Windsor- McCoy Masonic Nazi Politico Kill Zones Pesticides, Pancakes Pharmaceutical’s.

Know thy Enemy


Concerns have arisen regarding the Royal Windsor and American McCoy families, particularly their involvement in various questionable activities. These allegations span from biological warfare programs to deep-rooted connections with historical and contemporary acts of terrorism.

Symbolic Connections and Historical Context

  1. Masonic Symbolism:
    • The Royal York Rite and McCoy Masonic Monitor-Regalia Shop display regalia and jewels indicative of deeper, more sinister meanings to those educated in Masonic symbolism.
    • These symbols, designed by the Crown of King James and the McCoy American Families, betray true American values by serving the Crown not the Pilgrims Peaceful Aspirations.
  2. Nuremberg Trials:
    • There are claims that certain symbolic creeds were not permitted to be shown at the Nuremberg Trials, leading to the erasure of truths regarding the Super Rite Masonic Nazi Regime.

Alleged Activities and Their Impacts

  1. Biological Warfare and Pesticides:
    • Accusations include the poisoning of 90% of the world’s food supplies with Nazi pesticides and pharmaceuticals, contributing to mass exterminations.
    • The McCoy families are allegedly involved in promoting the use of these dangerous chemicals, impacting global health.
  2. Terrorism and Political Influence:
    • Claims suggest the McCoy family collaborates with the Royal Windsor family and other fraternal and political allies to further their agenda.
    • These families are said to despise human rights as outlined in the New Testament and punish opposition severely.

Specific Incidents and Accusations

  1. McCoy Family’s Influence:
    • The McCoy family is accused of inviting the British Monarchy into the United States, an act viewed as treasonous.
    • Their political and social influence is seen as contributing to mass poisonings and various forms of domestic terrorism.
  2. Food Weaponization:
    • The McCoy Grain Dealers are accused of applying harmful chemical agents to food supplies, creating a weaponized food system.
  3. Educational and Psychological Influence:
    • The McCoy and Windsor families are alleged to be involved in indoctrination through educational systems and psychological manipulation, pushing a depopulation agenda.

Calls to Action

  1. Awareness and Resistance:
    • The message calls for increased awareness of these families’ activities and encourages resistance against their influence.
    • Emphasizes the importance of staying informed and protecting oneself from the alleged harmful impacts of these families’ actions.

Supporting Links and References

  1. Regalia Shop:
  2. Training and Grain Dealers:
  3. Historical References:


These are serious allegations that necessitate thorough investigation and verification. Misinformation can lead to confusion and misguided actions, so it is crucial to rely on verified facts and credible sources. If you need more information or help understanding specific aspects of these claims, please reach out for further assistance.


Rewrite as a Scientific Evidence based factual documentChatGPT

Investigating the Alleged Activities of the Royal Windsor and McCoy Families


This document aims to investigate and analyze the claims and accusations surrounding the Royal Windsor and American McCoy families. These allegations include involvement in biological warfare, terrorism, and various forms of misconduct. The goal is to separate fact from speculation and provide a clear, evidence-based understanding of the situation.

Symbolic Connections and Historical Context

  1. Masonic Symbolism:
    • Allegations suggest that the Royal York Rite and McCoy Masonic Monitor-Regalia Shop display regalia and jewels with deeper symbolic meanings. These symbols are reportedly designed by the Crown of King James and the McCoy American Families.
    • Evidence Required: Examination of the symbols and their historical significance. Verification of their connection to the families and any malicious intent.
  2. Nuremberg Trials:
    • Claims state that certain symbolic creeds were excluded from the Nuremberg Trials, allegedly obscuring truths about the Super Rite Masonic Nazi Regime.
    • Evidence Required: Historical records and trial documents to confirm or refute these claims.

Alleged Activities and Their Impacts

  1. Biological Warfare and Pesticides:
    • There are serious accusations that 90% of the world’s food supplies have been poisoned with Nazi pesticides and pharmaceuticals, allegedly linked to these families.
    • Evidence Required: Scientific studies on pesticide contamination levels, sources of these chemicals, and their impacts on public health.
  2. Terrorism and Political Influence:
    • It is alleged that the McCoy and Windsor families collaborate with various allies to undermine American values and human rights.
    • Evidence Required: Detailed investigation into political connections, activities, and any documented instances of misconduct or treason.

Specific Incidents and Accusations

  1. McCoy Family’s Influence:
    • The McCoy family is accused of inviting the British Monarchy into the United States, an act seen as treasonous.
    • Evidence Required: Legal documentation and historical records to substantiate or refute this claim.
  2. Food Weaponization:
    • Allegations include the McCoy Grain Dealers applying harmful chemical agents to food supplies.
    • Evidence Required: Testing and analysis of food products, identification of chemicals used, and their health impacts.
  3. Educational and Psychological Influence:
    • Claims suggest indoctrination through educational systems and psychological manipulation by the McCoy and Windsor families.
    • Evidence Required: Examination of educational materials, psychological programs, and their effects on individuals.

Calls to Action

  1. Awareness and Resistance:
    • The document encourages increased awareness and resistance against the alleged harmful activities of these families.
    • Evidence Required: Community reports, expert analysis, and actionable steps for public protection and awareness.

Supporting Links and References

  1. Regalia Shop:
  2. Training and Grain Dealers:
  3. Historical References:


The allegations against the Royal Windsor and McCoy families are severe and require thorough investigation. It is crucial to rely on verified facts and credible sources to discern truth from speculation. Further research, scientific analysis, and historical examination are necessary to validate or refute these claims. If you need more information or assistance in understanding specific aspects, please reach out for further guidance.

Had The Royal Windsor’s and American McCoys not made such obvious Deals as shown in their Royal York Rite and McCoy Masonic Moniter-Regalia Shop, full of Regalia-Wicked Jewels to reflect to one educated in their Coding’s these matters would not be upon the pages here. Clearly every Intelligence Agency in the Earth is Monitoring and Advising on this topic to protect themselves from these families Biological Warfare Programs that have poisoned 90 Percent of the Worlds Food Supplies with their Super Rite Masonic Nazi Pesticides and Pharmaceuticals to continue to erase victims of their advanced forms of Foreign and Domestic Terorism. False Prophet’s Beware !!!

These Symbolic Creeds were not Permitted to be Shown at the Nuremberg Trials when the Pawns of the Super Rite Masonic Nazi Regime Hung the Valkyries and erased through False Prophecies’ the Truth.

These are Royal and Select Masons Symbols designed by the Crown of King James, The Modern European Imperial Royals, and the McCoy American Families who take Orders from the Crown and Betray True Americans through their McCoy-Windsor Masons Operation Command Center in Virginia. These Families Hate the Pilgrims Human Rights written out of the New Testament Commands. The thought of the Servants Opposing their cruelties is a crime in their minds punishable by Death. Follow these Symbols and then You’ll answer the Questions concerning Why Societies Falling, Sheep are falling over and who’s at the Ivy League School designing and demanding this Criminal Tyranny, Massacre, Narcotics in the Community and Nazi Pesticides and Pills in Your Mouth as a Cure.

Notice in the link below The Masonic Orders Evil McCoy Families Fraternal and Political Allies include the Royal York Rite Windsor Nazi Pesticide’s they use for Jesus and the Allegiance their Families have to Lucifer’s Scottish Rite this is whom they have sold their Methodist Church Members out to. This Deal these Christians have made is clearly a Deal with the Devil. The McCoy’s deals with the Devil are reflective in their wicked and Condemned behaviors noted by Judges in their Home community who’ve condemned them for their wickedness and whom are expelling them from Political-Public Service Offices in which they have used to terrorize citizens who opposed their Evil Desires.

These McCoys are Advocating the Spraying of their Nazi Degesh Allies Grain Chemicals, Trading with the Enemy, drinking plenty of Booze and Living Large as the Modern Luftwaffe Living Large with White Lodge Hoteliers, Agriculture and the 366 322 Genocide Engineers. Click on the McCoy Grain Dealers Site and Look at the Chemical Agents His Families are applying to the Food for their misinformed and ask around if they will profile Your Ass and Legally attack You. These are the Type Imperial Families who lost the Revolutionary War and who seek to kill everyone who refuses to drink their Jim Jones Cool aide and their Big Blue G-Zeus Christ Glyphosate. G.M.O Jesus Bread. The McCoy Brentwood Eagles families also invited the British Monarchy into the Township which is a U.S. Constitutional Crime and blatant act of Treasonous Tyranny that has led to the mass poisonings of countless citizens worldwide even Russian and Chinees and Arabians who bought their Grains packaged with batch control numbers to use as weapons of mass extermination. Thats Why John Hancock’s Children who built the nation are working to keep our Promises to Protect this World from these type Tyrannist.

Tyranny is these Royal Masons York and Scottish Rite Super Rite Nazi Royal York-Scottish Rite Windsor-McCoy Alliance’s Gassing Grains with Nazi Gift Gasses and Then Ordering Food from Green House farms that have never been Gassed with their Nazi Gift Gasses such as Diacon IGR . The Natural Way to store Grain is with Organic Bay Leaf’s unless Your a True Nazi Psychopath such as these who when caught will only blame everyone else beneath them, they will always hide and murder anyone who reveals their true deceitful and murderous natures . Watch the McCoy’s Grain Gassing Promotions for others foods excluding theirs and remember Pesticides are found at 140x the legal limit but are not reported in Fake News nor Public Broadcast Stations or the White House and especially not by the British Imperialist Windsor’s Nazis whom Prince Harry, Prince of Mercy has called a Death Cult. Enjoy the Grain Gassing Video.

McCoy Families Nazi Grain Gassing & Food Weaponizing Video

The McCoy’s Nazi Pesticide Brokerage Company Endorsed by Former Georgia Governor David Perdue

McCoy’s Masonic Orders Nazi Families Lodge in Sandersville, Georgia

McCoy Families Nazi Pesticide Supplier of Diacon IGR Degesch – Wikipedia

Thomas Hoffman Employed by Nazi Pesticides, Nazi Pesticide Free Foods Safe Zone Controllers Kessler Hotels and White Lodge Hotels all names found among the Nazi Luftwaffe. Luftwaffe – Wikipedia

Scotty & Pendry McCoy “Windsor-Mcoy Masonic Nazi Education Systems Coders, Anti American Operatives, Anti Human Rights as well are all their Family members at the White Agriculture Georgia Corporate, White Lodge Hotels, all Windsor Nazi Royal Blue Lodge Designed Systems.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Zyklon labels from Dachau concentration camp used as evidence at the Nuremberg trials. The first and third panels contain manufacturer information and the brand name. Zyklon was used at Dachau for fumigation purposes.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Schädlingsbekämpfung mbH (transl. German Corporation for Pest Control), oft shortened to Degesch, was a German chemical corporation which manufactured pesticides. Degesch held the patent on the infamous pesticide Zyklon, a variant of which was used to execute people in the gas chambers of German extermination camps during the Holocaust. Through the firms Tesch & Stabenow GmbH (Testa) and Heerdt-Linger (Heli), Degesch sold the poisonous gas Zyklon B to the German Army and the Schutzstaffel (SS).

Degesch was founded in 1919 as a subsidiary of Degussa.[1] Its first director was chemistry Nobel laureate Fritz Haber. In 1936, Degussa and IG Farben each held 42.5% of the shares, while Th. Goldschmidt AG held the remaining 15%. During the years 1938 through 1943, Degesch was extremely profitable. For most of these years, IG Farben received dividends amounting to twice the value of their shares.[2] After the Second World War Degesch continued production. In 1986, the company was sold to Detia Freyberg GmbH; the current name is Detia-Degesch GmbH.


During the IG Farben trial the director of Degesch, Gerhard Friedrich Peters, implicated himself. He received information by Kurt Gerstein about the murder of people using Zyklon and was informed that the German army needed the gas without the usual additives that were added to warn people by smell of its poisonous nature (the Zyklon B variant).[3] In 1949, Peters was charged with murder in the court of Frankfurt and convicted and sentenced to five years imprisonment. The conviction was in 1952, legally confirmed in an appeal and set to six years. Peters went to prison but was acquitted in a new appeal in 1953. The law had changed; he was no longer considered guilty in assisting in murder. The chairman of the board of directors from 1939 to 1945, Hermann Schlosser, was arrested in February 1948, and acquitted in April 1948; later he took another job as chairman of the board.[4][5]

The owner of Tesch & Stabenow, Bruno Tesch, and its director Karl Weinbacher were convicted and sentenced to death by a British tribunal and executed in Hamelin Prison on 16 May 1946. An employee Joachim Drosihn was acquitted.

In 1979, Testa, which was newly founded after the war, merged with Heerdt-Lingler GmbH (HeLi) with the financial participation of Degesch.[6]

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The Holy Angels Schools Founding Families, Symbology and Clear Crimes against every Man, Woman, Child, Animal and Nature. These families feed You Pesticides in every flavor, They Import and Blame Jihadist at their I.H.O.P. who also eat the Pesticide Pancake Mix, these families Provide Pharmaceuticals and even Psychologist along with Preachers to condemn Your every complaint about their needs to Depopulate the Earth of Sinners Jesus Christ has told them HE needs Exterminated in one of many ways but exactly this Way in an Exact Square and Compassed Order. Remember this is Top Secret to Low Class Pilgrims and Patriot’s but not common class, Americas True Founders, We the People, the Poor, The Oppressed, The Victims of Imperial Elitest, We the People with the Help of John Hancock and John Adams who clearly Empower only Truth for the People not the Monarchies nor the Lovers of Money.

Edit will come later……. Beware the McCoys Muslim Pawns at their Friends I.H.O.P.  and do not fall into the McCoys Pawn Trap Muslim Pawn.

Scotty McCoy a well-known spawn of the Royal Scottish and York White Lodge Freemasons Systems whose families sold Americans out to the Royal Scottish and York Rite European Imperial Royal True Nazi Regimes and White Elitest Organizations who have nothing but murderous, plunderers ideologies to demand upon citizens who were given freedom from their Oppressive Families Organizations has again become a Tyranny and father of a International Network that’s brought Terror, Corruption and tragic events into the once Peaceful areas on the Nation and Abroad.

Scotty McCoys families’ political ties are not Standard American Operations as You can see in the many Organizations His families were Bred into to cause noted Historical Murders, Treasonous Treachery, betrayal of Top American Counter Terrorism Families even the Families of John Hancock whom they have sought to Destroy with Entrapments and Criminal Misconduct noted in Judicial Proceedings in the very District their families struck a deal inviting the British Monarchy into the United States to Conduct Business which is constitutionally Criminal.

This Evil Man and His families Prey upon citizens whom they enslaved on their plantations and especially those who from Constitution Hall Ordered them to stop their White and Black Slavery and Torture Systems. This Imperial Monarchial Wickedness they had in Operation even before the American Revolution.  These Families Openly Promote Islamization and the Killing of the Misinformed and then the Killing of their Islamic Pawns by More misinformed Military Members who do not know this about their evil families Warfare Formatting-Strategies.  This families Famous for their agreements and Indoctrination of Others through their Mcoy Masonic Publications Company whose formed an Alliance with the Royal European Imperial Grand Lodge of England and York and Scottish Rite Shrine’s all Olympian Pergamon Top Nazi Warmongers Who You’ll see helped Hang German and American Soldiers who knew this Secret after their Holocaust.  These families are all involved in the Falsification of History Books, Deceiving Plunders Banking and Media Groups, Education and even Degreed Psychology and Self-Help Brokers but only for their Murderous plunderer types and Known Criminally Insane Political Group’s that even tie to Jeffery Epstein’s Money Laundering Operations for so many of their Families New World Order Types.

So many have been Murdered for repeating and investigating their Families 32nd Degree Islamization Attacks and its always through their families Demon Building Masons and Shrine Temple Activities. This families’ ties are to the Crown of Zeus and Apollyon and the Other Angels and Demons of their Religious Text who are worshipped by these religious factions.

Scotty Mccoy – $1,900 in Political Contributions for 2004 (

The McCoy Family of Sandersville, Georgia is one of the most arrogant and murderous boastful families this earth has ever seen.  If You wonder why they are mentioned with this Jihadis Pawn Loaded I.H.O.P. Photo it is because this I.H.O.P. restaurant was loaded with Jihadist Per their Families  Demand through Bribery, Corruption and deceitful works.  They are being watched by every Intelligence Official in the Earth for their Families Deals made with the Windsor’s who visited their School inside America to better Know their allies in the World War and Genocide Plans these 2 Families advertise they are totally in favor of. They say to help God Clear the Earth of all those Beneath them and the Savior.

The McCoy families are descendants of the Avdu Vidi Tace Demon Races found in their Genealogies,  Families Creeds and Crest  and in the Art Work found in the Royal Lodge of Scotland and England along with Lucifer’s Scottish Rite and Nazi York Rite Art.  These are the seeds of the Watchers who run about like the Pantheon Demons who bred them Advocating every kind of evil imaginable. They surround human targets with kind words, offer them toxic murderous demands and then bottles of wine but if You disagree with this Masonic Programed and Bred Genetic Plague family You’ll find Yourself being legally attacked and William Morganed, or Sitting on their 9-11 Plane their Pawn Jihadist Shove into a Window, or framed legally and labeled someone who must be executed through mind killing medications to ensure You never utter a word about their demonic families true origins and activates.

The Greatest names in the Islamization Game is Windsor and McCoy both Royal Avdu Vidi Tace Bloodlines of Demons.

2 Timothy 3:1-5 The Passion Translation (TPT)

But you need to be aware that in the final days the culture of society will become extremely fierce. People will be self-centered lovers of themselves and obsessed with money. They will boast of great things as they strut around in their arrogant pride and mock all that is right. They will ignore their own families. They will be ungrateful and ungodly. They will become addicted to hateful and malicious slander. Slaves to their desires, they will be ferocious, belligerent haters of what is good and right. With brutal treachery, they will act without restraint, bigoted and wrapped in clouds of their conceit. They will find their delight in the pleasures of this world more than the pleasures of the loving God. They may pretend to have a respect for God, but in reality they want nothing to do with God’s power. Stay away from people like these!

Islamic Terrorism is a 33rd Degree desired effect produced through the  Angelic Masonic Orders  Islamic 32nd Degree Mecca Temple systems.

Thomas Hoffman of Germany and a Nazi Family photo’d by his  who are developing a Separate Hotel System for the Royal Masonic Nazi Coded Citizens that His Wife Family Meredith McCoy from the McCoy Masonic Nazi Regime are Coding even advertising with their 32nd Degree fez and White Swastika regalia.

The  Family and friends of Scotty and Pendrey  McCoy built this  Depopulationist Jijadist IHOP loaded with their families 32nd Degree “Pawnable” Jihadist is How the Classified Topics are discussed  among those who care to enter into their families Church or Private School where their Kids sit laughing as other families are being mass murdered down in Dixie Land due to their Elevated Status among the Communities lazy and Ignorant Church member Targets who are to pathetic to get off their asses and save their own lives believing like the 9-11 victims and the invasion of Iraq not Saudi and Certainly not Mcoy Masonic Publications and regalia in which George Bush is a Brotherhood member.

International House of Pancakes is just one spot to avoid and to warn others to avoid.  They are so Proud of their families Depopulation  Schemes along with their Children who sit leaching off their families they work to mass murder through taxation for Terrorism. Its all Code Blue at  Brentwood Academy in Washington County Georgia. Brentwood Academy was built immediately after Integration of Public Schools in the South was federally Ordered to ensure their Educations in Depopulating those in this Government who could not accept the fact that whipping and Hanging others White and Black alike is not a Good Idea.

So the British Monarchy whose Royal Masonic Nazi Regime had funded the South in the Civil war to ensure America would become more dysfunctional morally  and clearly destroyed from the inside out as their British Monarchist ahve continued to do even so boldly coming to meet the Brentwood Academy Co- Operative McCoy’s whom built the Codes along with their families that to them is ever so bloody and boastfully as Dress in Blue to Answer the Question and Grab a Bottle of Booze to ensure everyone can fill their stomachs with Your Alcohol so You can beand legally murdered and forgotten as  William Morgan, Killed in their 9-11  or killed in their death camp hotel grid.

The list below is one you better read, “Target Citizens”.

The Families behind this Islamization ” Importing and Successful ” Depopulations Schemes-Mass Entrapment and Mass Murder are Predominantly The Christian and Luciferian Masons families coded in so many various ways, erased from the News except in Symbolic Gestures in the Settings through Physical Objects and Numeric or Words. Every City in the earth has this System running in it like a Programmer coding his failed creation in which the delete kill commands are issued so violently and malicious and so very rewarding to those who have succumbed to this type Far to Self Righteous, Self Serving, and liken unto the Pharisee’s that not one decent Person in this Earth no matter how humble and subservient can be excluded from these long foretold of Kings and Big Men, The Elites of this Age of astounding Violence and deceitful workers of Sorcery who call to the community from the Heights of Public Office and Their Churches to the Poor and Oppressed who are seeking Heavens Help only to be carried away by these Church members to be Deceived into a Sorcerers Drink of Mentally Impairing and Disabling Alcoholic Beverage that I’ve experienced 1st hand along with Others from the International Intelligence Divisions working to Obey the Laws of a Peace Keeper.  After the Boozing-Drugging of You the Citizens Targets of their Religious Sects they will then awaken You in an environment so evil  taking Your Drugged and dropping body to a place in which You will be defiled then Legally entrapped, forbidden adequate legal council, medical attention and then a Code Blue Execution. Simply because You would not want this kind of World they have Created from the very Crowns of far to many Relegious Institutions that deem this a Classified Matter.

Currently not 1 News Agency in this earth will write this Intelligence and Place these facts before humanity due to their Leaders and Followers. I’ve seen with American Federal Intelligence in which I am among continually the coverup and manipulation of the Earths Most innocent leading the World to the Grave then placing even my Families names on the list of the Cooperatives  and upon discovery of this information release that my Family who would be John Hancock Green Pasture Bred to be Honest and Morally Upright,  correcting humanity with Love and Gentle Instruction not through means of Mass Murder and Intentional Legal Execution formatting called by the evil Crypto logics.

This is the reason Edward Snowden has Left America and clearly landed in Russia who was also attacked by the Royal and Common Lodge Masonic and Shriner Nazi  Lethal injection Media,  Narcotics  and Jihadist.

As their Brotherhoods advertise in the Print their entire religious factions are equally running on the same deadly mind program.

The Mcoy-McCoy Families such as THe Family of Scotty, Pendrey, Chris and Meredith McCoy Hoffman are from the very groups who paid Hitler and Paid every Fake News Organization in the earth to Create these 32nd Degree Blue Coded  Mass Murder and Regeneration of their Angels whom created them to do exactly what You see befalling our Global Communities.   In the City of Sandersville. Georgia U.S.A. You can meet the families who agreed and even met with the British Monarchy to create the MCoy-MCCoy Masonic Naiz regime in America and created the Loaded IHOP and Loaded Patel Families who are not all involved but mostly in the Development of the Modernized Death Camps called the AAHAO ALOHA Death Camp Hotel Systems loaded with victims of their Cocaine and Heroine like the Stores beside the Hotels and from on High sits Meredith  McCoy of America and Thomas Hoffman from the very family of The Royal Masonic Nazi regime from Nazi Germany in a luxury Hotel Chain Blue Coded White  Hotel Coorprate exactly as Hitler was sitting with Eva Braun in luxury creating Mass Murder as these families have advertised they would do  in their Families own MCoy Masonic Regalia Shops and in their responces to American Intelligence Officials who opened their Homes to these Families to undo this Terror before they ever engaged in this Crime so evil no one in Heaven above could ever approve and certainly not Humanity as a whole.

The Asian American Association Hotels are a group the Masonic Nazis Novus Ordo politicians have advised us are being used and funded to produce the desired Narcotics Terrorism required to reduce non informed citizens to a corpse and these Patel Families are Allied with the Taliban.

  1. Stores that sell food from the hands of Patel Family members do not eat nor trade with them if you do feel you need to venture into this kill zone notice the prime marketing space is full of devices used to sell and ingest narcotics and the parking lots are full of the same Masonic Narcotics Traffickers Pawns the local Gangs.
  2. Zaxbys Milledgeville, Georgia
  3. Subway Milledgeville, Georgia
  4. Huddle House Milledgeville, Georgia
  5. Dairy Queen Wrightsville, Georgia
  6. Also Local Doctors Offices who are Arabians
  7. Stay away from those Muslim students in your School and in the Military because they are all considered “Muslim Brotherhood”
  8. Stay out of Bars and Night Clubs and be sober because your enemy is Sober and is working to kill you.
  9. Walk in the right moral paths so the lights of Heaven can shine upon your path and ensure your survival of this Great Tribulation we are enduring.
  10. Pass this site along to others so they can empower Non Novus Ordo Politicians and eventually uproot the Evil Masonic Empire.

Angels lie to keep control


Above in the picture one reads what a Mason is advertised to be but remember your reading English and you were never given the Paleo Hebrew Language Key so in reality Mason translates to EOYAMASON or Yahweh The Saan, Son, Satan all 3 words are of equal spiritual value and again translate Empower Satan and BE FREE SATAN and Exist.  Remember also Satan was created to be adversity or opposition for amusement of who you call God.

We meet the Angels in Rituals and are shown the Heavens opening and the River of Life also called the Mystic Sea and a Temple with the tree of Life and then a silver figure called EOYA also Ya and Yahweh who is said to be the Father of God who is secretly the Angel Gaveriel who is the appointed curse breaker the scribes were instructed to call upon to repair damaged humans and situations. This ritual shows the Mason the Angels who created Children and Various Races in various locations in the earth and the languages used to read and command the various breeds are shown to be names of Angels for example the Angel Zerubabbel is called upon when a Rabbi or an Arabian Islamic answers to the title given to them and in the 2 words Rabbi and Arabian you find Zerubabbel and in the word Bible so this is how the angels read and command the various religious sects they have designed.

So to better understand this control system go to the link on this homepage and read the Books Enoch and Chanowk that every Angelic Masonic Student is instructed to find a copy of and to read. Look at Chanowk the Paleo Hebrew version of the English Book Enoch and you will find the languages vary and scribal sects were again caused to split and from one human family evolved Joseph and Yacov who became one who would gas chamber the other in E.I.R. Royal Masonic Nazi Holocaust and these families were simply all victims of the Angels who created both families. Angels are destroyers who see human creations they made as toys to play war games with and to disobey the Angelic Order is to be dealt death blows as I was and so many others before me who refused to withhold these angels agendas and the lust they are still filled with for war and blood spilling.

“Angels are Liars” who are Hanging-Taced from Tasoviths-strings reflective on the Freemason Apron in the form white strings called Tassels and beneath the Angels are Gods and beneath Gods are Demons, Sphinx Alien Mutant Abominations that have no control over themselves but who are Angels toys who are blamed for causing countless acts of destruction. These type deities can be found in front of Masonic Temples throughout the Novus Ordo Grid that we have on this website as well. Gods are slaves and Angels Daughters are whored and tormented unwilling vampires who the Mason Ordered into the Mystic Shrine will be forced to meet and some to make love to and some to breed with to see the off springs become the great rulers of Kingdoms in the Earth.  Names of these families called demons can be found to be the owners of such destructive media outlets as Mtv and a demonic legacy can be found recorded throughout time in such books as the Necronomicon when looking in the book of names number 17 is the God Murdoch one who causes insanity in the earth and this name matches the owner of the Mtv and Fox News outlet Murdoch.

The Bee Hive is symbolic of the mind of the Maker who designed Chaos and unintentionally destroyed the Heavens and Earth which one can clearly see is near complete and total desolation.  These Angels are using alias forms of their names  to overtake and manipulate through linguistics  Humans and Animals who are victims of these known Liars.

After entering into Freemasonry you are taken to a Ritual Site usually in a secluded area so the Holy Angel Micheal can Fly in from the Grand Lodge of England “366 Lodge” and land without being seen by society and to give you the light of the Morning Star which holds the light of Heaven and Earth because your were selected from among the multitude of Angelic Human seeds to be shown the structure of the Universe as Enoch was who was a pure man who asked the same questions we all do which is what is the purpose of the Evil Powers in this earth clearly destructive forces of death to the Human and Angelic Agendas which is in core perfection and eternal life.  The alarming and deadly lesson in your Masonic education is however is these Angels have lied to all of Humanity and use alias Names through out the Languages and Geographic Land Areas and they intentionally bred Gods and then human populations to drive into war and conflict with one another for AMUSEMENT which is to humanity Terrorism.

This Angelic Brotherhood introduces you to Angels who are Vampires and who created Alien human predators with the direct consent of the King of Heaven. The Angels who control legions of Gods and citizens called Sons-Saans of God work in society to cause drug addiction through spiritual impalement-tearing into others spirits causing what some call demonic possession and some call willing sin but in reality is a sin against the impaled overtaken victim citizen. So Legions of Deceit victims of Angels and Toy Gods Exist as slaves for humanity to be subject to the commands of which all in every religious text demand War.  As we all have learned Snakes were created along with many other deadly toys to cause death in the Human Animals Garden of Demons.

Image result for Masonic artwork

Once you meet the Angels and the Nephilim Gods -Vampires you will learn they are are flesh and blood and they are evil spirits that can vanish into the subatomic realms and also that the Bible is again  wrong when stating  “We fight not against Flesh and Blood but Principalities, Powers of Darkness and Evil in the Most High Places because these Angels, Gods, Demons,Vampires are all Shape Shifting Flesh and Blood who in the Highest Degrees of Angelic Freemasonry teach the value of anthers death releases the human energy-spirit and empowers your own regeneration and the spilling of human blood is required to fill the Angelic God Vampire Alien Abomination with fresh blood and spiritual energy and this was documented by Masonic Order writers such as Aliester Crowley in ” Magik in Theory and Practice” Aliester was born a Christian Preachers Son-Saan as I was and was dragged through the Masonic Net another victim of these Angels but he left enough purity etched within the words of Darkness he was held captive in to be considered a Good Man who completed a pure work and a man who was killed with Heroin and other drugs for his secretly pure undertaking left behind in his writings.


The beautiful realms of our Angelic Designers is always shown in Order Art Work but once the High Degrees are entered into and you see these Angels control Evil also the Good Mason attempting to expose the evil work is murdered and usually with a mental execution from Tetrodotoxin …….from a fair and beautiful SON-SAAN or DAUGHTER OF A SON-SAAN and then ordered into an asylum to be tortured until in compliance and agreeable to silence on Order agendas and drugged and fully blamed and determined to be absolutely insane. For even reading this your now ruled a person who must be executed by Novus Ordo Systems the Angelic Masonic Order.


Notice the Language in the picture below it is called Hebrew but look deeper into scribal writings and you will discover Paleo Hebrew that defines much clearer the Big Picture and our Makers who are our Eventual Murderers.


This photo below is where I have end up dead upon a book in an ocean of blood,  Ordered Dead feeling like scattered ashes floating in the four points-directions of the square and compassed universe by order of the Grand Architects of The Universe and the Angels. Every step in the Masonic Order is one more towards Death once you clearly see and speak against the Angels Lies……all who are Holy and Pure are total liars with countless alias Names…..


Next go to the top of the website and click on the link titled Enoch and Chanowk which list the Angels Names and Activities in 2 opposing books that were kept by only the Greatest of truth Seekers Families and Damned by the Christian Catholic Pedophile Nazi followers of Gods Son the SAAN…..EOYA Tasovith 367.

This article is under construction…..for give any edit errors.



Free E-Book for the Non Masonic 366-322 Royal and Select Coded

Back Cover

Degree366/322 produced 9-11 Terror & More Holy Masonic Ordered Terror in the works.

Free Audio Book version on Youtube at this link:

Note: This is not the finial edit version of this book but it will benefit you the target citizens and at no cost.

Table Of Contents


The Hidden Threat of the Masonic Order

Due to the legally documented facts concerning the Masonic Order’s desires to murder me and the attacks that left me unable to move and unable to speak both prior to and after 9/11, I am compelled to share what I was taught by the Masonic Order. This is to ensure that this for-profit criminal organization, the oldest in the world, is exposed for its daily machinations that cause falsehoods to abound and lead to senseless suffering and devastation for the citizens of this dying nation and other nations abroad. Those outside the Order are the black squares on the Lodge floors and victims of the darkness they have constructed.

See now from my view, which is the view of a founding family member and former student of the United Grand Lodge of England and the Royal Masonic Order. Now, as an enemy of the Order, I have been ordered to be executed simply for refusing the 9/11 Order and countless other murderous demands.

I survived these murder attempts for some reason and have finally been able to write down the forbidden, life-saving light that the heavenly father refused to shine day after deadly day. I know this material will empower and protect the deserving citizens and their children, who deserve much better and can use the lessons taught in this book to design much better futures.

A great war is underway, and this book maps it out and guides you, the intended target, out of harm’s way. It contains U.S. intelligence briefs that have been kept hidden from the public, proving that Masonry was the catalyst for 9/11 and that they still profit from it today. It also proves that Masonry has designed yet another war machine far more lethal than the Holocaust, with weapons that have caused greater casualties than the Holocaust and 9/11 combined.

Documented in the following intelligence, the text clearly displays their continued aggression and power to suppress vital information within this once free society. This text records the efforts of three distinguished researchers and writers. Each individual has been actively involved in developing, which was the forerunner free source of much of this information designed to inform citizens who were targeted for death by various Masonic Orders’ agendas. The website also contained code translations used by Masonic Order and Skull and Bones politicians, such as the famous Baathist Skull and Bones 322 numerical coding. Due to more murder attempts and constant cyber attacks, we endured while building the website, we decided to set this information into eternal text.

The combined selfless contributions of these writers, along with contributions from Order members secretly in treason (coded “dead ducks”), have made this text possible. We have another site in the works,, where we will keep society updated and answer any questions you have if you simply leave a comment on the site.

Remember, reader, these 7,000 years of desolation that the King of Heaven has ordered for his amusement are nearing the end, with evil at its maximum levels. Know that the King of Heaven has no care for you or anyone else, and the evil we are all enduring is custom-designed at the United Grand Lodge of England (U.G.L.E.), which houses the offices of Yahweh’s Malak, also known as the fallen ones, the sons of Yahweh. This U.G.L.E. is where the true powers of modern Babylon are housed and then transferred into the Shrines and local common Freemason Lodges.

We kept this book short and to the point, with plenty of recommended readings to help you understand the text. It is also rooted in the writings of the Paleo-Hebrew Scribes language, the oldest language in the world, which will give you the true spiritual values of the words you are demanded to pray and use in casual conversations. Many words have spiritual values that can result in life or death in an instant.

Yahweh, who causes to be and to exist, along with his Malak, bred with human women, creating children who became the great leaders and the Sovereigns of the Royal Order of Freemasons and the enthroned ones upon Crowns and Economic Crowns that cause famine and fund this age of oppression and evil.

Read on, be well fortified, and be ready to exit this nation because the agenda, as written, leads to absolute desolation through the Babylonian Masonic Order systems. Keep in mind the prophet’s words: “The wise were offshore in boats having been given the light and power to place themselves at the appointed time upon the waters from where they were to see this very nation suddenly burned with fire and every living thing in Bible-on was destroyed.”

About the Authors

  • William Fuch: A member of the European Imperial Royal (E.I.R.) family, which founded the U.G.L.E. and the entire Masonic Order systems, also called Novus Ordo. Fuch is a master of many Masonic Degrees and was nearly killed during his Royal Grand Master education for disagreeing with state-sponsored terrorism. His mastered Masonic Degrees include the 33rd Degree Sovereign Grand Inspector, Prince of the Royal Secret, Royal Select Master, Cryptic Master, Mark Master, Degrees 100-1, and the Order of the Garter. Fuch is a U.S. Intel-endorsed researcher and writer who was previously dubbed paranoid delusional before receiving U.S. Intel endorsements.
  • Chris Eagle: A distinguished U.S. Intelligence Analyst of the United States Marine Corps. He has served as the lead investigator for this subject matter and continues to research and publish his work in this field.
  • Mattias Paulus: A brilliant man with multiple Master’s degrees. Paulus is a technical analyst who works with the U.S. military and is a friend of Fuch. He saved Fuch from a state mental institution and helped him recover from a near-death experience.

This book aims to shed light on the dark truths of the Masonic Order and equip readers with the knowledge needed to protect themselves and their loved ones from this powerful organization’s harmful influence.


Chapter 1 The Three Holy Novus Ordo-Masonic 9/11s Ordered And Observed

September 11th is a symbolic murderous date perpetuated by the Masonic Order. It is a direct Order issued by our mentors, that we Royal Select Masters memorize the Masonic Order-issued 9/11s and the symbolic as well as the horrific events.

The first such Order occurred on 9/11/1872 and led to the murder of United Grand Lodge of England (U.G.L.E.) Novus Ordo Royal Arch Mason Captain William Morgan, who simply revealed and attempted to publish Novus Ordo information and symbolic secrets of the hidden language. He was killed by Holy Christian Masonic Order Government officials who later admitted to the murders. Morgan also learned, following the Royal Arc Ritual, that the fallen Angels and their Nephilim sired children are the Heads of the Order, among the Chief Deities of the Religions. It is also shown to true masters of the degree Morgan was mastering the well hidden fact that the Jesus was in fact Sus-Zeus-Jesus 666.

The second occurrence on 9/11/1970 was the baptism of Cousin Nicolai Windsor, Jr. at Old York. Nicolai is the son of the current U.G.L.E. Grand Master of the Royal Order of Masons. On this day, we were told that he would be the Prophet King from the Crown of 12 Stars. We were told also his father, Nicolai Windsor, Sr., would encourage the Degree 32 Mecca Temple Agendas which would increase the importation of Radical Islam throughout the U.K. and the U.S. ensuring genocide and invasion rights into Arabia .

Clearly shown in the U.G.L.E. Degree Scale is the Degree 32 Islam Empower. Post invasion the old oil brokers in Arabia are killed and new officials who are bought and paid for are installed. These cousins of mine receive British Petroleum (B.P.) revenues from stocks, Fuchs Oil Germany dividends as do other Anglo European Imperial Royalty (A.E.I.R.) cousins of mine, with the exclusion of those individuals such as myself who refused to invest in Masonic Baathist oil futures. I have personally refused millions of dollars in hush money in the presence of High Level Government Officials who today lead as investigators taking down this evil Order of Masonry.

The third occurrence on 9/11/2001 which we were ordered to observe was made manifest through the U.G.L.E. 32nd Degree Mecca Temple New York that orchestrated the desired Jihad/terrorist attacks.

The fourth and last 9/11, still pending, is being built through Degree 32 and a Secret Degree second phase of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (A.A.N.O.M.S.) and York Rite Masonic Order of Baath through a group the U.S. Small Business Administration is ordered to fund called the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (A.A.H.O.A.) Order that is full of Taliban allied Patels which you can find on . I was ordered to work inside the A.A.H.O.A. Group and in nearly every town in America meeting Masons, Nazis, and Radical Islam along the way all whom were of one accord and that is to use this group to fill the cities with biological weapons which may come in the form of flu strains wiped on door knobs or products a citizen may handle the Patel families sold them.

My Orders were to Kill all who were not selected and who were denied this information and these Orders came from U.K. and U.S. Masonic Order Government Officials.

The A.A.H.O.A. War Machine is filled with narcotics terrorism and drug para marketers and narcotics trafficker enablers. These are the new methods of execution and genocide being applied. These horrific methods of warfare and execution are in reality worse than execution methods used in the Holocaust because the death is slower and more painful for the intended human target.

This War can not be stopped it seems due to corruption in the system. This view comes from years of working with this government who has refused to make this public through a corrupt Homeland Security.

If citizens make an issue publicly and oust the evil ones and their corrupt organizations clearly shown in this text a new day may dawn but only if you stand long will the forest echo again with laughter.

If you do not fight the evil pointed out in this text you will be killed along with your loved ones. If you do not fight in the correct ways and you shown as the resistance your life could like wise be taken as mine was nearly taken.

Historically, everyone who has been informed of this information has been attacked by Yahweh’s Malak, Gods, Daemons, Nephilim and Hallelujahs- Holy accusers. These are the principalities and powers of darkness that rule this Earth, sitting upon thrones in the present day.

Darkness is also light that deceives and remember also Satan has brothers who use alias names and abbreviated forms of their names and remember common words used many times are names of deities, abominations and even children of the evil ones. Remember the reply the evil ones had for the scribes “We are Legions”.

If you think you are coded you probably are not and if you think you are untouchable you are most likely to be shattered and if you think the Holy Spirit is going to save you after reading this you’re a fool.

The wise shall be offshore “Crying”, them one to another Alias Bible-On, Alias Bible-On it burns. This system of Bible-On full of Pharisees falsifiers who refused to teach the law free of charge through the educational system, the legal powers who laughed in private and one to another concerning the ensnarements of citizens through the legal system they all waxed rich from raping the sheep financially causing torment and hardships intentionality for their own gain. .

Today I refuse to work with this government because they took this information and suppressed it causing millions more to be ensnared and to suffer near deadly injuries and many to die. I worked day and night on this research and watched the fake public servants work bankers hours doing not one thing in reality with this critical information. These officials still blame the victims,the addicts and still send the victim addict into the wrong treatment facilities and they leave the victims with the absolute blame. These type public servants must be removed from office and replaced with those citizens who understand this topic and who can act with great haste to remove these Masonic Death traps from the air waves and from the stores and hotels and International House of Pancakes franchises owned by Iranians which are in every major college town in America only for War.

Never be as stupid as the World Trade Center workers and understand Mr. Patel is not as nice as you think but is as evil as the crack and meth pipes promoted to the public from their counters prime marketing space according to marketing standards. My final words are be ready to leave this evil nation and head to a primitive region that rejects this legal insanity.

Chapter 2
U.S. Marine Intelligence Brief Being Withheld
By Homeland Security

I am a U. S. Marine Intelligence Analyst, educated at the Marine Corps School of Infantry, in the field of Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence at the Marine Corps Formal Intelligence Schools. I’ve been indoctrinated to identify and disable Muslim/Islamic war machines comprised of the Taliban/A.A.H.O.A families, Masonic Orders and Aryan participants. In my opinion, as a member of the intelligence community and as someone who has been trained by the military in the process of analyzing the enemy interpreting the level of threat and formulating necessary measures to eliminate such threats, I believe that this hazard should not be overlooked. This threat should be eliminated at its core. Marines like me are the backbone of influencing the Commander’s decision-making process. I have been trained to analyze and process this data into valuable information related to the enemy. As you will read, these Baathist A.A.H.O.A. families are already working against us in many cities, and will most likely be operating in more cities by the publication of this work. It is terrifying to think of the fact that these extremists are promoting and dealing drug paraphernalia to our children. It is clear that they will stop at nothing to corrupt our country from the inside. They are standing at attention like soldiers in their stores and hotels waiting for the order to unleash chemical agents. The potential for Tetrodotoxin (TXX), anthrax, and swine flu attacks is assured. The Taliban link has been made, which has not yet been reported to the masses by standard media. These groups are working together. Civilians need to keep their kids away from these establishments and warn them of their enticing packages designed to attract young American males in order to disable and destroy them. This threat should be eliminated at its core. First, the government funding of these organizations should be cut immediately. In addition, as far as the physical aspects, our government’s law enforcement, from federal to local, should handle this state of chaos. Investigations should be launched nationwide on the A.A.H.O.A. and its organizations and corrupt establishments should be shut down accordingly. To ensure that these systems don’t evolve, there should be new legislation created to ensure that hotel standards and regular procedures, such as routine inspections, are in place so that no new death camp systems are able to develop. Lastly, one of the most important steps in freeing our country of this threat is to raise awareness of this terrorist activity so that we can stop it before it gets any worse.

Christopher Eagle,

United States Marine Intelligence

Chapter 3
Homeland Security Is Lying To You America

I work with U.S. Intel and Department of Defense officials as part of an ongoing investigation and we have proven that the Department of Homeland Security is not properly responding to the U.S. and European Union (E.U.) citizens regarding the Masonic Baathist A.A.H.O.A. infiltration of every American town with the unwitting assistance of U.S. taxpayers. The responsible parties include the E.I.R./U.G.L.E. and United Grand Lodge of America (U.G.L.A.) Freemasons, York and Scottish Rite Shriners, Skull and Bones, politicians, and government officials who are blocking this information from the very citizens they intend to kill. Representatives from our organization have reported this information to Homeland Security as well as to the Administration over the past 15 months. To date, both entities have chosen to deny this intelligence gathering and instead, choose to keep the citizens uninformed of these issues.

A select few county and state officials have acted upon this intelligence by banning the marketing of drug para, only to have higher level Islamics shoved into their towns. This is the first bullet fired from their narcotics terrorism war machine.

Past release of this information has resulted in mass layoffs at the local level through forced reduction of military staffing. The repercussions in our first-warned areas have been devastating. This intel must reach each and every citizen. Pass this book along to loved ones to ensure that this intel news never leaves “you, the people.”

William Fuch

Reporting for Secret Societies United

Chapter 4
The Worthless 9/11 Commission Report:
All Novus Ordo Withheld From The Citizens

Why do we use the word “worthless” in the chapter title?

All Masonic Codes and Lodge agendas were withheld from the 9/11 Commission Report, making this truly worthless and ensuring a future death sentence for the non-coded selects. The Masonic intel withheld is U.G.L.E. 366, 322 Skull and Bones, Scottish Rite 33rd Degree and 32nd Degree, York Rite Holy Masonic Order of Bath, their Baathist ideologies, Order agendas, and politician Order members with big oil investment portfolios. The Novus Ordo Lodge System did build 9/11 and did teach this to select members of society and still teach the 32nd Degree effect today. This effect is Islamic Jihad and terrorism clearly visible blocks away from the 33rd Degree strategically placed 32nd Degree Mecca Temple #1 Manhattan, New York.

Since childhood, I have been advised on all Novus Ordo topics from the Angelic Royal levels which, by design, are far beyond the comprehension of common Lodgers and common class citizens. The Order advised me on the politicians they had selected to do the killing, the cover-up, and the fall one priority kill zones. They also advised me to visit several future kill zones and to meet Baathist friends strategically positioned in the 366, 33, 322, 32 Novus Ordo Baathist war machine. One such event was the viewing of the 32nd Degree Mecca Temple #1 in Manhattan, New York and then the World Trade Center (WTC), at which the sword of my mentors was pointed in a U.G.L.E. ritual, which ended with the kill dates being advised to us of September 11, 2001. This is my life, from age four. I was asked by U.G.L.E. members to show up for another run-through of the events ordered to unfold pre-9/11 at a 9/11 Primer Degree Mastery September 10th-14th, 1996, location Harvard Square. They also later advised me to go to New York and view the 32nd Degree Mecca Temple #1, which the family had erected years ago simply for the Islamic effect, which is Jihad and terrorism. When I arrived in New York, I was asked to view the massive influx of Islam who had just completed a religious summit and decided that Jihad was the only solution. George Mazzini, whose real name is Apollo, said that he would sublimely work to stop this day of horror, as did his associate, Michelle Bowling. In reality, it seems they decided to lie to me and they also conspired to kill me. They advised U.G.L.E. Cousin Nicolai Windsor of my disgust with such an evil plan, and how the Order ritually works to fill society with evil, and then conspires to kill the members of society whom they have infected.

I was also advised that all Masonic Order matters would be withheld from the public, especially any 366, 322, 33, 32nd Degree Lodge agendas that are known to the Secret Service and other select agencies. These codes would be released only to the right class which is determined by family name. Always remember that this means that you, the non-Royal bloodline common class citizens for whom America was built to appease or better yet, to relieve from U.G.L.E. Imperial tyranny and oppression of any sort were never meant to receive this class-controlled information. My family members are Imperial Royal class authorities who control all the information in this world. These family members built the Secret Service and also select the members of this organization. Keep these names in mind as you read the information that would have already been revealed had the family not influenced the Secret Service to hide it. I receive my intelligence updates at family gatherings. Their scope of reality far exceeds the reach of either the Pentagon or Secret Service. Many have been killed for being too close to the truth.

Following Novus Ordo-designed 9/11, I was driven to scan the 9/11 Commission Report for Order codes for the Masonic version of events that I know were ordered, but not one single thread of Novus Ordo intel could I find. This confirmed what I was told by Order family members, that there would not be one thread of evidence. I was also advised that a council of investigators who were not Masonically Coded would be handed the assignment, based on their lack of Masonic Order knowledge and their levels of ignorance, which would make them more qualified for their assignment.

Notice that not one time is the 32nd Degree Mecca Temple mentioned – not once!! To Order members who were Masters of the Degree, the 32nd Degree Mecca Temple was mentioned more than once, with the exact execution dates of 9/11/2001 and 7/7/2005 in the European Union.

The 322 codes were passed from my U.G.L.E. family members to Skull and Bones family members who openly use them for recognition among Order member citizens and coded citizens. I will again repeat that the codes, to say nothing about the U.G.L.E. 32nd Degree Mecca Temple placements throughout society and their Jihadist agendas, also blame Islam and not Mecca Temple systems. Mecca Temple is the Islamic intel broker for the Order’s Degree 33 and beyond.

Windsor, Fuch, and Bush are all one family unit, working at the Royal levels of Masonry, or Royal Germanic lineage, who are still working together to build wars out of their simple love for destruction and fortune. These are my family members, who own controlling stocks in B.P. and Fuch Oil Germany.

I openly reject the 9/11 ideologies due to the fact that it is murder, which goes against my moral code, and from the fear of being held accountable for taking innocent life on two shores, and from the fear of waxing rich through the bleeding of the saints, such as the kids killed in 9/11 and in Arabia. These family members of mine will, in later chapters, be named and shown for their bloody damn works of evil in hopes that they never again can cause such harm to so many,simply for invasion rights that equate to money for our families’ oil refineries, in which I refuse to invest.

I want the victims of their engineered 9/11 and fraudulent Commission Report to see the Lodge systems, their members and oil investments through purchased stocks which the family advised Order members to purchase in B.P. and other sources such as oil futures traders.

You, citizens, were laughed at and viewed as social disease which only Masonic Baathism can remove for the completion of the Novus Ordo spec nation to be given complete birth. You non-coded citizens need to know the codes to be able to spot their operatives, Novus Ordo politicians, and to develop an understanding of the secret language and symbolic messages that they send the public, the citizens who were coded and who advocate your destruction.

The Order has declared war on the societies that they deem worthy of death. You also should understand that the war is funded by your taxes in such forms as Small Business Administration loans and special exemptions to such groups as the Baathist Taliban Allied A.A.H.O.A. group. All Novus Ordo Masons, Shriners, and Knights with Degree 33, 322, 32 status in this government are working to secretly kill you. This is not hard to see, so read the chapter on codes and meanings. We will again construct another website post-release of this hard copy edition of the text, and the site will contain more code meanings and further information.

Also know that doctors to whom the elderly and disabled are being directed in modern America are demons, illusions, Islamics and black Muslims who have a history of intentional murder of patients through prescribing medications such as Zyprexa, Risperdal, and other deadly medications. These are times of great evil and in order to survive, an individual must be aware enough to arm themselves against this great evil and to protect loved ones with these words.

Citizens need to develop a full understanding of the codes and Lodge agendas that were withheld from the public, and understand that only the citizens who were given the codes and safe zones were selected to survive.

Chapter 5 My U.G.L.E. Royal Select Secret Master Order Of The Garter Orders See It, Know It, Say Nothing

The Order’s motto clearly reveals that they keep non-Order members out of our business creed.

The United Grand Lodge of England, known as the U.G.L.E., is Yahweh’s evil Angelic sons’ Order, whereby he uses them and their Nephilim Gods/demons to wage war on every good man, woman, and innocent child.  These offices are also where Helel, alias Holy, works to build Holy Nephilim Gods and conflicts between their deceit victims to produce human death, human energy flowing into the Helel for his regeneration, and the Nephilim that the prophets of Yahuwshua called the Troops of Baval.

The U.G.L.E-controlled Tavistock Research Center and their intentional misuse of the psychological operations intel researched there by Order members who were ordered to build through the media the current get-high pro-narcotics media only empowers the Angelic and Nephilim regeneration desires.  They are also the short-changed news anchorman’s warped version of the truth.

We are asked to keep the alias names of Angels and Nephilim who we meet Degree through Degree.  Their alias names are used to control humanity sublimely.  Examples of alias names are Helel, which is the Holy Angel/Spirit Lucifer, Hasatan alias God, and Sus-Zeus-Jesus, which is the Nephilim King numbering 666 in birth chronology.

Nephilim military troops defend this evil Order.

Malak Regeneration Degree Masters and students view humans as food-energy who must be killed so that their human energy can flow into the Angelics to be dispersed into the troops through war engineering, narcotics trafficking, and deadly self-destructive media, as well as the “get high and get drunk” media.

Order of the Garter Degree Masters’ secrets concerning the Angelics and Nephilim Gods/demons are introduced to such entities as Dianna and Apollo-ion.  They are used to drain children of living water and the energy required to sustain their lives.

Helel-Holy is the Head Angel at the U.G.L.E. and is also Lucifer.

Sus-Zeus-Jesus is the Nephilim Head of York Rite.

Apollo-ion is the Head of Scottish Rite.

Allah and Muhammad are the Heads of the Islamic Temple Shrines and Lodges.

Nyphilim Buddha is the Head of the Oriental Lodges.

Kinish is the Head of the Hindu Lodges/Nephilim Shrines.

They use alias names to deceive Order members and have Order members strategically placed in several branches of the system to work sublimely against the citizens they target.

War engineering through the Lodges’ worshipped Nephilim Gods, who deceive the followers and drive them into conflicts and death for human energy, transfers into the Angelic Gods/demons such as Sus-Jesus and Allah.

Masonic Trivision Orders include setting three Lodge systems at odds simply to produce war and death of their human followers, which in turn transfers human energy into the Angelics and Nephilim Gods who have deceived their followers.  Example: 33 Luciferian Baathist, 33 OTO Original Baathists and 33 Christian Baathists.  This is also the catalyst of tribulation that the nations are enduring.

The purpose of Masonic rituals that are conducted on men and women is to leave them internally wired to these aliased, evil, deceiving Angels.  These Angels can then rule the post-ritual person with such intense pain that they will be forced to comply with Angelic orders against their will.  They can either provide a token resistance or, as some have decided to do, blow their Masonic wires through suicide.  No other possible options are available to the damned.

Politicians are selected to be ritually wired and forced to lie to the public.  Their compliance to the Order produces their own personal fortunes through wars and genocide engineering.

The Order members generated personal profits through stock options in oil companies following the Degree 32 Mecca Temple-designed 9/11 terrorist attacks upon the citizenship.

Order members keep the Degree 366, 33, 322, 32 empower Islam codes out of non-coded citizens who are desired to be destroyed.

Order members keep all kill zones and information related to execution dates out of the hands of citizens and Order members who are not code-selected.

Order members do not feel any sympathy for the children of the families who are uninformed.  Allow them not a value and desire their deaths.

Lethal medications from psychologists are forced upon the citizens.  This method is the work of the Nephilim Demon Goddess Psych, who is the mother of psychology and lethal psychotropic medications that simply kill the individual. The method is yet another example of the ritual murder against humans used to regenerate these demons.

Sodium fluoride added to water treatment systems and the use of toxic mentally and physically disabling pesticides such as Orthozine on produce are absorbed into the plants which are then ingested by the citizenship.

Therefore, all produce must be safely grown in greenhouses.  Organically approved pesticides are equally toxic and should not be purchased for consumption.

Order members keep all Order symbology passed through Order leaders to themselves.  This includes symbology such as blue ties with multiple shades of blue symbolizing loyalty as well as pictures in front of gold curtains such as York Rite Masonic Order of Christian Nazi Baath Clinton w/Patel Baathist.

Order members cryptically design propaganda to kill or destroy those who oppose Order views.

Order members keep the secrets of ritually turning good men into homosexual disgraces for the value of blasphemy.

Order members never advise lower Degree Masons, Shriners, or Knights on the Nephilim Degree topics such as building wars to convert human subjects or of the Order’s religions in human spiritual energy food.

Order members never discuss intentionally engineered conflicts the Order has built between Lodges to produce war and allow human energy conversions, transferences into the Angelics, Nephilim Gods, etc.

Degree 33 and beyond narcotics trafficking produces death for humans and Holy Deceit victims.  The human energy remains flowing into the Angel Helel-Holy and Hasatan-God as well as God Apollion, who serves as Head of Scottish Rite and is responsible for the Degree 100 human sacrifice ritual manuals and child murders.

Never teach the law to citizens through the educational system to ensure that more chaos, condemnation to death by suicide, and depression-related tragedies occur.  The misled citizenship is vulnerable to this misinformation.  The consequences prevent citizens from securing elected positions and lack of true representation.

Never discuss the Order’s politicians who are used to buy out the nation’s federal reserve systems.  Never discuss that the majority of the Order’s money is held in numbered accounts in Le Rosey, Switzerland, as are the funds acquired by the U.G.L.E.’s holocaust.  This is where the rebelling Malak/Angels have their bank accounts, along with their Nephilim demon children’s narcotics trafficking funds.  Christopher Reich is a former Swiss banker who wrote a book called, “Numbered Account,” which proves that the Arabian heroin funds are deposited in these accounts.  This led Reich to leave this industry in order to reveal the truth.  I heard that on the day that he decided to leave, he intended to write the text, and on that same day, my family vowed to destroy him.  The day I witnessed Christopher Reich go against their system is the same day that I released 9/11 dates in order to warn the citizens.  I attempted to stop the A.A.H.O.A. funding by repeated calls to the United States Small Business Administration.  Two weeks later, I was TTXed at age 22 and legally hung by a William Morgan Holy Masonic noose designed to destroy my reputation in order to keep me out of law enforcement.  Today, I am one of the most valued advisors to the DEA and Counter-Terrorism officials.

Chapter 6 Introduction To Novus Ordo 9/11 And The Ordered Fall Of America

Much has been written concerning the pageantry and mystery of the Freemasons/Masonic/Novus Ordo.  However, the existing diaspora is largely deceptive in nature, origin and purpose.  Prior authors have never lived to write these active orders that are designed to protect society from such Masonically-designed days as 9/11.  To date, these authors have not written about the true meaning and agendas of Degrees 366, 322, 33 and 32 that define the propagated 9/11 attacks and cover-up.  Previous authors have never written about the Angelic/Nephilim aspects of the Order and how Holy Wars regenerate Helel, who is the Holy Angel Lucifer.  The reader must recognize that the Holy Islamic and Christian victims led to their sudden deaths were all Holy servants who were filled with His Holy Spirit and blinded by the Holy Guiding Light which led these servants onto planes and into the grave.

In reality, they were only a simple human sacrifice, designed to regenerate Helel, the U.G.L.E.’s builder and Chief Deity.  The Holy Deceit victims were then sacrificed through this grand deception.  The topic of human energy transfers is discussed by many individuals who are Degree 100 students or Past Masters of the Prince of the Royal Secret Degree.

An example of both the Order’s and members’ deceptions that are being withheld from society members who were killed under these system codes is Novus Ordo-Masonic Code 366, 322, 22, 32, which in Order tongue translates as “Sublimely empower Islam, cover up the purpose and use of the 32nd Degree Mecca Temple Jihad agenda for coded oil investors.”  More than 200 Degree 32 Mecca Temples are strategically placed in the United States, which are devoted to the destruction of 3 Degree Christianity.

The Novus Ordo has declared war on society members whom they view as undesirables, who are ordered to propagate Jihad, kill non-informed citizens, non-Royal select, and non-coded, and to intentionally misinform non-select Order member citizens.  A code glossary has been added for easy reference.  These are the codes that the Secret Service watch every day and refuse to discuss with common class citizens.  Denying access to citizens is a crime.

In this text, you are asked to focus on recently suppressed certified U.S. intel briefs that our offices produced with the help of non-Novus Ordo U.S. Intel Analysts and Department of Defense (D.O.D.) officials.  Another critical source of intel came from a Royal Bloodline former Novus Ordo member who is a Master of the Prince of the Royal Secret Degree, Select and Secret Masters Degrees 366, 322, 33, 32-1.  Due to the attempts on his life, he has decided to make public, through several outlets, this information that will be a blessing to the reader.

You, the reader, will need this info to better understand these topics and to survive the next wave of Novus Ordo state-sponsored terrorism.

William Fuch, the Cousin of Royal Order Nicolai Windsor, Ephraim Fuch, and George Bush, is a coded Order member who is working with active duty intel officers to ensure that the Order is properly held accountable for 9/11 and the A.A.H.O.A. Baath Party Taliban interwoven sleeper cells.

Bush’s statement, “We are building a New World Order-Novus Ordo,” followed by the 322 Codes, which he refused to properly define, in this text will be shown to the readers and the Lodge system hierarchy as well, with their war machine and pawns.

We also want citizens to look at the simple fact that they are being taxed to fund their own graves by Novus Ordo-controlled politicians who are Scott Rite-York Rite Nazi Masonic Order of Baath coded.

I have seen many Order members killed and have survived many near-fatal TXX attacks, all due to oath violations which were my multiple attempts to inform and protect society from such ordered days as 9/11, the effect, and the final wave of attacks from the Baathist interwoven Taliban Allied Patel families.  The new form of Novus Ordo execution is the neurotoxin TTX, which is an extremely strong poison that causes severe neurological damage by inhibiting synaptic transmission.  TTX disables the thought process and leaves its victims martyrs who cannot communicate to others what has happened to them.  TTX also causes the victim to become extremely agitated, angry, and bipolar.  I believe that the TTX neurotoxin is being used on many members of our society and is the cause of the current plethora of mental breakdowns, conflicts, murders, and suicides in modern society. The neurotoxin can easily be placed into the food of society members, especially in the Baathist Patel store/hotel food which they sell, or even into the toothpaste they provide in their hotels.  They were part of the system that ensured TTX was placed into my food.  The Novus Ordo networks poisoned me multiple times while I was working and investigating this group.

Many Order members who tried to save non-coded citizens from 9/11 and the system’s post-TTX poisoning were misdiagnosed by their families and the medical establishment.  These victims were then taken to mental hospitals full of Baathist Islamics to again be exposed to mental health medications designed to further inhibit their mental faculties.  The Holy liar will do anything to keep his Holy war machine rolling concert with his Holy Islamic doctors.

Without the assistance of several Intelligence community friends, this information would have never been revealed to the public.

Always keep in mind, concerning people who are dubbed crazy, that they may very well be suffering from a neurotoxin designed to induce madness as well as an unorganized thought process. These symptoms are due to sodium channels being blocked in the process of synaptic transmission.  The condition results in mental damage that cannot be cured by standard mental health medications. Only chelation therapy TTX inhibitors can stimulate the sodium channels to re-fire and reconnect the blocked neurotransmitters in order to stabilize the victims.  If TTX poisoning occurs, rely upon salt and green vegetables in the diet, which will boost the sodium channels and enable synaptic transmission.

Novus Ordo has several meanings which are revealed Degree by Degree with lower Degrees Masters being lied to through lies that are told even unto the Royal Order Degree Masters.  Below is the true meaning and purpose of the Order.

The meaning of Novus Ordo, given to me as a child of Royal Angelic lineage who was then educated beyond Royal Order Degrees, is as follows:

This Order was founded by Helel under his alias Holy or Holy YHWH, as well as by Hasatan-Satan under his alias God and his remaining brothers in order to secure world rule for them and their Nephilim God’s Anglo and Arabian “Holy bloodline” children. These children are the demons who are tearing up humanity upon the Earth by means of homicidal psychotic agendas issued from their Lodge systems.

The word Annu, in the Order Seal, is the name of the first son of Satan, alias God, who is remembered in the Order Seal and, as well, was a key figure in the religion instituted in ancient Sumeria, the birthplace of Annu, the Annanuki which evolved into the modern Anglos.  Common Lodgers are never taught this lineage and are then easily deceived to promote the lies that the evil Angelics deliver to mankind from many different points in the Earth.

The Order’s agenda from the founding was to establish false religions, false Gods/demons, false prophets and to tempt humans into their subjugation in hope of taking their spiritual energy as shown in Degree 100 human sacrifice ritual manuals.  The human spirit is what they must have to regenerate.  You can read upon this Degree 100 aspect in the published writings of occultist, Aliester Crowley.

Keep in mind that every war or conflict that produces death transfers human energy into the Novus Ordo Angelics, Nephilim Gods, and their human post-ritual troops/demons whom they use to hunt down and kill Order members who break the Oath of Secrecy.

The Order created many Gods such as 666 Sus, Zeus, Jesus Christ, Allah and every other God in recorded history.  The order demanded the worship of these Gods, the Masonic Orders 3rd Degree Mason Builders of the 666 Religion, the 666 churches, the Holocaust, the Baath Party, and the modern 4th Reich, all subjects of Helel-Holy-Lucifer’s spiritual light and guidance.

They, as well, are the designers of the Masonic language and codes, called keys or passwords, which allow them to speak to the Order members on a level of coded awareness.  The keys afford an order member the ability to encrypt their dialogue.  The keys have been used to encode information for war, false religions, and false prophets, such as Hitler, who become simple pawns.

An example is Order Code 32, which translates to Islamic Mecca Temple and is also hidden in the 322 numerical code.  The 322 Order Key Degree password was not allowed among non-select society in the period of pre-Novus Ordo 9/11.

Many have speculated as to why I waited until now to make these codes public. Every past attempt made by me was met with sublime attacks in restaurants and other social functions, through an Order waiter and Tetrodotoxin.  These TTX poisonings were mental execution orders issued on every Order member who tried to break the Order oath and save the lives of the intended victims.

I know my warnings reached many who dubbed the information lunacy until the very words I attempted to relay began to befall the society members. These people today do understand that I am not a stark raving mad lunatic. They recognize my Royal lineage in the Royal Masonic Order.  When I meet them today, they are more observant of what I am saying concerning the Order’s influence in government and its desire to eradicate the non-selects.

All non-select Novus Order coded were targeted by the Order to die on the date of 9/11 to include Masons who were not Royal Select or Shrine Degree 33/32.

Following 9/11, I watched closely as society demanded in riots and protests for the meaning of Code 322 to be revealed.  The Order politicians would not reveal the secret meaning to the citizenship.  Their lack of disclosure crushed the innocent members of society in a deluge of horrors which evolved into an oil monopoly. The economic tyranny is made manifest upon the innocent as lives are destroyed.

Most family members of mine are Select-Coded leaders, and my attention is focused upon them and their damn refusal to teach society the way around this evil Order’s death sentence.  The codes are numerical encryption which unravel and reveal the Masonic Lodge systems and agenda diagram maps, and point the way to the guilty politicians seen using the 322 codes.

Their associates in the Royal realms of Masonry lead to the U.G.L.E. numerical Code 366.  Freemasons who so foolishly claim that Novus Ordo simply translates as “Mason,” and then go on to say that the Order is an upright group of men who seek to improve the world should be viewed as Albert Pike was ordered to view them.  Pike labeled them in his book, “Morals and Dogma,” as the intentionally deceived and misinformed Degree holders who are used to cover the true inner workings of the Order.  Mason translates as “Malak Son” or “Angelic Seed.”  These Masons are doomed victims of the very Order that had encompassed them.  The real truth concerning Freemasonry lies only in the hands of the selected Angelic bloodline, Order of the Garter, and its family members, such as me. The proper way to read Novus Ordo is right to left: “Ordo Sovereign Dagon-Gad-God-Hasatan.”

Freemasonry, since the inception of the Order, has built every human conflict, every false religion, and every deadly ideology for sin and death.  From the media that is rife with narcotics propaganda down to the post-ritual politician, the citizenship is being influenced by tax-funded lies produced by Freemasonry.  Every Mason, Shriner, and Knight is ordered to lie to you concerning the inner workings of the Lodge.  If the oath is broken, the oath violator and recipient are removed by human Order members, Nephilim troops, or by the Angelics.

Remember as well the 322 Masonic Code was used prior to and following 9/11 by politicians whom you saw publicly refusing to define their real agendas to their supporters, who in reality are human targets.

Many of these family members of mine who are working to kill you are E.I.R. Royalty, English and German oil company owners, as well as political entities.  Bush’s Beware Code 322 has been posted and sent into over a million minds throughout 40 nations in hopes of saving the citizens’ lives, the ones who do not deserve the right to life and liberty.  Yet, society’s love of folly has continued to blind them to this lifesaving information.

All citizens and non-Royal Order Masonic families have been ordered to be killed throughout the U.S. and Europe via Nephilim-designed pro-narcotics media, narcotics, and paraphernalia. The 32nd Degree Mecca Temples/A.A.N.O.M.S, which empowers Islam to destroy the current system, decreases the population, leaving only the Royal Select Anglos to rebuild the nations in their desired imagery.  This work, which is an oath violation, is encapsulated by the blood, tears, tares, and terrors suffered by the innocent.

Please read the material carefully to ensure a thorough understanding of the active codes and kill zones that form the execution plan in place for you and your children.  Listen to the leaders who say they love you and your families as they distort your view of the threat posed by the Islamic influx.  Seize the offices and present legal challenges designed to protect you and your families. Above all, understand that this commission will reveal the true power of democracy.

We intentionally repeat Lodge codes to ensure that you, the reader, commit these codes into your personal lexicon to use as a defense mechanism upon your summoning.  This repetition of codes will serve to save your life.  You and your progeny must never forget these codes.  These codes will elevate you to the level of Mastery that John Quincy Adams assumed as founder of the Anti-Masonic Party following the first Masonic-ordered 9/11.

Chapter 7 U.G.L.E. 366, 322, 33, 32 Lodges Involvement In 9/11 And 7/7

The United Grand Lodge of England is the Order under which I was educated, or in Masonic terms, raised, under the Secret and Select Masters programs through which we are shown the Lodge systems, Angels, Nephilims, and their Anglo children who control, through the family tree, every government office and religious body in the Earth today.

The 366 U.G.L.E. Degree lesson includes the Angel Helel-Holy-Lucifer holding Allah, Mohamed, Sus-Jesus and Apollion before the Degree Master and then demanding that the different Deities-Gods-Goetians tell their names, their purpose and the exact deceptive work they will be performing through the humans who follow their Holy Re-Legions.  The Angel demands that they command the Islamic clerics-prophets through their bodies and spiritual Holy light, to order the selected targets be destroyed by U.G.L.E., annihilated, including dates and times.  The Holy light as well enters coded Order members at varying Degrees, confirming that all systems are prepared.  When one sees the powers of the Holy Angel being used, it is heart-stopping, sickening, and truly revealing of Yahweh’s use of him and his toy God-Demons.  This is the Masonic ritual aspects of 9/11 viewed by me and many other lying cowards.

To view the physical locations of the Lodges, one would want to visit the U.G.L.E. at 366 Great Queen Street, also coded Lodge 3-666.  This is where Helel the Holy Angel, his brothers, his descendants, and his toy Gods work.  The Grand Lodge is controlled today by my relative and former mentor, Nicolia Windsor.

The next stop you would want to make to meet guilty Lodge members is 33 Degree Scottish Rite America, which is located in Washington, D.C. They keep all Lodge records concerning Degree 32 Mecca Temple Effect Masters, which includes many of your politicians.

The next stop for your would be the 32nd Degree Mecca Temple #1 in Manhattan, New York, located only blocks away from the Ground Zero it secretly celebrates.  The Mecca Temple #1 was produced through U.G.L.E. hierarchy in the Lodge that advocated for Islam to kill everyone in the 9/11 terror.

Skull and Bones is as well part of the Novus Ordo-Masonic Order, even though it denies any affiliation.  My relative, Bush, who is also 32 Degree Mecca Temple-aware, spoke in his 322 Codes (as I was told he would), brokering our family’s oil investments as leverage.  The families’ Masonic Baathist ties are never-ending and infinitely intertwined.  A very simple genealogy search can prove this connection.

So many U.S. Presidents and politicians were shown this Degree condoning the continued use of Islam for over 130 years to crush the uninformed.  The Order always advises these leaders and select Code-aware citizens that the nation is the great whore that is too filthy to redeem.  The politicians are also told that the 32nd Mecca Temple systems will be used to destroy it and would bring about its destruction with a scapegoat Islam.

Every propagated attack ensures invasion rights and ensures that a series of preselected politicians who will cooperate with big oil interests are set into offices in place of those the regime sought removed.  Greed is why these politician stockholders will lie to you and do lie to you daily.

Connecting the intel dots will make it easy for you to tie big Baathist Masonry and big oil together.  If you want to know how to tie oil to the Order, simply look at the Board of Directors at B.P. and Fuch Oil Germany and then trace their Masonic ties.  These chains bind them to the largest criminal network on Earth, which is Jewish, as supported by the research of Dr. David Duke.  The connection proves the Jewish Masonic inner-workings behind 9/11.

The 33, 322, 32nd Degree Orders encourage Islamic Jihad all over America and Europe, with aims of killing all non-select Order members.  Afterwards, all Islamics will be removed in order to seize their oil resources through their newly chosen leaders appointed in Arabia to align with family oil brokers.

Through the 32nd Degree Temples, they can and do collect intel concerning Islamic days of Jihad.  The intel is then passed down through the Novus Ordo Degree systems to the select.  The select-coded are removed from harm in order to remove all non-select and lower Degree non-desirables through violence.

The sole focus of the 33-322 coded today is oil rich Arabia and killing the fag zones to most Masons without Prince of Royal Secret-Nyphilim-Magik Regeneration Degree.

The Order structure is very simple once you do your leg – or web – search work.

Remember that the 366 Lodge Royal Order brokered the assets obtained through the 33rd/32nd Degree Ground Zero engineering.  All fingers point to this Lodge as the root of all Masonic evils in the Earth.

The Lodge is the root of Cousin Bush’s “Big Dumb Ass Idea with Blow Back” that resulted in his friends’ offices being destroyed in 9/11 and again in the Ft. Hood shooting spree post-9/11. Still, he sits on this intel curse.  This is the most important information being withheld by politicians and Lodges today for non-coded members of society who do not want to be killed by  their Novus Ordered public slayers.  In the context of the U.G.L.E. involvement with funding Hitler, not one mention is made of the York-Scott avocation of either, nor for who question Royal Masonic and Nazi connections.

Lies are not seen by us as lies but Seals of Secrecy revealed only to Degree Masters.

Royal Secret Masters as well are ordered to lie to non-Nephilim Degree holders concerning Nephilim Angelic human feeding and regeneration.

They are also advised that this is the highest Degree of the Order.

Revealing this information will result in an immediate issuance of a kill order by the U.G.L.E. for candidly revealing the real Order agenda.

Chapter 8 Skull And Bones 322/32nd Degree Aware German Masonic Order Christian Nazi Baathist

The U.G.L.E. has historically sublimely built and designed every secret society in operation today through the religions assimilated by them, which makes Skull and Bones a Subordinate Order.  This I learned as a child when witnessing the 366-322 code development and pass-off to my Skull and Bones Cousin Bush, who is subservient to Cousin Nicolai Windsor’s 366 U.G.L.E. I also witnessed the Order’s discussions of the Holocaust and how they planned to use the same families, such as mine, to complete their Masonic-Nazi-Baathist ambitions.

When the codes transferred through the spiritual realm, a fire burned down on me.  I heard from the Heavens a voice which spoke, “Each person keeping these codes and murderous agendas will be consumed in my wrath and many of our families will suffer as Cousin Bush so suffered.”  This edict caused me to tremble in fear. When Cousin Bush says he cannot tell what these codes mean, his lies are disheartening.  He does know the truth, as so many do, that 322 translates into, “Let the 32nd Degree Mecca Temple agenda roll and eradicate everyone non-coded select.” 366 coded secretly blew this up into the ass of Bush and his brother Bonesmen.

Skull and Bones has been ordered into a noose though, by the side of our family commensurate with the U.G.L.E. factions, due to Skulls having been caught at times working against the U.G.L.E. The Skull and Bones group hates the U.G.L.E. for building and pawning the Germans who are not the true builders of the Holocaust.  The U.G.L.E. built the Holocaust and then turned the media reports against the Germans, thereby putting a knife in the backs of their German paid pawns.

The designer of the Holocaust was Malak Helel, the Angel of the U.G.L.E. Lodge who is the current Pro Grand Master incarnate in “Helel” human form.  When the Allied Forces were tipped off, this was the knife in the back that shifted the focus away from the U.G.L.E.  The purpose of calling in the Allied Forces was to shift the blame to the Germans in order to mask all U.G.L.E. Masonic connections to the war.

When Bush and other members use Masonic code openly, following Masonic Order code issues, this signals to all Masonic bodies that the information is something we are advised only to see, hear, and keep silent about.  An individual with a proper background in history can easily see the connection.  Historical photographs of the Windsor side of the family show the openly Nazi Baathist regime sitting together at one table and with one mindset.

Effectively, the 322 crew who states that they are anti-E.I.R. are in reality slaves spouting off what we at higher Degrees call Masonic Order noose codes.  These are the same type of noose codes that ensnared their paid pawn, Hitler, and Cousin Bush, in the modern era.  These victims have trusted 366 U.G.L.E. intelligence gathering and dispersion.  The wrong intelligence has led to all betrayals consisting of incorrect dates and false targets. Today, these pawns continue to play Royal Masonic chess.

We also want you to look for yourselves through simple internet searches at these Order member politicians and their circles of friends.  They are all one force working together to drop the non-coded citizens of this F.C.C.uked democracy.  Look at the Skull and Bones co-op party around the York Rite Nazi Order of Bath parties and trace through big oil company boards to find their Masonic ties. Recognize that the events were ordered by the U.G.L.E. 322 crews taking a 366 beating, which exempted only a few.  This action is predicated upon the Order finding opposition with the 366 agendas. The latest plan of 322 is to kill 366 and all Masonic systems with the 32nd Degree pawn which is Islam.  Their downfall will again be from their lack of knowledge concerning the Prince of the Royal Secret Degree. God is Satan rather than Yahweh.  God’s crown is Windsor the Dragon.

Chapter 9 Head And Hands Masonic Warfare

The political use of information and misinformation has existed for thousands of years.  The barrage of psychological warfare tricks used to beguile the naïve and the susceptible is conditioning that occurs under a state of constant psychological assault (Wolfe, 1997).  The U.G.L.E. – York Rite Nazzis perfected the use of this method on the minds of the simple countrymen and used them to commit unspeakable atrocities.  The Nazi use of Head and Hands involved sweeping media control in Europe that blinded society to the true horrors of the regime.

The Nazi propaganda tactics varied from the first World War as evidenced by the Nazi use of common media channels to spread their ideology rather than the use of propaganda films exclusively. The Nazis constructed one of the largest propaganda machines in the Capitalist world.  Both Hitler and Goebbels fully realize the political importance of propaganda in fulfilling their psychopathic ambitions.

Goebbels was Hitler’s minister of popular enlightenment and propaganda.  Film was also extensively used by Nazis.  This method is easily observed in Viacom’s programming Masonically coded to the selects such as myself Via-Complicator. Via-Complicator methods titillate the target with whore-bred devices that ensnare individuals.  The individuals pursue a customized path to self destruction that plays upon their own personal lusts and weaknesses.  The whore-bred reaction kills the innocent at an alarming rate.

The key players in the Head and Hands war are men of genius level ability and potential.  It was my Angelic-Anglo ancestors who developed this type of psychological warfare through the Tavistock Center.  It is not so complex to see and understand when the citizens are appropriately educated.  One such family member of mine, King Edward VII, a member of the British monarchy, was one of the best known political supporters of Adolph Hitler.  Because of his associations with Hitler, he was forced to abdicate his throne, but was never arrested.  Men of his ilk have many modern followers who fully understand the effects of this programming and its sublime nature.  The agenda is accomplished asynchronously through manipulation of world armies and capital markets.  One of the desired effects is to create dissension and unrest amongst the programmed members of society.  The immediate effects can be internal and economic chaos that leads to a programmed volatility in the nation’s structure and markets.  The same investors who designed these original schemes are now behind the modern day implementation of the agenda.

Music is also sublimely designed this way today and is intentionally aired on heavy rotation channels to support negative and violent images that glamorize alcohol and drug abuse.  The messages are psychologically disabling and deadly to viewers.  The role models advocate a lifestyle that is not acceptable in a mainstream setting.  The worship of these role models, such as the gangster rap icons, will only lead the viewer to destruction should they choose to advocate or imitate the criminal behavior that is programmed into their viewing schedules.  The deadliest part of the music channel programming is the “get drunk and get high” programming that is proliferated on a twenty-four-hour basis.  The demographic audience for this programming is primarily teenagers and young adults who are still in their formative life cycles.

That such people may be conditioned to become skeptical or even upset, upon hearing a specific phrase or idea, for example, has countless possibilities.  Post-exposure to the aforementioned media “mindbombs” a person to become skeptical or even upset upon hearing a specific phrase or idea.  A person conditioned to automatically disbelieve anything approaching a “conspiracy” would serve a conspiracy well, and a “trigger” that causes someone to fly into a fit of rage would be very useful to perpetrators as well (Wolfe, 1997).

Even though parental blocking technology can censor this programming, most parents are unaware of the destructive content. The most destructive force in music channel programming is the pro-chemical content that breaks cognitive restraints and leads the viewer to believe that a trip to the Masonically-designed local death camp store is an accepted transition into adulthood.  They are led to believe that all enviable adults are gangsters who seek to commit felonious drug abuse and sex crimes on a daily basis.  The Nephilim desire these ideologies to be viewed as a choice career path that is lucrative for the practitioner.  They hide the true intentions of causing death and destruction of the viewers, which will lead to their own regeneration.

They emulate this programming by purchasing drug paraphernalia at the local death camp convenience store, which begins their downward spiral into the death camp system.  The convenience store owners do not question the age or identity of these new customers, but instead encourage their purchase.  The drugs are readily available from the dealers who post themselves outside the convenience store, perpetuating the cycle of death.  All of this exists in a world apart from the safe middle class environments that inadvertently invite this insanity into their homes through the music channel programming.

There is substantial evidence that exposure to mass media messages influences young viewers’ attitudes, values and behavior in a number of areas.

Consequently, there is also concern that media portrayals influence young people’s attitudes and behavior toward substance use.  The media commanding the attention of American adolescents through music may be the most influential.  In fact, listening to music is adolescents’ number one non-school activity. Although young people spend more time each day listening to music than they do watching music videos, videos are of special concern because, unlike lyrics alone, they contain visual portrayals that will be imitated and modeled.  The messages in music videos build a thought process into humanity that has, time after time, proven to be self destructive.  Ninety-nine percent of the media today is pro-use of illicit drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

This use and misuse of information has been a tool used for thousands of years, mostly by Novus Ordo elitists who engineer chaos to complicate and destroy, or simply weaken, groups as an intentional form of elitist subjugation.  The title of Head and Hands is due to the nature of the program and its outcome.  A number of experiments conducted since the mid-1980s have demonstrated that exposure to music videos effects how teenagers and college students perceive, interpret, evaluate and respond to a variety of social stimuli.  Different studies have reported that videos with a high concentration of violent images made viewers more antagonistic in their orientation toward women and more likely to condone violence in themselves and others.  Antisocial videos increased acceptance of subsequently observed antisocial behavior as well as highly gender-stereotyped videos that increased acceptance of gender-stereotyped behavior.

Basically, the media is designed by Angelics, Nephilim Gods-Demons, to produce death to their ensnared servants of their religions and media for human energy consumption.  Readers must take to the streets to see the war being built around them.  Readers must recognize addicted members of society as victims of the most evil war ever waged on humanity with sublime taxpayer funding.

The prudent must be mindful of these times, because the enemy is among the innocent.  The old guard and the old fables have proven themselves to be valid as a warning to the wise.  Learn these signs and heed the warnings, lest you be caught unaware.

We must move as one people and as one organization against these sublime designs in order to prevent our collective downfall.  Be steadfast in your resolve and know that we have the ability as a collective people to change these advocated dark paths that should be banned by your Federal Communications Commission. Learn these truths and take back your future as well as the future of your descendants.

The John Rawlings Rees networks had spent World War I studying the effects of war psychosis, and its individual personality (Wolfe, 1997).  From their work, an evil thesis emerged: Through the use of terror, man can be reduced to a childlike and submissive state, in which his powers of reason are clouded, and in which his emotional response to various situations and stimuli can become predictable, or in Tavistockian terms, “profitable” (Wolfe, 1997).  By controlling the levels of anxiety, it is possible to induce a similar state in large groups of people.  Their behavior can then be controlled and manipulated by the evil Angelic forces served by Tavistock.

Mass media were capable of reaching large numbers of people with programmed or controlled messages, which is key to the creation of “controlled environments” for brainwashing purposes (Wolfe, 1997).  As Tavistock showed, it is vital that the victims of mass brainwashing not be aware that their environment was being controlled (Wolfe, 1997).  A vast number of sources for misinformation will mask the sense of external control.  Where possible, the messages should be offered and reinforced through “entertainments,” which could be consumed (Wolfe, 1997).

Without blatant coercion, the victims will instead perceive themselves as merely making a choice between various options.  People are more than willing to reduce complex problems to simplistic formulas in order to conform their opinion to popular interpretation.  The truth hardly enters into such considerations.

Appearance of reports in the media confers the aura of reality upon these stories. If the stories weren’t factual, then why would they be reported?  The average person believes the popular opinion.  People whose fame is in turn built up by the media, such as movie stars, can become “opinion leaders,” with as much power to sway public opinion as political figures (Wolfe, 1997).  Were people to think about this process too much, it might break down (Wolfe, 1997).

However, as Walter Lippman writes, “The mass of absolutely illiterate, of feeble minded, grossly neurotic, undernourished and frustrated individuals is very considerable, much more considerable, there is reason to think, than we generally suppose.  Thus a wide popular appeal is circulated among persons who are mentally children or barbarians, whose lives are a morass of entanglements, people whose vitality is exhausted, shut-in people, and people whose experience has comprehended no factor in the problem under discussion.

Stating that he saw a progression to ever-less-thought-provoking forms of media, Lippmann marvels at the power of the nascent Hollywood movie industry to shape public opinion.  Words, or even a still picture, require an effort for the person to form a “picture in the mind.”   But, with a movie, “the whole process of observing, describing, reporting, and then imagining has been accomplished for you.  Without more trouble than is needed to stay awake, the result at which your imagination is always aiming is reeled off on the screen.”

Significantly, as an example of the power of movies, he uses the D.W. Griffith propaganda film for the Ku Klux Klan, “The Birth of A Nation.”  No American, he writes, will ever hear the name of the Klan again, “without seeing those white horsemen,” (Eric Alterman, 1999).  Likewise, “The Color Purple” is another media bomb designed to convince all African Americans that they originally served Holy Allah.  The message of Holy Allah is death to the Christians.  These media releases engineer conflict in society that will lead to deaths, which will be used to regenerate Helel the Holy Angel.

In a typical elitist fashion, Lippmann concludes that coordination of public opinion is lacking in precision.  If the goal of a one-worldwide “Great Society” is to be realized, then “public opinion must be organized for the press, not by the press.” It is not sufficient to rely on the whims of a “super social set” to manipulate the “pictures in people’s heads.”  That job “can only be managed by a specialized class,” which operates through “intelligence bureaus” (Alterman, 1999).

The historic center of this mass psycho apparatus is based outside London, in the Tavistock Center.  Established in the aftermath of World War I under the patronage of the U.G.L.E.’s Duke George of Kent (1902-42), the original Tavistock Clinic, led by John Rawlings Rees, developed as the psychological warfare center for the Royal family and British intelligence (Wolfe, 1997).  Rees and a cadre group of Freudian and neo-Freudian psychiatrists applied the wartime experience of psychological collapse (Wolfe, 1997).  They created theories about how such conditions of breakdown could be induced through the terror of war.  The result was a theory of mass brainwashing, involving group experience, which could be used to alter the values of individuals, and through that, induce, over time, changes in the axiomatic assumptions that govern society (Wolfe, 1997).

By war’s end, the combined influence of Tavistock (which became the Tavistock Institute in 1947) and of the former Frankfurt School operatives, had created a cadre of “psychological shock troops,” as Rees called them, and “cultural warriors” numbering in the several thousands (Wolfe, 1997).  Today, that network numbers in the several millions around the world, and it is the single most important factor in determining the design and content of mass media product (Wolfe, 1997).

In the 1930s, Tavistock’s extended networks developed a symbiotic relationship with the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research, which was the creation of European oligarchical networks (Wolfe, 1997).  In the late 1930s, with its operations transferred from Germany to the New York area, the Frankfurt School coordinated the first analysis of the impact of a mass media phenomenon in the Princeton-based “Radio research Project” (Wolfe, 1997).  The influence of music through radio is indeed the influence of Apposition upon humanity.  Apollion is one of the Nephilim Gods who instructed the Duke of Kent to found the Tavistock Center.  The U.G.L.E. is owned by Apollion’s father and thus connects the dots to the death engineers through the medium of music.  Much of the ancient artwork depicts Apollion holding a harp along with a snake and energy spear, which regenerates them.

With the outbreak of World War II, Tavistock operatives took effective control of the Psychological Warfare Directorate of the British Army, while its allied network in the United States embedded itself in the American psychological warfare apparatus, including the Committee on National Morale and the Strategic Bombing Survey (Wolfe, 1997).

Chapter 10 Psychological Warfare In Modern America And Abroad

The Order-Coded Head and Hands consists of media designed to cause death to the uninformed.  This type media is propagated through capitalist means and is designed to march citizens into the Narco Para Marketers-Jihad establishments and the Baathist A.A.H.O.A. groups’ death camp hotel systems that support narcotics terrorism agendas and unknowingly further advance the Novus Ordo Nephilim narcotics to human agenda, which equates to dead humans and regenerating Angels and Nephilims as taught in Degrees 33-100.

The reader needs to understand that vampirism exists in modern America.  However, the form is distinctly different from Hollywood portrayals.  Vampires are not creatures who drink blood and sleep in coffins.  The origin of that legend is far more sinister. What the modern American calls a vampire is actually the progeny of rebelling Angels.  These evil creatures are known as the Nephilim. They are an ancient evil that is responsible for founding the Esoteric Order, which evolved into U.G.L.E./Freemasonry.

If they don’t drink blood, then what is their purpose for existence?  Like fairy tale vampires, these creatures must sustain their existence by preying on humans.  However, they drink the living water of humans, which is the spiritual energy released upon death as Aleister Crowley described in his ritual writings, contained in his seminal work titled, “Magick in Theory and Practice.”  The number of Nephilim requires a large population of humans to feed upon and results in ritual slaying that have occurred throughout the history of man, extending into modern day America.

How do these ritual slayings go unnoticed by the population at large in America?  They are disguised as normal deaths due mainly to rampant drug abuse among the targeted victims.

Following the loss of the U.G.L.E. York Rite-funded Holocaust through paid paw, Adolph Hitler, new ideas were adopted and an infectious ideology was further fostered into American culture by the same Masonic Hierarchy concerning use of media to massacre.

I was ordered to observe this new series of Orders being poured onto society’s citizens through media outlets which family members of mine influenced.  One Masonically-designed bullet in the heads of the African Americans was the sublimely designed song, “Gthang Baby,” designed to get people drunk, high and marching into the death camp stores and hotels ordered funded by U.G.L.E. and York Rites Order of Masonic Bath paw, William Jefferson Clinton.  The songs for whites can be found on the U.S. government MTV toxic music research list with regular rotation schedules.  The FCC is not doing the job of protecting the citizenship, but is instead disabling innocents through this psychological warfare.  These toxic songs are the “Jesus bread” of the tortured souls.

These songs are aired at maximum rotation to drive citizens into the Patel Baathist stores and hotels that the Order advised would act as gas chamber.  The chambers are filled with drug paraphernalia and drugs to kill the target citizens unaware.

In 1992, the U.G.L.E. informed all coded Order members that the York Rite Nazi Baathist Bill Clinton would allow funding of A.A.H.O.A. groups and other Baathist Patel stores.  These stores would be promoting and marketing drug paraphernalia on the check-out counters, which are prime marketing space.  Their promotion and status would enable the biological agent hand-off agenda to the Taliban-Muslim Brotherhood operatives to then kill all citizens non-aware.  Look at the following series of photos.  Family members of mine and some of their Baathist Patel death engineers associates are now under investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Counter-Terrorism Unit.


This is the U.G.L.E. Hierarchy.  All of these politicians are part of the Royal Baathist blue Lodge.


This is my Cousin Bush, sitting alongside another like-minded Baathist individual.

Next, we will drop you down the chain of command in pictures for the readers who prefer a visual representation.  Look now at their families’ establishments that you are taxed to fund. This obligation is due to your lack of code knowledge and lack of concern regarding background information on the leaders that you voted in to office.  These leaders, to date, have engineered all-time high addiction rates and death.

The leaders engineer your death through use of their Masonic media connection.  Masonic modern media’s connection to this mentality is apparent through its direct influence on teenage minds, through various channeling Masonic Order leadership in charge of programming this media, who have accepted lost profits in exchange for programming their message of overindulgence and self destruction. The programming is a psychological warfare that is both subtle and cunning through the sublime Degrees of Scottish Rite and cryptologic Degrees of York Rite, that are gradually revealed to a select few who are pro-Masonic Order of Bath.

Groups with an agenda against democracy and intelligence engineering of the citizenship are advocates of this psychological method of warfare.  The children of the privileged are exempt from these snares because they are the children-elect who are to be dutifully advised of the intentionally harmful nature of this programming.  The Aryan Nation and select Masonic Lodgers are aware of these tactics.

These are the groups that the not-so-distant members of my family founded.  These groups then selected the associated agenda that is analogous to the “Jesus bread” mentality of the wretched. Recently, we interviewed these people with the Aryan Nation who consider themselves the Fourth Reich in hope that they would seek bans on meth pipe marketing.  They advised us that they were advocates of such Baathist marketing and that those who fell victim to this type marketing should be dead.  It was intentional and a desired effect upon humanity that they encouraged.


Openly Islamic Narco-Para Jihadist interviewed.


Masonic-coded .44 caliber blunt wrap marketing display with 44 psych ops designed bikini model and marijuana shells.


Note drug dealers outside these stores called “The Family Store.”  They are never reported for arrest by store attendants because they want the citizens of America to die from narcotics chemical poisoning.


Masonic-coded death camp hotel with Patel pro-narco terrorism attendant monitoring citizens in rooms full of deadly narcotics gases.


Masonic psych ops bikini model covered blunt wraps for every ethnic class desired dead.

Chapter 11 Survival Tips In This Novus Ordo Age

Come to the realization that you are ordered dead if you were unaware of the content and codes in this text.  Do not air any “get drunk and get high” media around either family or friends. Be certain not to shop at Baathist family establishments.  Call local law enforcement in order to request that they ban the sale of any drug paraphernalia.  Call State Representatives and demand that the government cease all preferential small business loans (SBA) to Baathist-connected businesses.  Keep activated charcoal within easy reach in preparation for counteracting the release of any and all nerve agents.  Do not eat or drink at any restaurant where you are unfamiliar with either the kitchen staff or wait staff.  Do not drink any public water that contains sodium fluoride.  Sodium fluoride stunts mental processes and the further developmental of mental abilities.  Do not leave your children in the presence of Freemasons or with any person involved with that organization.  Live outside metropolitan areas since they represent easy targets and are operated as violent enclaves.  Do not use any medical professional who is not of similar ethnic origin and compatible belief system.  Be prepared to operate outside the grid of connectivity that governs the lives of normal citizens.  Be mindful of tetrodotoxin as its widespread use has increased.  The chemical is a nerve agent that is virtually untraceable without a gas chromatograph.  The poison is used to render a sane person mindless so that their free will and livelihood is compromised.  Be warned that your acceptance of this knowledge will greatly endanger you because Novus Ordo agents seek to impose ignorance of these issues, lest they lose their authority upon this Earth.  Always keep your children near, lest they be attacked by Nephilim Deities who desire their living energy (soul).  Realize that Nephilim Deities surround you in high offices and that they plan your destruction through any means available.  Realize that Novus Ordo/Nazi Baathist members of the establishment are tracking your every move so that they may identify you for destruction if you resist their rule.  Keep hand sanitizers with you in order to counteract any biological agents that may be on surfaces you encounter as part of your daily routine.  Augment your immune system through intake of vitamin C-rich fruits as a countermeasure to chemical assaults.  Vote out each and every politician connected to Ordo so that their murderous lies may be silenced forever.  Keep yourself and your children away from bars and any after-hours establishment that promotes darkness and addiction.  Report any Islamicists (Baathist Patels) to your local authorities.  Show the U.S. Marine Intelligence Brief as part of your supporting documentation.  Teach your children the law code of your region, because ignorance of the law will be their downfall.  Lobby politicians to make formal instruction in law and ethics part of all basic state-funded educational curriculum.  Study Yahuwshua and Yahweh so that you may know who are the sovereigns over Helel’s Holy U.G.L.E.

Adhere to these instructions and you will survive. These tips come from each and every scar I have been blessed to endure.  By my stripes, I have been healed!  May you also be healed through your stripes!



Jesse Ventura inspects taxpayer-funded FEMA coffins.

If you are attacked and need law enforcement assistance with this topical matter, contact (Sheriff, Washington County)


Alterman, E. (1999).  Sound and fury: the making of the punditocracy. (pp. 25-26), Cornell University Press

Wolfe, L. (1997, May 5), Brainwashing: How the British use the media for mass psychological warfare. Retrieved from

Suggested Further Reading:

Aleister Crowley, Magik in Theory and Practice

** Crowley’s great achievement in this work was to reveal the true nature of Helel alias Holy for who he really is…which is considered a great and pure work.


A heartfelt thank you to the following individuals who caught the light and helped to inspire this material:

Fiona Apple, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Ronnie James Dio for “Bible Black,” Paul Connell “Royal Scottish Rite” who lost his life pre-9/11 in hopes of saving others and for entrusting me with his sword which is embodied in this great work, J. D. for the green box, Paramour for “How the Hell Do I Get Out of This Hospital,” Fallout Boy – Blue October, Jimmy Page/Coverdell, Morris Publishing for the professional assistance, Korn (in their non-Satanist format), and to David Stoupakis for catching the light.

Simplified Novus Order Code Glossary

367 represents Windsor House Masonry

366 represents United Grand Lodge of England’s Royal Masonic Lodge

322 represents Skull and Bones German Blue Lodge Masons

Scroll 44 which is simply (366-322) represents family members made aware of 366/322 agendas

33 represents a 32 Degree aware of Mecca Temple Systems Shriner and branches off to Scottish Rite’s Church of Satan, Temple of Set and Setian liberation movement

32 represents Ancient Arabic Nobles of the Mystic Shrine and Islamic Mecca Temple Systems

33 Prince Hall represents African Shriners who are devoted to working with Islam to exterminate this race who have been identified to them as the children of Satan

32 Prince Hall represents Ancient Arabic Nobles of the Mystic Shrine and Islamic Mecca Temple Systems and Prince Hall African Lodge

Code Notes: Every Degree has both physical and spiritual aspects.  Each Degree subjugates a human to a Malak, a God, a Nephilim, a Daemon, and a Ellusions.

For those who Hallelujah, you need to understand the definition which is ‘Heylel is whom you serve’.  This is why you are blind to these Masonic matters.

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