32nd Degree Pawn Islam fezzes are being sold by the Guilty families of Meredith McCOy Hoffman

http://www.macoy.com/Fez-Sash-Fraternal-Hats-C26.aspx  This link takes you to the Macoys Masonic Order is Guilty Regalia shop so you also can wear yourself a 9-11 guilty 32nd Degree Mecca Temple Shriners Fez.

Lucifers Scottish Rites favored Macoy-McCoy Masonic families were appointed War information dealers following the Civil War, the information brokered is detailed on the new war efforts designed to kill all who worked to abolish slavery, the slaves they no longer could buy, sell and trade through other Masonic Lodges that were the official slave traders. Masonry fathered slavery and those who are Malak Bred families such as the Macoys do not hear their families evil ideologies are wrong and they clearly will work to murder you or defame you as victim William Morgan was and through the Holy Christian Masonic Orders Blue Lodgers and Christian Servants who follow the teachings of the Masonic designed Masorite Holy Bible that is a work from the dragon’s crown of King James.

These families, especially Meredith McCoy Hoffman https://www.facebook.com/meredith.hoffmann.7 is currently under investigation by Counter Terrorism Officials and the Nation of Islam who has said the Macoy-McCoy families will die in their plans to manipulate Islam.

Blue Lodge Masons are again the ones funding Islam producing their 32nd Degree Islamic Terrorism. These Masons and their families refuse to speak out on their families evils and they sit around laughing at the terror killing their neighbors.

Intelligence agencies around the world have been given a list of families names along with counter-terrorism officials in America, Russia, Arabia and countless other nations being destroyed by the Masonic Order Angels, Gods and Human Deceit victim followers-destroyers. These Intelligence agencies all agree to never defend these families who do desire these Non-Masonic families killed in Masonic Baathism.

Macoy Masonic goes away dear friends in the end and they are held accountable for their past crimes of the kidnapping of slaves, murders, terrorism and brokering of victim slaves from every nationality, every skin color both white and black.


The Macoy-McCoy family has many branches that work for Heylel EluYa who fathered their family line and who appointed their family of Scribally noted Demons the controllers of Masonic Publications in America.

Chris McCoy along with 2 Masonic Cherubs-Chevuks Demons approached me as a child saying to me they were my family and we must all agree on McCoy Masonic undertakings and when my child like heart rejected their murderous ideologies Lodge Angels began flying into my room causing me extreme amounts of terror telling me the terror was because I was disagreeing with this Families Genocide Engineering works underway.
The McCoy families and their friends during my minor years of life would approach me with lies about their beliefs in a Christ like life luring me out into the night to then pour me glasses of mind altering mentally impairing Alcoholic beverages ensuring I was to loose my ability to reason and then break some sort of law. Then when Sunday morning came around they would be in Church discussing thier evils defaming me, speaking falsehood against me along with others they had called out and drugged ensuring the legal community members who were oblivious to their real behaviors would be dropping the legal cannons on the victims of their drugging exempting their own demonic activities that by law was the cause of the calamities.
Their circle of friends made sure booze and drugs were placed in many a citizens life that killed several citizens and nearly killed me.

This evil deranged and today condemned McCoy family sits in the Sandersville United Methodist Church located in Washington County, Georgia U.S.A., if you want to meet this group of lunatics be sure to bring a Private Security Agent and Lawyer. IF you ask these demon McCoy Families about McCoy Masonic Publications and start getting legal issues contact the Sandersville, Georgia City Police department Drug Enforcement Division and The Washington County Georgia Magistrate Courts who has processed cases on their lying asses.

The McCoy family is the mouthpiece of Lucifers Scottish Rite and Blue Lodge Masonic Systems which again equates to 32nd Degree Islamic Mecca Temple genocide and addiction engineering of all non-select of their families.  They do not care about the simple fact that it is a crime to advocate genocide and treason within the borders of the United States. These families will drive up to you while your working to engage you as a friend to simply ensure their evil undertakings are in constant motion.

Lucifer has many alias names on record including Mecca- Mike L. Ucypher – The Perfect Elu-Eloway-Elu-Lue-
Louis-Look and LORD. Lucifer is their spiritual guide and guardian and is who these demons were fathered by as their families own Masonic Artwork reveals. These McCoy Families cause this terror to others and attempt to ensnare others so watch out for them because they are liars, drunkards and they are Baathist Masonic Order fools who brought about the deaths of countless citizens and social sects who they sought to destroy.