33rd Degree Lessons of Lucifer’s Scottish Rite

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It  is true that Scottish Rite is not what they advertise and it is not hard to quickly learn this as I did while being advised to study under local Holy Lucifer’s Prophets and advised Mentors.

To Master the 33rd Degree and Secret Degrees such as 97-100  which reveal Yahwehs Malak-Angels and Gods and Demons call children out of their parents houses to be drained of their living water and human energy sphere-spirit that I endured and witnessed several times .

These Great Secrets lead us to Homes and Offices of Scottish Rite Shriners such as Davis Daniels who is a Certified Public Accountant in Milledgeville, Georgia who met me outside his downtown office located in the Downtown Masonic Hall Building.  Yahwehs Holy Micheal who is the controller of every Holy Masonic Lesson began to send The Daughters of God to my Apartment and into the Offices of Carpet Surplus and then began landing legions-squadrons of demons in the stores warehouse telling me I could visualize and form these Kabballa like Alien forms into man, woman or animal and that I could even use them to take over a local Government and to execute any one who would oppose my desires.

I  was told the squadrons were Gods-Demons-Daymen used by Scottish Rite to deliver narcotics and to addict humans for High Degree Masters such as Lucifer’s  Homosexual C.P.A. Mr. Davis Daniels who removed the sign from him another visit in 2007.

A lesson you better learn is these demons will appear as anyone and they will pull up to your home or office and will follow you and will even frame and call the police to you and they will use biological weapons on citizens and students who oppose or seek to expose the orders human cannibal operations.

Theses Shriner s are Gods and within them they house demon energy sphere that will stalk and murder your for them and they will not stop unless you report them to a Police Officer you know is human.

This Novus Ordo Nation and Form of Government is absolute devoted to the workings of Yahweh Malak,  Human Cannibal Child Killing Gods who I have caught in Local Churches impaling the Church Members and Their Children spiritually driving into the Church member a  spiritual fiery dart and line used to read the spirit of and to force the impaled victim into an unwilling state of Masonic Narcotics Addiction or into another snare and into death or sin.

Blood splatters across the walls of the Church and Homes of these victims of Yahweh and the Lesser Powers mentioned in your diety charts.

The 33rd also teaches us the need of encouraging Christian Mason to agree with 32nd Degree Islamic Jihad and Arabian Heroin Dealer demons and the degree master is made to sleep with the  Arabian Demon women who will spiritually kill and enslave the Degree Master to her Designer.