Princess DIANA and DODI Killed by U.g.l.e. 366

Many write about Dianna but few who are actually related to those on the Crowns whom she hated for their War Mongering as you will read in this Article. Dianna threatened the 366 Royal Masonic Order and The Associated families because she was in opposition to the famine engineering in Africa, the lies about the Holocaust and above all the latest War in the Making which is called the 32nd Degree Effect that basically in Masonic Circles is clearly the importation and empowerment of Islamics “The 32nd Degree Effect” to produce the desired Genocide of the public and the Invasion of OIL RICH Arabia for Crown Oil Investors who are clearly the most covetous and murderous people that ever existed in this earth historically.

Dianna was so sickened by the Royal Masonic Society Families she began to seek the council of her Muslim Friend Dodi asking how he would stop the Royals From Pawning Islam in Europe and America.

She was Killed like others who opposed the Holy Angelic Masonic Education Systems crimes against humanity.

The Royal Masonic United Grand Lodge of England Creed has a very serious warning in the Motto that reads, “See It, Know It, Say Nothing” and failure to keep secrets like this quiet will cause the Angelics who built that Crown to Execute you and if you can not believe this story take my free ebook and go into a busy city center full of highly educated citizens with great power and influence and read this book aloud. I swear to you Angels and Nephilim Gods will be on your ass trying to throw you out of Hotel windows and have your ass fed Neurotoxins etc…..all of this shit happened to me. The Angelic Masonic Orders Secrets killed those like J.F.K., Bobby Kennedy, F.B.I. Agent Ted Gunderson and WIlliam Cooper simply for threatening to End these Angels Evils.

It is sad to see Dodi and Diana lost their lives for so many and were never shown as Martyrs who were executed working to undermine Genocide. They now are heard……