Muslims Plot Mass Shooting at Lucifer’s Scottish Rite Masonic Temple ?

Luciers Scottish Rite underfire from 32nd Degree Pawn Islamic? 367 Reply?

These TMJ4 News Anchors are responding exactly as Programmed Idiots with answers void of any Masonic Systems Facts. The answer to this Question they clearly can not answer due to their Masonically Mentally Exterminated state of being is the 33rd Degree Council of the Luciferians Scottish Rite believes they can keep society in the dark, encourage the influx of the 32nd Degree Islamic Pawns, Kill the Non Informed with Islam and then kill the Muslim Pawns.

This was written years ago by U.S. Marine Intelligence Counter-Terrorism and Former Royal Grand Master PRogram Masonic Super Rite Nazi Educated Freemasons.
The alert went out all over the world 10 Years ago but was not seen by those to Masonically distracted with Masonic F.C.C. Media blowing their brains out to even see or hear these warnings.
Islam certainly heard and clearly is looking into the matter more so than the American Idiot who thinks this form of Government would not work to exterminate them through extermination is shown in every piece of Masonic Art as an act of the lodges in the forms of swords.

While I was working with U.S. Defense Department Cryptologic Experts I wanted to see how Islam would respond to the absolute truth and decided to give them their Novus-Masonic Order Value being handed out by Masonic Nazi Leaders, Coding that revealed they were being used as Pawns and then Held in Prisons by Masonic Oder Politicians who pawned them in America causing these terrorist attacks.