Windsor- McCoy Masonic Nazi Politico Kill Zones Pesticides, Pancakes Pharmaceutical’s.

Know thy Enemy


Concerns have arisen regarding the Royal Windsor and American McCoy families, particularly their involvement in various questionable activities. These allegations span from biological warfare programs to deep-rooted connections with historical and contemporary acts of terrorism.

Symbolic Connections and Historical Context

  1. Masonic Symbolism:
    • The Royal York Rite and McCoy Masonic Monitor-Regalia Shop display regalia and jewels indicative of deeper, more sinister meanings to those educated in Masonic symbolism.
    • These symbols, designed by the Crown of King James and the McCoy American Families, betray true American values by serving the Crown not the Pilgrims Peaceful Aspirations.
  2. Nuremberg Trials:
    • There are claims that certain symbolic creeds were not permitted to be shown at the Nuremberg Trials, leading to the erasure of truths regarding the Super Rite Masonic Nazi Regime.

Alleged Activities and Their Impacts

  1. Biological Warfare and Pesticides:
    • Accusations include the poisoning of 90% of the world’s food supplies with Nazi pesticides and pharmaceuticals, contributing to mass exterminations.
    • The McCoy families are allegedly involved in promoting the use of these dangerous chemicals, impacting global health.
  2. Terrorism and Political Influence:
    • Claims suggest the McCoy family collaborates with the Royal Windsor family and other fraternal and political allies to further their agenda.
    • These families are said to despise human rights as outlined in the New Testament and punish opposition severely.

Specific Incidents and Accusations

  1. McCoy Family’s Influence:
    • The McCoy family is accused of inviting the British Monarchy into the United States, an act viewed as treasonous.
    • Their political and social influence is seen as contributing to mass poisonings and various forms of domestic terrorism.
  2. Food Weaponization:
    • The McCoy Grain Dealers are accused of applying harmful chemical agents to food supplies, creating a weaponized food system.
  3. Educational and Psychological Influence:
    • The McCoy and Windsor families are alleged to be involved in indoctrination through educational systems and psychological manipulation, pushing a depopulation agenda.

Calls to Action

  1. Awareness and Resistance:
    • The message calls for increased awareness of these families’ activities and encourages resistance against their influence.
    • Emphasizes the importance of staying informed and protecting oneself from the alleged harmful impacts of these families’ actions.

Supporting Links and References

  1. Regalia Shop:
  2. Training and Grain Dealers:
  3. Historical References:


These are serious allegations that necessitate thorough investigation and verification. Misinformation can lead to confusion and misguided actions, so it is crucial to rely on verified facts and credible sources. If you need more information or help understanding specific aspects of these claims, please reach out for further assistance.


Rewrite as a Scientific Evidence based factual documentChatGPT

Investigating the Alleged Activities of the Royal Windsor and McCoy Families


This document aims to investigate and analyze the claims and accusations surrounding the Royal Windsor and American McCoy families. These allegations include involvement in biological warfare, terrorism, and various forms of misconduct. The goal is to separate fact from speculation and provide a clear, evidence-based understanding of the situation.

Symbolic Connections and Historical Context

  1. Masonic Symbolism:
    • Allegations suggest that the Royal York Rite and McCoy Masonic Monitor-Regalia Shop display regalia and jewels with deeper symbolic meanings. These symbols are reportedly designed by the Crown of King James and the McCoy American Families.
    • Evidence Required: Examination of the symbols and their historical significance. Verification of their connection to the families and any malicious intent.
  2. Nuremberg Trials:
    • Claims state that certain symbolic creeds were excluded from the Nuremberg Trials, allegedly obscuring truths about the Super Rite Masonic Nazi Regime.
    • Evidence Required: Historical records and trial documents to confirm or refute these claims.

Alleged Activities and Their Impacts

  1. Biological Warfare and Pesticides:
    • There are serious accusations that 90% of the world’s food supplies have been poisoned with Nazi pesticides and pharmaceuticals, allegedly linked to these families.
    • Evidence Required: Scientific studies on pesticide contamination levels, sources of these chemicals, and their impacts on public health.
  2. Terrorism and Political Influence:
    • It is alleged that the McCoy and Windsor families collaborate with various allies to undermine American values and human rights.
    • Evidence Required: Detailed investigation into political connections, activities, and any documented instances of misconduct or treason.

Specific Incidents and Accusations

  1. McCoy Family’s Influence:
    • The McCoy family is accused of inviting the British Monarchy into the United States, an act seen as treasonous.
    • Evidence Required: Legal documentation and historical records to substantiate or refute this claim.
  2. Food Weaponization:
    • Allegations include the McCoy Grain Dealers applying harmful chemical agents to food supplies.
    • Evidence Required: Testing and analysis of food products, identification of chemicals used, and their health impacts.
  3. Educational and Psychological Influence:
    • Claims suggest indoctrination through educational systems and psychological manipulation by the McCoy and Windsor families.
    • Evidence Required: Examination of educational materials, psychological programs, and their effects on individuals.

Calls to Action

  1. Awareness and Resistance:
    • The document encourages increased awareness and resistance against the alleged harmful activities of these families.
    • Evidence Required: Community reports, expert analysis, and actionable steps for public protection and awareness.

Supporting Links and References

  1. Regalia Shop:
  2. Training and Grain Dealers:
  3. Historical References:


The allegations against the Royal Windsor and McCoy families are severe and require thorough investigation. It is crucial to rely on verified facts and credible sources to discern truth from speculation. Further research, scientific analysis, and historical examination are necessary to validate or refute these claims. If you need more information or assistance in understanding specific aspects, please reach out for further guidance.

Had The Royal Windsor’s and American McCoys not made such obvious Deals as shown in their Royal York Rite and McCoy Masonic Moniter-Regalia Shop, full of Regalia-Wicked Jewels to reflect to one educated in their Coding’s these matters would not be upon the pages here. Clearly every Intelligence Agency in the Earth is Monitoring and Advising on this topic to protect themselves from these families Biological Warfare Programs that have poisoned 90 Percent of the Worlds Food Supplies with their Super Rite Masonic Nazi Pesticides and Pharmaceuticals to continue to erase victims of their advanced forms of Foreign and Domestic Terorism. False Prophet’s Beware !!!

These Symbolic Creeds were not Permitted to be Shown at the Nuremberg Trials when the Pawns of the Super Rite Masonic Nazi Regime Hung the Valkyries and erased through False Prophecies’ the Truth.

These are Royal and Select Masons Symbols designed by the Crown of King James, The Modern European Imperial Royals, and the McCoy American Families who take Orders from the Crown and Betray True Americans through their McCoy-Windsor Masons Operation Command Center in Virginia. These Families Hate the Pilgrims Human Rights written out of the New Testament Commands. The thought of the Servants Opposing their cruelties is a crime in their minds punishable by Death. Follow these Symbols and then You’ll answer the Questions concerning Why Societies Falling, Sheep are falling over and who’s at the Ivy League School designing and demanding this Criminal Tyranny, Massacre, Narcotics in the Community and Nazi Pesticides and Pills in Your Mouth as a Cure.

Notice in the link below The Masonic Orders Evil McCoy Families Fraternal and Political Allies include the Royal York Rite Windsor Nazi Pesticide’s they use for Jesus and the Allegiance their Families have to Lucifer’s Scottish Rite this is whom they have sold their Methodist Church Members out to. This Deal these Christians have made is clearly a Deal with the Devil. The McCoy’s deals with the Devil are reflective in their wicked and Condemned behaviors noted by Judges in their Home community who’ve condemned them for their wickedness and whom are expelling them from Political-Public Service Offices in which they have used to terrorize citizens who opposed their Evil Desires.

These McCoys are Advocating the Spraying of their Nazi Degesh Allies Grain Chemicals, Trading with the Enemy, drinking plenty of Booze and Living Large as the Modern Luftwaffe Living Large with White Lodge Hoteliers, Agriculture and the 366 322 Genocide Engineers. Click on the McCoy Grain Dealers Site and Look at the Chemical Agents His Families are applying to the Food for their misinformed and ask around if they will profile Your Ass and Legally attack You. These are the Type Imperial Families who lost the Revolutionary War and who seek to kill everyone who refuses to drink their Jim Jones Cool aide and their Big Blue G-Zeus Christ Glyphosate. G.M.O Jesus Bread. The McCoy Brentwood Eagles families also invited the British Monarchy into the Township which is a U.S. Constitutional Crime and blatant act of Treasonous Tyranny that has led to the mass poisonings of countless citizens worldwide even Russian and Chinees and Arabians who bought their Grains packaged with batch control numbers to use as weapons of mass extermination. Thats Why John Hancock’s Children who built the nation are working to keep our Promises to Protect this World from these type Tyrannist.

Tyranny is these Royal Masons York and Scottish Rite Super Rite Nazi Royal York-Scottish Rite Windsor-McCoy Alliance’s Gassing Grains with Nazi Gift Gasses and Then Ordering Food from Green House farms that have never been Gassed with their Nazi Gift Gasses such as Diacon IGR . The Natural Way to store Grain is with Organic Bay Leaf’s unless Your a True Nazi Psychopath such as these who when caught will only blame everyone else beneath them, they will always hide and murder anyone who reveals their true deceitful and murderous natures . Watch the McCoy’s Grain Gassing Promotions for others foods excluding theirs and remember Pesticides are found at 140x the legal limit but are not reported in Fake News nor Public Broadcast Stations or the White House and especially not by the British Imperialist Windsor’s Nazis whom Prince Harry, Prince of Mercy has called a Death Cult. Enjoy the Grain Gassing Video.

McCoy Families Nazi Grain Gassing & Food Weaponizing Video

The McCoy’s Nazi Pesticide Brokerage Company Endorsed by Former Georgia Governor David Perdue

McCoy’s Masonic Orders Nazi Families Lodge in Sandersville, Georgia

McCoy Families Nazi Pesticide Supplier of Diacon IGR Degesch – Wikipedia

Thomas Hoffman Employed by Nazi Pesticides, Nazi Pesticide Free Foods Safe Zone Controllers Kessler Hotels and White Lodge Hotels all names found among the Nazi Luftwaffe. Luftwaffe – Wikipedia

Scotty & Pendry McCoy “Windsor-Mcoy Masonic Nazi Education Systems Coders, Anti American Operatives, Anti Human Rights as well are all their Family members at the White Agriculture Georgia Corporate, White Lodge Hotels, all Windsor Nazi Royal Blue Lodge Designed Systems.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Zyklon labels from Dachau concentration camp used as evidence at the Nuremberg trials. The first and third panels contain manufacturer information and the brand name. Zyklon was used at Dachau for fumigation purposes.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Schädlingsbekämpfung mbH (transl. German Corporation for Pest Control), oft shortened to Degesch, was a German chemical corporation which manufactured pesticides. Degesch held the patent on the infamous pesticide Zyklon, a variant of which was used to execute people in the gas chambers of German extermination camps during the Holocaust. Through the firms Tesch & Stabenow GmbH (Testa) and Heerdt-Linger (Heli), Degesch sold the poisonous gas Zyklon B to the German Army and the Schutzstaffel (SS).

Degesch was founded in 1919 as a subsidiary of Degussa.[1] Its first director was chemistry Nobel laureate Fritz Haber. In 1936, Degussa and IG Farben each held 42.5% of the shares, while Th. Goldschmidt AG held the remaining 15%. During the years 1938 through 1943, Degesch was extremely profitable. For most of these years, IG Farben received dividends amounting to twice the value of their shares.[2] After the Second World War Degesch continued production. In 1986, the company was sold to Detia Freyberg GmbH; the current name is Detia-Degesch GmbH.


During the IG Farben trial the director of Degesch, Gerhard Friedrich Peters, implicated himself. He received information by Kurt Gerstein about the murder of people using Zyklon and was informed that the German army needed the gas without the usual additives that were added to warn people by smell of its poisonous nature (the Zyklon B variant).[3] In 1949, Peters was charged with murder in the court of Frankfurt and convicted and sentenced to five years imprisonment. The conviction was in 1952, legally confirmed in an appeal and set to six years. Peters went to prison but was acquitted in a new appeal in 1953. The law had changed; he was no longer considered guilty in assisting in murder. The chairman of the board of directors from 1939 to 1945, Hermann Schlosser, was arrested in February 1948, and acquitted in April 1948; later he took another job as chairman of the board.[4][5]

The owner of Tesch & Stabenow, Bruno Tesch, and its director Karl Weinbacher were convicted and sentenced to death by a British tribunal and executed in Hamelin Prison on 16 May 1946. An employee Joachim Drosihn was acquitted.

In 1979, Testa, which was newly founded after the war, merged with Heerdt-Lingler GmbH (HeLi) with the financial participation of Degesch.[6]

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The Holy Angels Schools Founding Families, Symbology and Clear Crimes against every Man, Woman, Child, Animal and Nature. These families feed You Pesticides in every flavor, They Import and Blame Jihadist at their I.H.O.P. who also eat the Pesticide Pancake Mix, these families Provide Pharmaceuticals and even Psychologist along with Preachers to condemn Your every complaint about their needs to Depopulate the Earth of Sinners Jesus Christ has told them HE needs Exterminated in one of many ways but exactly this Way in an Exact Square and Compassed Order. Remember this is Top Secret to Low Class Pilgrims and Patriot’s but not common class, Americas True Founders, We the People, the Poor, The Oppressed, The Victims of Imperial Elitest, We the People with the Help of John Hancock and John Adams who clearly Empower only Truth for the People not the Monarchies nor the Lovers of Money.

Edit will come later……. Beware the McCoys Muslim Pawns at their Friends I.H.O.P.  and do not fall into the McCoys Pawn Trap Muslim Pawn.

Scotty McCoy a well-known spawn of the Royal Scottish and York White Lodge Freemasons Systems whose families sold Americans out to the Royal Scottish and York Rite European Imperial Royal True Nazi Regimes and White Elitest Organizations who have nothing but murderous, plunderers ideologies to demand upon citizens who were given freedom from their Oppressive Families Organizations has again become a Tyranny and father of a International Network that’s brought Terror, Corruption and tragic events into the once Peaceful areas on the Nation and Abroad.

Scotty McCoys families’ political ties are not Standard American Operations as You can see in the many Organizations His families were Bred into to cause noted Historical Murders, Treasonous Treachery, betrayal of Top American Counter Terrorism Families even the Families of John Hancock whom they have sought to Destroy with Entrapments and Criminal Misconduct noted in Judicial Proceedings in the very District their families struck a deal inviting the British Monarchy into the United States to Conduct Business which is constitutionally Criminal.

This Evil Man and His families Prey upon citizens whom they enslaved on their plantations and especially those who from Constitution Hall Ordered them to stop their White and Black Slavery and Torture Systems. This Imperial Monarchial Wickedness they had in Operation even before the American Revolution.  These Families Openly Promote Islamization and the Killing of the Misinformed and then the Killing of their Islamic Pawns by More misinformed Military Members who do not know this about their evil families Warfare Formatting-Strategies.  This families Famous for their agreements and Indoctrination of Others through their Mcoy Masonic Publications Company whose formed an Alliance with the Royal European Imperial Grand Lodge of England and York and Scottish Rite Shrine’s all Olympian Pergamon Top Nazi Warmongers Who You’ll see helped Hang German and American Soldiers who knew this Secret after their Holocaust.  These families are all involved in the Falsification of History Books, Deceiving Plunders Banking and Media Groups, Education and even Degreed Psychology and Self-Help Brokers but only for their Murderous plunderer types and Known Criminally Insane Political Group’s that even tie to Jeffery Epstein’s Money Laundering Operations for so many of their Families New World Order Types.

So many have been Murdered for repeating and investigating their Families 32nd Degree Islamization Attacks and its always through their families Demon Building Masons and Shrine Temple Activities. This families’ ties are to the Crown of Zeus and Apollyon and the Other Angels and Demons of their Religious Text who are worshipped by these religious factions.

Scotty Mccoy – $1,900 in Political Contributions for 2004 (

The McCoy Family of Sandersville, Georgia is one of the most arrogant and murderous boastful families this earth has ever seen.  If You wonder why they are mentioned with this Jihadis Pawn Loaded I.H.O.P. Photo it is because this I.H.O.P. restaurant was loaded with Jihadist Per their Families  Demand through Bribery, Corruption and deceitful works.  They are being watched by every Intelligence Official in the Earth for their Families Deals made with the Windsor’s who visited their School inside America to better Know their allies in the World War and Genocide Plans these 2 Families advertise they are totally in favor of. They say to help God Clear the Earth of all those Beneath them and the Savior.

The McCoy families are descendants of the Avdu Vidi Tace Demon Races found in their Genealogies,  Families Creeds and Crest  and in the Art Work found in the Royal Lodge of Scotland and England along with Lucifer’s Scottish Rite and Nazi York Rite Art.  These are the seeds of the Watchers who run about like the Pantheon Demons who bred them Advocating every kind of evil imaginable. They surround human targets with kind words, offer them toxic murderous demands and then bottles of wine but if You disagree with this Masonic Programed and Bred Genetic Plague family You’ll find Yourself being legally attacked and William Morganed, or Sitting on their 9-11 Plane their Pawn Jihadist Shove into a Window, or framed legally and labeled someone who must be executed through mind killing medications to ensure You never utter a word about their demonic families true origins and activates.

The Greatest names in the Islamization Game is Windsor and McCoy both Royal Avdu Vidi Tace Bloodlines of Demons.

2 Timothy 3:1-5 The Passion Translation (TPT)

But you need to be aware that in the final days the culture of society will become extremely fierce. People will be self-centered lovers of themselves and obsessed with money. They will boast of great things as they strut around in their arrogant pride and mock all that is right. They will ignore their own families. They will be ungrateful and ungodly. They will become addicted to hateful and malicious slander. Slaves to their desires, they will be ferocious, belligerent haters of what is good and right. With brutal treachery, they will act without restraint, bigoted and wrapped in clouds of their conceit. They will find their delight in the pleasures of this world more than the pleasures of the loving God. They may pretend to have a respect for God, but in reality they want nothing to do with God’s power. Stay away from people like these!

Islamic Terrorism is a 33rd Degree desired effect produced through the  Angelic Masonic Orders  Islamic 32nd Degree Mecca Temple systems.

Thomas Hoffman of Germany and a Nazi Family photo’d by his  who are developing a Separate Hotel System for the Royal Masonic Nazi Coded Citizens that His Wife Family Meredith McCoy from the McCoy Masonic Nazi Regime are Coding even advertising with their 32nd Degree fez and White Swastika regalia.

The  Family and friends of Scotty and Pendrey  McCoy built this  Depopulationist Jijadist IHOP loaded with their families 32nd Degree “Pawnable” Jihadist is How the Classified Topics are discussed  among those who care to enter into their families Church or Private School where their Kids sit laughing as other families are being mass murdered down in Dixie Land due to their Elevated Status among the Communities lazy and Ignorant Church member Targets who are to pathetic to get off their asses and save their own lives believing like the 9-11 victims and the invasion of Iraq not Saudi and Certainly not Mcoy Masonic Publications and regalia in which George Bush is a Brotherhood member.

International House of Pancakes is just one spot to avoid and to warn others to avoid.  They are so Proud of their families Depopulation  Schemes along with their Children who sit leaching off their families they work to mass murder through taxation for Terrorism. Its all Code Blue at  Brentwood Academy in Washington County Georgia. Brentwood Academy was built immediately after Integration of Public Schools in the South was federally Ordered to ensure their Educations in Depopulating those in this Government who could not accept the fact that whipping and Hanging others White and Black alike is not a Good Idea.

So the British Monarchy whose Royal Masonic Nazi Regime had funded the South in the Civil war to ensure America would become more dysfunctional morally  and clearly destroyed from the inside out as their British Monarchist ahve continued to do even so boldly coming to meet the Brentwood Academy Co- Operative McCoy’s whom built the Codes along with their families that to them is ever so bloody and boastfully as Dress in Blue to Answer the Question and Grab a Bottle of Booze to ensure everyone can fill their stomachs with Your Alcohol so You can beand legally murdered and forgotten as  William Morgan, Killed in their 9-11  or killed in their death camp hotel grid.

The list below is one you better read, “Target Citizens”.

The Families behind this Islamization ” Importing and Successful ” Depopulations Schemes-Mass Entrapment and Mass Murder are Predominantly The Christian and Luciferian Masons families coded in so many various ways, erased from the News except in Symbolic Gestures in the Settings through Physical Objects and Numeric or Words. Every City in the earth has this System running in it like a Programmer coding his failed creation in which the delete kill commands are issued so violently and malicious and so very rewarding to those who have succumbed to this type Far to Self Righteous, Self Serving, and liken unto the Pharisee’s that not one decent Person in this Earth no matter how humble and subservient can be excluded from these long foretold of Kings and Big Men, The Elites of this Age of astounding Violence and deceitful workers of Sorcery who call to the community from the Heights of Public Office and Their Churches to the Poor and Oppressed who are seeking Heavens Help only to be carried away by these Church members to be Deceived into a Sorcerers Drink of Mentally Impairing and Disabling Alcoholic Beverage that I’ve experienced 1st hand along with Others from the International Intelligence Divisions working to Obey the Laws of a Peace Keeper.  After the Boozing-Drugging of You the Citizens Targets of their Religious Sects they will then awaken You in an environment so evil  taking Your Drugged and dropping body to a place in which You will be defiled then Legally entrapped, forbidden adequate legal council, medical attention and then a Code Blue Execution. Simply because You would not want this kind of World they have Created from the very Crowns of far to many Relegious Institutions that deem this a Classified Matter.

Currently not 1 News Agency in this earth will write this Intelligence and Place these facts before humanity due to their Leaders and Followers. I’ve seen with American Federal Intelligence in which I am among continually the coverup and manipulation of the Earths Most innocent leading the World to the Grave then placing even my Families names on the list of the Cooperatives  and upon discovery of this information release that my Family who would be John Hancock Green Pasture Bred to be Honest and Morally Upright,  correcting humanity with Love and Gentle Instruction not through means of Mass Murder and Intentional Legal Execution formatting called by the evil Crypto logics.

This is the reason Edward Snowden has Left America and clearly landed in Russia who was also attacked by the Royal and Common Lodge Masonic and Shriner Nazi  Lethal injection Media,  Narcotics  and Jihadist.

As their Brotherhoods advertise in the Print their entire religious factions are equally running on the same deadly mind program.

The Mcoy-McCoy Families such as THe Family of Scotty, Pendrey, Chris and Meredith McCoy Hoffman are from the very groups who paid Hitler and Paid every Fake News Organization in the earth to Create these 32nd Degree Blue Coded  Mass Murder and Regeneration of their Angels whom created them to do exactly what You see befalling our Global Communities.   In the City of Sandersville. Georgia U.S.A. You can meet the families who agreed and even met with the British Monarchy to create the MCoy-MCCoy Masonic Naiz regime in America and created the Loaded IHOP and Loaded Patel Families who are not all involved but mostly in the Development of the Modernized Death Camps called the AAHAO ALOHA Death Camp Hotel Systems loaded with victims of their Cocaine and Heroine like the Stores beside the Hotels and from on High sits Meredith  McCoy of America and Thomas Hoffman from the very family of The Royal Masonic Nazi regime from Nazi Germany in a luxury Hotel Chain Blue Coded White  Hotel Coorprate exactly as Hitler was sitting with Eva Braun in luxury creating Mass Murder as these families have advertised they would do  in their Families own MCoy Masonic Regalia Shops and in their responces to American Intelligence Officials who opened their Homes to these Families to undo this Terror before they ever engaged in this Crime so evil no one in Heaven above could ever approve and certainly not Humanity as a whole.

The Asian American Association Hotels are a group the Masonic Nazis Novus Ordo politicians have advised us are being used and funded to produce the desired Narcotics Terrorism required to reduce non informed citizens to a corpse and these Patel Families are Allied with the Taliban.

  1. Stores that sell food from the hands of Patel Family members do not eat nor trade with them if you do feel you need to venture into this kill zone notice the prime marketing space is full of devices used to sell and ingest narcotics and the parking lots are full of the same Masonic Narcotics Traffickers Pawns the local Gangs.
  2. Zaxbys Milledgeville, Georgia
  3. Subway Milledgeville, Georgia
  4. Huddle House Milledgeville, Georgia
  5. Dairy Queen Wrightsville, Georgia
  6. Also Local Doctors Offices who are Arabians
  7. Stay away from those Muslim students in your School and in the Military because they are all considered “Muslim Brotherhood”
  8. Stay out of Bars and Night Clubs and be sober because your enemy is Sober and is working to kill you.
  9. Walk in the right moral paths so the lights of Heaven can shine upon your path and ensure your survival of this Great Tribulation we are enduring.
  10. Pass this site along to others so they can empower Non Novus Ordo Politicians and eventually uproot the Evil Masonic Empire.