Freemasonry Defined from A Royal Grand Masters View

UnDer CoNsTrUction

The Order of Freemasonry was formed by the sons of Yahweh who are not Angels but who are the Malak who fathered the Angels and this fact has been well hidden for a very long time within the scribes writings that were taken by countless sects and mutated into falsifications designed to deceive and to cause death and discord for the desires of the King.

Freemasonry the word must as all other words be broken down to the most ancient language which has been discovered to be Paleo Hebrew and maybe one language prior to Paleo Hebrew which is not standard Hebrew as many are led to believe. If you want the Paleo Hebrew translation software please e mail the owner of the website he said he would provide this for any who asked and it would be a great key for Freemasons who are looking for words they were given and can not define and this language unlocks the Masonic realms language.

This is the Hierarchy of powers in the Masonic realms from the King of  Heaven to  Human Animal .

Yahweh the sovereign.

Malak Hasatan-satan alias GOD the dragon.

The other Malak mentioned in Chanowk and Enoch.

Angels who were bred by Malak and Human females.

Gods who were bred from the Malak and  Angels and male and female humans.

* These powers mentioned house within them every power beneath them and internally are a liken to a great temple in which all their subjects are chained and are used as slaves this I saw personally in countless Masonic educational lessons that left me speechless.

Nephilim slaves of the GODS

Demons and Day Men are those who serve any God and this is shown in the language if you study root languages in this earth. So servants of GOD who accuse and attack you are to be seen as A DEMON.

Ellussions which are also the Elluja

Language mastery will be your only hope of unraveling the curses that befall every  victim of language misuse that proceeded this current generation. Because of the twist in the language the curses of Babel are still upon us and greater than ever so sublimely mutating the norms, the subatomic values of even matter that humans are no longer being born in proper form and are being born into curses and mutant like forms.

When trying to master these languages also remember many words were placed into a form liken to shorthand and this was to intentionally hide the meanings over time and remember inside the Masonic-Novus Ordo standard languages are countless interwoven hidden meanings that do cause humanity to become unknowingly overtaken by evil spirits that torment and kill them eventually or cause them to unwillingly be overtaken and caused to do such evil acts as you see Holy Bible IONS  doing today…..these words have values that can be turned on within anyone who uses the languages and this is another view from the G.M. Degree lessons.


The Royal Order Masons such as myself are shown the heavens and the earh in a Masonic Ritual that astrally projects us out of our flesh and into the spiritual realm in which we are shown Heaven with Yahweh on the throne and then the Malak who office their original order at the United Grand Lodge of England and it is the Holy Angel Micheal who controls all the Holy Light in this earth who is our mentor and who placed his favored of the Malak bloodlines upon the crowns of this earth in England and in Arabia.  We are told to keep these secrets concerning bloodlines and above all alias names used which is shown to the masters of the 3 pillars of the Malak and of Masonry.

This is an Example of the 3 pillars name systems used :Micheal is the rear pillar hidden behind alias name Heylel and Lucifer.

The Royal Bloodlined from crown families such as mine do control nearly everything in this earth and do design for amusement wars between other sects to see which human victim out performs as if our human bodies are race cars on a track being driven without reguard to stress, possible death and with no reguard to others safety.  The Malak protect and use them for various functions in society appearing to us to advise us and to demand we obey them of die which is when the great divide begins within families such as mine. If we refuse to allow SUCH SHIT AS THE HOLOCOUST AND THIS CURRENT HOLOCOUST  we are sought out and mentally executed with neurotoxins, beatings and eventually murdered if we do not fortify ourselves and this also happens to those we warn and desire to protect for reasons defying our proverbial promices.

If you see an enthroned one you see one the most evil holy one uses to fasad his homocidal ideologies and agendas which include days like 9-11 and 7-7 and every moment a Holy lunatic attacks or accusses is the work of the Holy one ann