Angels lie to keep control


Above in the picture one reads what a Mason is advertised to be but remember your reading English and you were never given the Paleo Hebrew Language Key so in reality Mason translates to EOYAMASON or Yahweh The Saan, Son, Satan all 3 words are of equal spiritual value and again translate Empower Satan and BE FREE SATAN and Exist.  Remember also Satan was created to be adversity or opposition for amusement of who you call God.

We meet the Angels in Rituals and are shown the Heavens opening and the River of Life also called the Mystic Sea and a Temple with the tree of Life and then a silver figure called EOYA also Ya and Yahweh who is said to be the Father of God who is secretly the Angel Gaveriel who is the appointed curse breaker the scribes were instructed to call upon to repair damaged humans and situations. This ritual shows the Mason the Angels who created Children and Various Races in various locations in the earth and the languages used to read and command the various breeds are shown to be names of Angels for example the Angel Zerubabbel is called upon when a Rabbi or an Arabian Islamic answers to the title given to them and in the 2 words Rabbi and Arabian you find Zerubabbel and in the word Bible so this is how the angels read and command the various religious sects they have designed.

So to better understand this control system go to the link on this homepage and read the Books Enoch and Chanowk that every Angelic Masonic Student is instructed to find a copy of and to read. Look at Chanowk the Paleo Hebrew version of the English Book Enoch and you will find the languages vary and scribal sects were again caused to split and from one human family evolved Joseph and Yacov who became one who would gas chamber the other in E.I.R. Royal Masonic Nazi Holocaust and these families were simply all victims of the Angels who created both families. Angels are destroyers who see human creations they made as toys to play war games with and to disobey the Angelic Order is to be dealt death blows as I was and so many others before me who refused to withhold these angels agendas and the lust they are still filled with for war and blood spilling.

“Angels are Liars” who are Hanging-Taced from Tasoviths-strings reflective on the Freemason Apron in the form white strings called Tassels and beneath the Angels are Gods and beneath Gods are Demons, Sphinx Alien Mutant Abominations that have no control over themselves but who are Angels toys who are blamed for causing countless acts of destruction. These type deities can be found in front of Masonic Temples throughout the Novus Ordo Grid that we have on this website as well. Gods are slaves and Angels Daughters are whored and tormented unwilling vampires who the Mason Ordered into the Mystic Shrine will be forced to meet and some to make love to and some to breed with to see the off springs become the great rulers of Kingdoms in the Earth.  Names of these families called demons can be found to be the owners of such destructive media outlets as Mtv and a demonic legacy can be found recorded throughout time in such books as the Necronomicon when looking in the book of names number 17 is the God Murdoch one who causes insanity in the earth and this name matches the owner of the Mtv and Fox News outlet Murdoch.

The Bee Hive is symbolic of the mind of the Maker who designed Chaos and unintentionally destroyed the Heavens and Earth which one can clearly see is near complete and total desolation.  These Angels are using alias forms of their names  to overtake and manipulate through linguistics  Humans and Animals who are victims of these known Liars.

After entering into Freemasonry you are taken to a Ritual Site usually in a secluded area so the Holy Angel Micheal can Fly in from the Grand Lodge of England “366 Lodge” and land without being seen by society and to give you the light of the Morning Star which holds the light of Heaven and Earth because your were selected from among the multitude of Angelic Human seeds to be shown the structure of the Universe as Enoch was who was a pure man who asked the same questions we all do which is what is the purpose of the Evil Powers in this earth clearly destructive forces of death to the Human and Angelic Agendas which is in core perfection and eternal life.  The alarming and deadly lesson in your Masonic education is however is these Angels have lied to all of Humanity and use alias Names through out the Languages and Geographic Land Areas and they intentionally bred Gods and then human populations to drive into war and conflict with one another for AMUSEMENT which is to humanity Terrorism.

This Angelic Brotherhood introduces you to Angels who are Vampires and who created Alien human predators with the direct consent of the King of Heaven. The Angels who control legions of Gods and citizens called Sons-Saans of God work in society to cause drug addiction through spiritual impalement-tearing into others spirits causing what some call demonic possession and some call willing sin but in reality is a sin against the impaled overtaken victim citizen. So Legions of Deceit victims of Angels and Toy Gods Exist as slaves for humanity to be subject to the commands of which all in every religious text demand War.  As we all have learned Snakes were created along with many other deadly toys to cause death in the Human Animals Garden of Demons.

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Once you meet the Angels and the Nephilim Gods -Vampires you will learn they are are flesh and blood and they are evil spirits that can vanish into the subatomic realms and also that the Bible is again  wrong when stating  “We fight not against Flesh and Blood but Principalities, Powers of Darkness and Evil in the Most High Places because these Angels, Gods, Demons,Vampires are all Shape Shifting Flesh and Blood who in the Highest Degrees of Angelic Freemasonry teach the value of anthers death releases the human energy-spirit and empowers your own regeneration and the spilling of human blood is required to fill the Angelic God Vampire Alien Abomination with fresh blood and spiritual energy and this was documented by Masonic Order writers such as Aliester Crowley in ” Magik in Theory and Practice” Aliester was born a Christian Preachers Son-Saan as I was and was dragged through the Masonic Net another victim of these Angels but he left enough purity etched within the words of Darkness he was held captive in to be considered a Good Man who completed a pure work and a man who was killed with Heroin and other drugs for his secretly pure undertaking left behind in his writings.


The beautiful realms of our Angelic Designers is always shown in Order Art Work but once the High Degrees are entered into and you see these Angels control Evil also the Good Mason attempting to expose the evil work is murdered and usually with a mental execution from Tetrodotoxin …….from a fair and beautiful SON-SAAN or DAUGHTER OF A SON-SAAN and then ordered into an asylum to be tortured until in compliance and agreeable to silence on Order agendas and drugged and fully blamed and determined to be absolutely insane. For even reading this your now ruled a person who must be executed by Novus Ordo Systems the Angelic Masonic Order.


Notice the Language in the picture below it is called Hebrew but look deeper into scribal writings and you will discover Paleo Hebrew that defines much clearer the Big Picture and our Makers who are our Eventual Murderers.


This photo below is where I have end up dead upon a book in an ocean of blood,  Ordered Dead feeling like scattered ashes floating in the four points-directions of the square and compassed universe by order of the Grand Architects of The Universe and the Angels. Every step in the Masonic Order is one more towards Death once you clearly see and speak against the Angels Lies……all who are Holy and Pure are total liars with countless alias Names…..


Next go to the top of the website and click on the link titled Enoch and Chanowk which list the Angels Names and Activities in 2 opposing books that were kept by only the Greatest of truth Seekers Families and Damned by the Christian Catholic Pedophile Nazi followers of Gods Son the SAAN…..EOYA Tasovith 367.

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