The New World Order Systems are 366-322 Masonic Systems

I  see so many citizens who can not put this together due to an ordered state of ignorance they are forced to live in which is ordered upon the masses who were not born of our bloodlines.

The New World Order is Masonic Systems and is housed at The United Grand Lodge of England which bears the Dragons Crest-The Wales Banner  and is the Order-system that designed the 1611 Masonic Holy Bible again for the Dragons Crown of King James that is to the E.I.R. Crown and the House of Windsor.

I was educated  by this Order and because I rejected the Orders genocidal demands and hush money I was Ordered killed which is another reason for this free source of information on this website.

So look at the Royal Masonic  E.I.R Families who own the Banks, the Large Corps and you will see who controls you and yo see Tu will see The New World Order Systems.

To Master your captors you must diagram the systems, the players and place them in the eyes of sociliety and vote them out of power.

Seig Yahu