of threat and formulating necessary measures to eliminate such threats, I believe that this hazard should not be overlooked. This threat should be eliminated at its core. Marines like me are the backbone of influencing the Commander’s decision-making process. I have been trained to analyze and process this data into valuable information related to the enemy. As you will read, these Baathist A.A.H.O.A. families are already working against us in many cities, and will most likely be operating in more cities by the publication of this work. It is terrifying to think of the fact that these extremists are promoting and dealing drug paraphernalia to our children. It is clear that they will stop at nothing to corrupt our country from the inside. They are standing at attention like soldiers in their stores and hotels waiting for the order to unleash chemical agents. The potential for Tetrodotoxin (TXX), anthrax, and swine flu attacks is assured. The Taliban link has been made, which has not yet been reported to the masses by standard media. These groups are working together. Civilians need to keep their kids away from these establishments and warn them of their enticing packages designed to attract young American males in order to disable and destroy them. This threat should be eliminated at its core. First, the government funding of these organizations should be cut immediately. In addition, as far as the physical aspects, our government’s law enforcement, from federal to local, should handle this state of chaos. Investigations should be launched nationwide on the A.A.H.O.A. and its organizations and corrupt establishments should be shut down accordingly. To ensure that these systems don’t evolve, there should be new legislation created to ensure that hotel standards and regular procedures, such as routine inspections, are in place so that no new death camp systems are able to develop. Lastly, one of the most important steps in freeing our country of this threat is to raise awareness of this terrorist activity so that we can stop it before it gets any worse.

Christopher Eagle,

United States Marine Intelligence

Chapter 3
Homeland Security Is Lying To You America

I work with U.S. Intel and Department of Defense officials as part of an ongoing investigation and we have proven that the Department of Homeland Security is not properly responding to the U.S. and European Union (E.U.) citizens regarding the Masonic Baathist A.A.H.O.A. infiltration of every American town with the unwitting assistance of U.S. taxpayers. The responsible parties include the E.I.R./U.G.L.E. and United Grand Lodge of America (U.G.L.A.) Freemasons, York and Scottish Rite Shriners, Skull and Bones, politicians, and government officials who are blocking this information from the very citizens they intend to kill. Representatives from our organization have reported this information to Homeland Security as well as to the Administration over the past 15 months. To date, both entities have chosen to deny this intelligence gathering and instead, choose to keep the citizens uninformed of these issues.

A select few county and state officials have acted upon this intelligence by banning the marketing of drug para, only to have higher level Islamics shoved into their towns. This is the first bullet fired from their narcotics terrorism war machine.

Past release of this information has resulted in mass layoffs at the local level through forced reduction of military staffing. The repercussions in our first-warned areas have been devastating. This intel must reach each and every citizen. Pass this book along to loved ones to ensure that this intel news never leaves “you, the people.”

William Fuch

Reporting for Secret Societies United