Milledgeville, Georgia Masonic Temple Accountant Suicide or Murder ?

Through the Years we have been asked to Investigate Gods Angelic Masonic Crime Syndicate for State and Federal Intelligence Officials. The local authorities are not seeing this Masonic Matter in the full Masonic Scope yet again so we decided to write the real facts concerning the Milledgeville, Georgia Masonic Temple Accountant Suicide.
The Milledgeville, Georgia Masonic Temple actually houses 2 Masonic Temple Accountants one is Of the Christian Masonic Body also called the Right Side of the Masonic Square and the other Temple accountant Davis Daniels is called the Left Side of the the Masonic Square and is 33rd Degree Luciferian. The logic behind placing a Luciferian and Christian Masonic Accountant set together is so the Luciferian Shriners can obtain Masonic light from the Masonic Law Enforcement Officials then distribute the locations of Law Enforcement to Masonic Narcotics Traffickers protecting the real Great Work that is Nephilim Narcotics flowing into the city and money flowing into Masonic Realms. This dispute over light distribution I found myself in the middle of because I was mastering 2 Rites of the Shrine and witnessing these 2 accountants discuss Masonic Narcotics funds and extortion from citizens by Christian Masonic Government Officials.
It is clear the threat to Lucifers Scottish Rite Masonic Temple accountant who was the Christian Masonic Temple accountant was ended when the Christian Masonic Temple Accountant was told he could use his secrets to extract all the money he wanted to because that is all the Masonic Temple Government Officials did together to taxpayers….
The Threat to Masonic Cocaine Trafficking was then thwarted by this ensnarement and then the desired exposure causing the suicide was the outcome of the quarrel between these 2 Masonic Temple accountants.
To meet the Local Luciferian Scottish Rite Narcotics Traffickers go see Mr. Davis Daniels and Mr. Gene Goff. The next one you will suddenly meet is Baphomet 666 in one of many forms or a Nephilim Operative Executioner as I did……in the form of a Waiter armed with thought inhibitor neurotoxin Tetrodotoxin.