Citizens avoid these ” Royal Masonic Nazi” Kill Zones

Islamic Terrorism is a 33rd Degree desired effect produced through the  Angelic Masonic Orders  Islamic 32nd Degree Mecca Temple systems.

The International House of Pancakes is just one spot to avoid and to warn others to avoid. The list below is one you better read, “Target Citizens”.

The Asian American Association Hotels are a group the Masonic Nazis Novus Ordo politicians have advised us are being used and funded to produce the desired Narcotics Terrorism required to reduce non informed citizens to a corpse and these Patel Families are Allied with the Taliban.

  1. Stores that sell food from the hands of Patel Family members do not eat nor trade with them if you do feel you need to venture into this kill zone notice the prime marketing space is full of devices used to sell and ingest narcotics and the parking lots are full of the same Masonic Narcotics Traffickers Pawns the local Gangs.
  2. Zaxbys Milledgeville, Georgia
  3. Subway Milledgeville, Georgia
  4. Huddle House Milledgeville, Georgia
  5. Dairy Queen Wrightsville, Georgia
  6. Also Local Doctors Offices who are Arabians
  7. Stay away from those Muslim students in your School and in the Military because they are all considered “Muslim Brotherhood”
  8. Stay out of Bars and Night Clubs and be sober because your enemy is Sober and is working to kill you.
  9. Walk in the right moral paths so the lights of Heaven can shine upon your path and ensure your survival of this Great Tribulation we are enduring.
  10. Pass this site along to others so they can empower Non Novus Ordo Politicians and eventually uproot the Evil Masonic Empire.