Temple of Sets Micheal Aquino found Innocent at Sandersville, Georgia’s United Methodist Church

Love him of hate him Michael Aquino has a unique story and is as all Masonic Slaves know just another victim of the Masonic Grids Games that include being made to view Masonic Children who these Angels Created and Positioned to ensnare or destroy the worlds greatest minds who in reality are all Holy and Clean once out of the Black Squares.
During his visit to the Church in Sandersville, Aquino was allowed to view along with the Church a set of Shape Shifting Black Kids one Girl and one Boy that had been used in an attempt to frame a Freemason who was being drugged by Order Narcotics Traffickers……
So this liberated Aquino from his early accusers who lowered him into a trap of Filth he was delivered from. So Thanks for the lesson in that shits not a kid. Apollo-Off came through for us all…..the Ancient Warrior. Everyone needs light in the Darkness…. Thnx, Farm Boy William Fuch

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