Demon Guardians of the Masonic Empire hidden in the English Language

This is one of the greatest lessons the Masonic Order teaches secretly to students who are not loyal to the murderous agendas of the order.

I was asked to repeat a certain phrase after disagreeing with several leaders Masonic Agendas and the Phrase was By God Yahweh  I am Assured and then I heard this night we will kill him with the God Assurian who is the Scottish Rite Temple Sphinx Guardian who turn into a man and goes off to devour those who call upon his name unknowingly.  Assurian  Gods are in the photo below at the entrance of whom is called Yahweh’s Grandson Lucifer’s Scottish Rite.

To master all the hidden names of Holy Evil powers hidden within the languages one must develop a list of all the Malak, Gods, Angels and Demons names and master the ways the alias and,his is just one example of Holy Evil Powers . To Master all these names one must develop a list of all the supernatural powers ever listed and the short form alias . Best of luck